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    Static Defenses, another underutilized and underappreciated member of the Battlefield family it seems. And a crying shame too since they are among the most powerful non-vehicle-mounted weapons in the game.

    First up the fixed machine gun. I admit, these things are pretty [email protected]#$ing useless as currently implemented. They really need to have 360 degrees of traverse, then you’d see defenders flocking to them. As is, their only real use is telling you which direction enemy infantry WON’T be coming from. The one exception I’ve found is the one on the USMC eastern spawn point of Karand. Someone manning this particular gun in the early game is really helpful and a good way to rack up kills on a 64 player game. Be ready to hit your “duck” key though for extended periods when people realize where all that firepower is coming from.

    Next up is the Stinger missile. Now quit complaining how inaccurate they are and pay attention. If they were as accurate as you want, aircraft would be flying coffins. They are plenty good enough, you just have to use them right. The first tip, linger in them after you’ve fired at your own peril. Good pilots know exactly where these sites are on every map and will take you out quick. Better to shoot your missiles and then hide nearby while it reloads. It also makes you less of a target for ground based enemies that might happen upon you. Second tip, fire both missiles! You need both of them to take a target down. No sense in saving that other shot. The exception to this is Ace pilots who can fly from the camera view that looks at the aircraft head on (i.e. they can see behind them.) They will wait to use their flares till they see missiles in the air. If they do this, then follow tip one and get the hell out of there as they’ll be bombing you before you’re reloaded. Once you know the caliber of the enemy pilot though, fire only the first missile to make him use his flares, then relock and let him have it with the second one. Yes he can fly back and repair, but that’s time he isn’t making your team’s life miserable.

    The last paragraph assumes you don’t have any air cover of your own. The VERY best time to fire those stingers is after that enemy aircraft has used his flares in response to another threat. One, he’s vulnerable and might already be damaged. Two, he’s not expecting it since he’s busy watching your teammate and your missile lock tone was masked by the one he just used his flares on (he doesn’t know if that lock tone is for one lock, or multiple.) Lastly, be sure of your target before you fire. I’ll admit to shooting down friendly aircraft because I was over eager to fire, learn from my mistake (which was punished by all 6 passengers of course and forced me to leave the server in shame…)

    Last up is the TOW Anti-Tank missile. This is one of my favorite weapons. You know how people keep harping on you to spot enemy targets you see? This is one of the reasons why. The first thing a good tank jockey does when he rolls up on a flag is take out the TOW launcher as it’s the only thing that can one-hit kill him. The turn speed is also slow enough that you aren’t going to have enough time to spin it around and fire if it’s pointing the wrong way. Next, you have the launcher pointed in the right direction. Learn to fire before you can see the target and move the cross-hairs over to where you think the target is. I call this my “hook shot” and have surprised more than a couple tank jockeys this way. They assume since they can’t see the launcher they are safe.

    Good examples, all on Karkand: The TOW in the open plaza next to the second flag. Did you know you can fire this to the south down either of the main streets and then “hook” it over to hit targets well out of view? I have also fired it north over the wall and then moved the cross-hair down toward the ground to hit targets down below near the next flag. Even if you don’t hit, it will scare the living krap out of that tank jockey, guaranteed. Second example is the TOW near the railroad tracks across the river from the MEC base. As commonly happens, at some point the USMC takes the main MEC base on the other side of the river and then uses the tank spawn there to rape anyone trying to come across the bridge and retake it. Fire the TOW just to the inside of the fence and then hook it sharply to the left and see how far you can get it to fly across the bridge. The tank I killed this way was sitting right about where the opening is if the bridge is blown, it would be interesting to see just how far across you can get this thing to fly.

    Lastly, these things are great Anti-IVC weapons. Aim at the rotors and be prepared to move the cross-hair up as much as you can. I should have this added to the lock-tone matrix to find out if the chopper pilot gets a warning (I’m guessing he does since the chopper I took out this way started to pull up as soon as I fired.)

    Anyway, that’s my bit. Share your love of Static Defenses with the rest of us.

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    Re: Static Defenses

    i love the TOW its saved my tail many a time. stingers im lucky with about 30% of the time. the mounted gun in karkland, ive racked up plenty of kills with. i agree there are very few good mounted machine guns, there is one on the sharqi penesula at the base closest ot MEC artillery its up on a roof i beleive overloooking the flag.




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