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About c4 on choppers

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  • About c4 on choppers

    Ok, I was already doubting wether it was allowed.
    I read the rules though, but I didn't read them carful enough. Rules can be tricky sometimes.:)
    Hear ye, of the dragon, Smoke is his name.
    Solely surviving the fires,
    and sad and angry he became.
    Until his angre became dismay,
    as the elders sent him away.

    Now we can hear his wings, once a year,
    And, his empty cry we fear.
    Sad old Smoke, out there in the rain,
    We can feel your suffering, we can feel your pain.

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    Re: About c4 on choppers

    Yes, and we've got a few.

    Thanks for again reviewing the rules. Game on. :)
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