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  • A tip for the commanders

    A lot of commanders fall into the trap of wanting to do too much.
    When you're commanding a team off 32 players, you should leave a lot up to the squadleaders.

    Try to relax and give orders only when they are really necassary. For instance when you see 3 squads defending the same base.
    Otherwise it's just too demanding, and it's not fun anymore.

    One of the most important jobs of a commander is to assign tasks. For instance when you attack a base, assign one squad to attack from the north, and the other to attack from the south.
    When you see the enemy isn't defending one base at all, don't assign a squad to attack it, but notify the squadleaders there is an undefended base.

    Like someone at this forum said earlier, you should leave a lot up to the squadleaders, otherwise they are just privates.
    Try not to micromanage, watch and correct when something is going wrong.
    Hear ye, of the dragon, Smoke is his name.
    Solely surviving the fires,
    and sad and angry he became.
    Until his angre became dismay,
    as the elders sent him away.

    Now we can hear his wings, once a year,
    And, his empty cry we fear.
    Sad old Smoke, out there in the rain,
    We can feel your suffering, we can feel your pain.



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