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  • "Allergic to Armor"

    Xink made a comment in another thread about people being ďallergic to armor.Ē I started to right my reply and realized I had a bit more to say and didnít want to derail the other thread.

    What this is is standing around on foot at an enemy flag when there is empty armor sitting nearby where a spawning enemy can hop right in. I got burned by this quite a few times. I never got in an APC or tank because I didn't think I was that good in them and felt they would be best used by others. That and I'm coming to BF2 from UT2K4 where you can't even get in the enemy vehicles at the spawn point, only if they are left unattended in the field (and then their "car alarm" goes off and you hear the announcer shout "CAR JACKED!!"...)

    I'm much better now. I see the vehicles like a food chain. If I come across an empty vehicle that could potentially kill my squad if an enemy jumped in it, I take it. Jeeps I don't really count since they are so easy to kill on foot.

    Humvee/Vodik ==> Mobile AA ==> APC ==> Tank

    Even if this means leaving a perfectly good vehicle. If youíre already in a tank and there isnít a friendly nearby who can jump in a nearby empty tank or APC, destroy it. By the time it respawns, youíll have the flag capped and it will be back in time for any friendlies who spawn at the newly captured flag. Also, if it's a remote objective and you vehicle hop like this, be kind and destroy the vehicle you're leaving behind so it can respawn for someone else.

    (Note: I know I shouldnít have to say anything in this paragraph. Iím including it for completeness.) The one place you have to be careful is the enemy UCB though as on TG servers stealing the vehicles here is a no no. That means be stealthy and extra careful here even more so than usual. If youíre playing anywhere else though, remember that most people donít play by TG rules and its fair game to raid the enemy UCB for unused armor or air assets.

    The flip side of this is the "booby trap" of course. Say you're in a fast strike unit mounted in jeeps for speed and you come across an unmanned tank in an enemy base. Put a couple C4 on it in an obvious spot. If someone gets in it while you're there, blow it. After you've left, it makes a rather effective deterrent as the potential tank jockey will waste time looking for the sneaky Spec Ops that isn't there anymore. Remember that if you can see the little red skully over the C4 it was put there by a friendly and youíre ďprobablyĒ safe. The point is to catch enemies who are actually smart enough to spot the C4 without the little indicator.

    Strapping a couple C4 on is also great insurance on those maps where you need to leave a vehicle unattended while you go inside a building. The central flag on Oilfields or the SW flag on Wetlands are both good examples where Iíve left my vehicle to cap the flag only to have a newly arrived (or spawning) enemy jump in it.

    So even if you drive like you're drunk and the only time your aim is true is when the target is on your team. The enemy doesn't have to know that. Just the site of occupied enemy armor with the turret scanning around is often enough. If you're really that bad, then after the flag is secure, change positions and let someone else drive. I can almost guarantee if you're just sitting there in the turret of the Humvee all by your lonesome, someone will gladly jump in and drive for you. ;)



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