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    Evening all. Ive been playing BF2 for a short while now, and for the past few months have been concentrating on my jet piloting skills. Ive picked it up pretty fast; I can fly and manouvre (sp) well. I consider my dog fighting to be improving well as I can follow an enemy jet well, and also evade enemy jets when Im locked on. However, Ive only ever played on public, therefore, never flown with a wingman, which, at a guess I would presume to make things easier, or at least more interesting!

    Despite me improving in those areas, I am just hopeless at using the bombs. I usually play on Dalian Plant, so either fly the J-10 (on Chinese) or the F-35B (on USMC). I have no problem firing the bombs, but locking onto targets I just cannot do! :-s Am I just totally useless? Am I forgetting to do something? So could anyone help me my describing basic bombing technique and how to lock onto targets with the bombs!? Thanks!

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    Re: Jet Bombing

    The bombs on the J-10 and F-35 are dumb bombs.. you don't lock on to use them. The boxes on the bombing HUD are just showing you targets. Getting the bombing right just takes practice.

    The bomber missles that the WSO uses do lock on - like in the F-15 and Su-34. They act pretty weird a lot of the time.
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