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    Post your best Fixed-wing maneuvers here (not the ones you liked from Falcon 4 or Lock-on, but the ones that work in BF2).

    Especially valuable are tactics that involve more than one jet. Wingman tactics such as were used on me the other day by Mishkan and Lagomorph.

    To get us started, here is some terminology to help us share a common vocabulary. (I took these from a website, and only grabbed the ones I thought could actually be relevant and used in BF2)


    AAA Threat
    Anti-Aircraft Artillery which is attempting or has achieved a missile lock on your aircraft.

    Dogfight adversary positively identified as a bad guy. Hostile aircraft.

    Minimum fuel for a comfortable and safe return to base. Aircraft can fly and fight past bingo fuel in combat situations, but at considerable peril.

    Bingo Field
    Land-based runway to which carrier aircraft can divert if necessary.

    Unidentified and potentially hostile aircraft.

    Bravo Zulu
    Praise for a good job.

    Controller term for full military power: to hurry up, go as fast as possible.

    Charlie Foxtrot
    Phonetics for “cluster-f%*k”

    From the 1960s song by Petula Clark, meaning any enemy target area where lots of anti-aircraft opposition can be expected.

    Fur ball
    A confused aerial engagement with many combatants. Several aircraft in tight ACM.

    Sidewinder missile which homes in on heat sources.

    Universal Navy/Marine term for helicopter. Don’t say “chopper” unless you’re hanging out with the Army. [By this standard, helicopters from the USS Essex would be helos, but from a land base would be choppers.]

    To maneuver violently to avoid a threat.

    Radio call signaling that your quarry is in sight and you are taking control of the intercept.

    Lost the Bubble
    Got confused or forgot what was happening.

    Combat Air Patrol over ground-attack aircraft to protect against an air-to-air threat.

    No Joy
    Failure to make visual sighting; or inability to establish radio communications.

    A first-tour aviator.

    Surface-to-air missile.

    A single mission by one aircraft.
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    Re: The Ready Room

    Wingman maneuvers?
    The ones that I've seen are limited to being tked by some random crashing his jet into yours.

    But still, this sounds cool.

    Nec aspera terrent.


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      Re: The Ready Room

      We need a real ready room ingame, some type of mode where the commander would layout an attack plan for the individual squad, with multiple waypoints, and single squad comm channels.

      I'm with Munchkin, unless I'm flying with a talented pilot, I rarely see anything above or beyond "have at it, I'll be flying around"


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        Re: The Ready Room

        Originally posted by TheMuncher
        ...unless I'm flying with a talented pilot, I rarely see anything above or beyond "have at it, I'll be flying around"
        That's exactly the problem. But if we share some ideas here, we might find ourselves sharing the sky with a pilot who's on the same page as we are - and then we're dangerous.

        For example, one obvious one that comes to mind for taking out helos 'at speed':

        Jet2 follows Jet1 at visual distance. Jet1 makes a gun pass at a helo with missiles armed, causing helo to drop flares. Jet2's pass should take it past the helo after the flares have dissipated and have not yet reloaded. Splash one helo.

        Let's call this "play" Helo Trap.
        "You live and learn. Or you don't live long."
        - Lazarus Long


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          Re: The Ready Room

          Or, have J-1 approach from let's say the helo's left side. At this same time, J-2 is lining himself up for a pass from behind on the helo, which because of it's evasive manuevers should be giving him a broadside to strafe and let loose missiles.

          I'm a cobra pilot though, why am I saying this...


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            Re: The Ready Room

            I agree with you StrikeFear. Lets join up tonight on server 1 and see if we can get some strategery going on... Assuming we get the air ;)

            On the Helo Trap, make sure the taling craft is the attack fighter not the fighter bomber.
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