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    Anyone know of any new mod's & maps that would help with new tactics and plans and do you have any recommendations for these maps/mods? I heard a rumor that one of the mod's has a sniper scope has night vision abilities. I don't know what mod this is but I'm interested to find out. Perhaps it'll be included in the expansion pack?

    Also, are there any maps (other than single player) that are not just conquer mode? Just wondering.

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    Re: MODS & Maps

    As far as I've seen, there have only been gameplay mods. Look up some of the older threads and you'll see mods that modify the conquest game type to something similar to JO's AAS mode or the old Battlefield push maps.

    No map editor out yet so nothing new there.

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      Re: MODS & Maps

      For AAS, the mods I've seen are "Domination" and "Supply Lines"(both found via the BF2 forums) and Landot(or Landat) AAS from some guy in Sweden or Norway, I think.

      Domination needed a bit more work when we tried it on GWJ, and I've been busy unlocking a weapon and trying out Gamespot's "free" ranked servers for Complete members(as in, you get to create your own ranked server, as I understand it).

      I do hope someone releases a nice, polished, post-beta stage AAS style mod, though. And I look forward to an update of Apophis' Basrah Nights for JO. I loved that map. :D




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