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Destroying choppers with C4

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  • Destroying choppers with C4

    Many times there is a helipad at the enemy homebase. If you're there as sf: lay a c4 charge on the helipad (attack chopper) and watch the enemy pilots getting nerveous, unsure wether to get in or not (maybe shoot them a few times, so they know it's not safe to get in). It's fun and very helpful to your team. If they get in the chopper, blow it up. After that you have somewhere between 15 and 30 seconds to lay a new charge (difficult).
    If the chopper is already waiting, then you're very lucky :D. Stick it to the helicopter and set it off when it's gone for some time. Then lay another one on the helipad right away.

    Especially helpful on Peninsula.
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    Re: Destroying choppers with C4

    This behavior is prohibited on our server. Having read the SOPs and announcements is required to play on our server.

    Originally posted by Server Rules
    2) Players are not allowed into the enemy UCB for any reason other than for the sole purpose of destroying the enemy's assets (artillery/uav/radar). Restricted acts include [...] Entering the UCB with the intent to lay mines / c4. These acts are restricted not to deny valid real-life tactics, but to ensure the quality of game play. Rule #2 must be a simple and clear rule that is easily adminstered and does not vary on a map-by-map basis.

    Start readin', soldier. :)
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