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Air Bombing and Fighting tactics(eggplant999):

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  • Air Bombing and Fighting tactics(eggplant999):

    At the request of others I will post my tactics in order to help everyone have a more fun game.

    Air Bombing:
    Bombing is pretty simple,
    1) Make your bombing and resupplying as fast and most efficient as possible.
    2) Don't get shot down.

    Now as far as #1 goes, whereever your line goes (where your comm/squad leader tells you to attack) you check that first. Otherwise always just check targets closest to your refueling point.

    The bombing itself is very easy once you get the trick. Depending on your rate of speed and your rate of descent is where you aim. Unless your inverted you should always aim forward(above) your target. Usually I find a 45 degree angle of attack good for multiple targets, and I aim a good half an inch up above the targets before I drop. For single targets an almost 75-80 degree angle of attack is decent, I like to afterburn for effect (makes the death more instant, w/ bombs dropping on target at same time heheh).

    You always get the stinger guys on the ground targetting you, just hit C , look in your rear view and look where the missle came from, evade the missle, fly into that general area where the missle came from, boom, take out the AA. Taking out AA improves your efficiency greatly.

    As far as #2 goes, basically BF2 is extremely unbalanced and jets can outmanuever heat-seeking missles very easily. After-burn+rudder+turn always does the trick.

    Air Combat:
    Air Combat is very easy once you get it, most pilots will waste their flares without you even firing a missle at the start. Typical fight for me goes:

    1) Lock them
    2) They flare
    3) I switch to bomb immediately when they flare (trying to stealth behind them)
    4) Once they don't hear the lock on them, they usually fly straight
    5) Move in for the kill, fire one missle, usually first one always hits because they don't expect it.
    6) Repeat 3->5 for the 2nd missle kill shot.

    If they are good pilots and don't flare at the start and evade you greatly, just climb in altitude and that'll give you the advantage.

    I don't like air combat as much because it does not help the team as much as bombing does. Once you efficiently bomb, you are completely invaluable to your team.

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    Re: Air Bombing and Fighting tactics(eggplant999):

    Man I cursed you last night lol.


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      Re: Air Bombing and Fighting tactics(eggplant999):

      Air combat is essential to keep bomber goons like yourself off of the grunts on the ground :P


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        Re: Air Bombing and Fighting tactics(eggplant999):

        I love flying, but nothing annoys me more than some hotshot pilot wasting me as I try to bomb his friends.


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          Re: Air Bombing and Fighting tactics(eggplant999):

          Incidentally, has anyone else noticed how dogfighting an AI is significantly harder than most human opponents. It isn't superior strategy or anything, but its just really hard to shake em. They will keep on you even after you dodge their missiles, can't really shake them once they spot you as a target.


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            Re: Air Bombing and Fighting tactics(eggplant999):


            I really think BF2 should have supported attack/transport helos only.
            Those jets really unbalance gameplay.
            Either that or provide manpad as the few fixed sites and AA tracks are just inviting targets.
            I also think that the ability to repair helos inflight is a bit silly.
            You know the more I think about it the more I think about how air is omnipotent against ground forces.
            A case in point would be for an attack helo could destroy an M1 with a guided missle which I guess is pretty realistic but the kicker is that that same helo could withstand a direct hit from the M1`s 120mm main gun and still remain in one piece.
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              Re: Air Bombing and Fighting tactics(eggplant999):

              Hey Iron, nice to see ya here.
              As for the helos, use the .50cal while the turret is reloading, or pop a smoke and hide. I can't count the times I've had missles wizz within inches of the turret all because I popped smoke and evaded. I agree with inflight repair on the BH, it has too much health. As for airforces being omnipotent, I'm getting shot down and damamged more and more by jeeps/APCs/Tanks. And you can ask Zephy, it's not like I fly slow and high to be a big target, people are getting better at countering air attacks.


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                Re: Air Bombing and Fighting tactics(eggplant999):

                Man eggplan999, you were causing me serious grief last night, good job on the flying but PLEASE join my team instead of the opposing one. =p


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                  Re: Air Bombing and Fighting tactics(eggplant999):

                  Hey Muncher

                  What I was trying to illustrate was the fact that all I would need after a 120 hit would be a mop to cleanup after my kill no questions asked.
                  That is`nt what happens though as it attracts attention and instead of a clean multikill I wind up sucking up a face of 2.75 unguided rockets which I also have a hard time believing would result in a clean kill of a MBT.
                  I guess I`d be happy with a manpad system that if not spoofed by flares and hits it`s target results in a kill.

                  MANPAD=ManPortableAirDefence ie:Stinger


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                    Re: Air Bombing and Fighting tactics(eggplant999):

                    There have been 50 posts about this... and they all say the same thing pretty much.

                    Anyhow, bombing seems to change from a fighter/bomber to the fighters. I use different tactics for both with I bomb and fly.
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