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  • Mini-Artillery

    well, the GL-spam was very fun. Last night I talked an entire squad into going Assault kit--yeah yeah, I know it sounds ridiculous. But before you suggest kits to better balance this overspecilization (we cant all be C-TEAM yanno), listen to this: we destroyed enemy morale!

    our lineup: 4x Assault

    nothing scatters a defense faster than 4 simulcast grenades! it was brutal. launch them into buildings, pop them over walls and hills, rattle everyone standing still... it was like mini-artillery! Even missing the target often forced the target to reposition and thus lose advantage/bead on us and/or other friendly squads. And once the CO dropped a crate on us we were murder on newflag Defense!

    We set up like snipers on D and peppered the flag with 'Nades. keynote: 4 GL's is all it takes to get an enemy tank retreating, begging for repairs. And like some1 pointed out in another thread, sometimes a retreating Vehicle is better than a dead vehicle (until we modify the vehicular respawn timer).

    more Notes:

    1) I had no idea had much range the GL had! wow.

    2) Adding splash damage would overpower the GL, this is a bad idea.

    3) When "sniping" with the GL, a successful hit kills the target instantly and doesnt leave an accurate [direction of fire] mark on the enemy's HUD, thus the dead enemy typically had no idea where the GL was coming from and thus couldnt tell his squadies. Unlike getting killed by sniper-fire and knowing immediately that the sniper was "behind and to the left".

    4) I put a GL squaddie in a smokestack and while he complained that he couldnt see anything, I simply told him to key in on our GL explosions (which he could see and hear) and that worked wonders! he was "sniping" indirectly with the GL from a roost! It was 100% butter. This might get confusing if the enemy had GL's of their own, but he was mostly peppering the flag-area (defense) so it was all good.

    5) Several APC's drivers bailed out of their APCs as soon as the fourth GL struck their ride. So APCs are nothing for the GL-squad. At range, the APC had no idea where we were, nor could he even zoom in to see us. APC/TANKS either retreat or bail out after coming under frustrating GL-barrage. AT not needed in the GL-squad.

    6) rooftops were tricky as you could send a Nade completely over the building. Better to aim for the lip of the facing wall. sending a loud BANG to all those on the roof, and forcing them to scatter. I'd like to call this a "meet and greet" strat. Often a roof sniper couldnt even see the Nade flying over their head and thus kept shooting... but the moment that BANG goes off just under their position, they picked up and ran! FAST.

    7) there really is no such thing as COVER when a GL-squad has you surrounded and is potentially above you. It was sad to see people hide behind things only to have nades soar right in! Sometimes if the nade hit those concrete highway barriers it would kill the guy using it as cover. Too cool.

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    Re: Mini-Artillery

    lol sounds like fun. What about 5 GL's and the SL as a medic? Or maybe just 6 GL's for ultimate punishment?

    How do you think it effected the gameplay overall? Was the balance of power on your side and did you win most of your engagements?


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      Re: Mini-Artillery

      a support class would be best, to keep those nades flying indefinitely.


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        Re: Mini-Artillery

        with only 4 ppl in my squad, I couldnt experiment. 5xGL and 1xSupport might be the best config for the MORTAR! squad, honestly, at the range the GL can work effectively, I dont know if Medics are even needed. Not to mention there seems to always be a nearby medic (friendly squad) these days.

        RAPID GL (3x GL):
        This is another idea I had after seeing RAPID AT in action. The gist would be buggy flanking/intercept with triple-NADE simulcast! 1 or 2 volleys and then get back in the buggy and scram! Funny thing is, we really wouldnt even need to hit anyone. Just distracting the enemy's flank with a triple explosion (at range) would soften them up quite a bit. This could turn into the ultimate pesting squad! Making it way easy for a more rounded squad to clean house in our wake. So with the agenda of softening/scattering enemy squads, racking up some multi-kills would be a bonus! RAPID GL is a win/win in my book. Not to mention 3 well-placed 'nades can take out an entire enemy squad!

        JEX, we'd roll up on offense and start launching indirectly (at range) to confuse the enemy. Nice thing about random 'nades hitting an enemy position is they *all* hear it... unlike gunfire where only a few actually hear it and the rest are alerted via VOIP. I'm guessing the enemy's VOIP sounded something like:

        "I NEED A SPOT!"
        "I DONT SEE THEM!"
        "MORE NADES!"

        After 2 random volleys, we'd spread out, hide, and wait a bit. Creeping into the base using Bommando's RedHerring strat for smoke 'nades (throwing them far from our position to draw attention away from us) worked nicely as the enemy would tend to investigate the smoke... BOOM! GL's from range. On prowl, we were hardly seen. I had 1 (yes, 1) troop take the flag with 3 of us on overwatch (nade style). Run out of Nades? no problem, it's not like the assault class carries an MP5.

        with practice, the GL squad would be very hard to deal with using conventional TG-BF2 tactics (infantry vs. infantry).

        Some tips from last night:

        1) jump-GL to clear low obstacles.

        2) stand on a parked APC, buggy to clear medium obstacles.

        3) aim for the obstacle, itself, in hopes the explosion alone will send the rabbit running!

        4) have 1 assault fire the rifle at the scramblers and provide CQB cover.


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          Re: Mini-Artillery

          a blackhalk or a jet would fix that.... im suprised they didnt call in artillary, but it still is a very good stratigy, just make sure you have a support role in there.


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            Re: Mini-Artillery

            Walrus, you have some creative ideas :) Sounds like a blast. Looking forward to playing on your squad someday!


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              Re: Mini-Artillery

              Im pretty sure my squad was on the other end of that on Sharqi Peninsula. We were MEC and had just taken the City Entrance Flag. Our Squad leader told us to hunker down and defend. We had a good minute to restock and get in good defensive positions. I got up on a roof with assault and I hear my squad leader say "Theres nades everywhere!!!!" Another guys says "Where are they coming from". From my position, I couldnt tell, but 4 guys shoot south of the flag, I open up and take out 2...and the squad got the other 2. We traded that flag with them once I think. We ended up winning that game I think mainly because we took the USMC TV Station/Helicopter flag.


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                Re: Mini-Artillery

                cabledawg1, nice. which one of you yelled "mommy!" ??? j/k


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                  Re: Mini-Artillery

                  wow fantastic idea walrus, if im playing with you, id love to try this squad out sometime.


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                    Re: Mini-Artillery

                    I want to see you guys take out a chopper this way
                    [age-c1] [gchq-c1] [air2] [tog-c1][tpf-c1]


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                      Re: Mini-Artillery

                      Wow walrus, not to toot my own horn (well not loudly at least) but I'm really good with the GL, accurate and quite good at ranged shots. Must be all my practice with "blooper" style tear-gas launchers. Anyway, I'd love to play in your GL squad. Also, the best way to take down enemies on a roof top is to stand probably 10-30 meters away from the building (depends on height) and then fire straight up. You don't actually fire straight up, it's a subtle arc, and it'll come down right on top of the building. I do this to snipers all the time. Give it a try, 5 GLs doing it will wipe out an entire roof-top squad who are otherwise very difficult to clear out *without* helo support.

                      Edited to say without instead of with, because I'm retarded.
                      Last edited by Levi; 08-05-2005, 02:04 PM.


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                        Re: Mini-Artillery

                        LEVI, you're "in"




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