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READ ME FIRST... before posting in this forum group.

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  • READ ME FIRST... before posting in this forum group.

    Welcome to the Tactical Gamer Battlefield 2 forums!

    Before posting, please make sure you have read and fully understand the following thread.

    REQUIRED reading for all players using the Tactical Gamer forums!

    You will find several forum sub-groups within the Battlefield 2 group.

    Battlefield 2 - Official Rules, Announcements & SOPs
    This sub-group is REQUIRED reading to play on the TG BF2 servers.
    RULES: make sure that you have read and fully understand all threads with the RULES prefix.
    SOPs: these threads contain Standard Operating Procedures to help create some consistent communication and teamwork amongst our players. These are guidelines to help each of us.
    ANNOUNCEMENTS: these provide necessary information about our servers and any special announcements to our players.

    Battlefield 2 - Tactics and Missions Discussion
    This sub-group is to discuss any strategy & tactics for maps, classes, missions, etc.

    Battlefield 2 - Technical Support & FAQs

    Post any technical questions about the game or servers here. Please provide ample detail for us to help you find a solution. Also included are general FAQs.

    Battlefield 2 - After Action Reports
    Do you want to talk about the awesome experience you had last night? Do that here!

    Battlefield 2 - General Discussion
    If your topic does not fall into one of the above mentioned sub-groups and it relates to Battlefield 2, please post in this sub-group.

    The first thing you should do is use the forum SEARCH function. There are two located in the upper right hand corner of your screen. The first is the general search that will search all of TG forums. The second is the Search this Forum that will perform a search specific to which ever forum (sub) group you are in.

    We are receiving many duplicate posts and questions that have already been answered. Please make sure to do a thorough search first. If you are unsuccessful in locating an answer, please use the appropriate forum sub-group to make your post.
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