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attacking flags using squad "bunny hopping" (56kWARNING)

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  • attacking flags using squad "bunny hopping" (56kWARNING)

    I believe this tactic is loosley similar to one used in the army? Think it has a different name but anyway. It's kind of hard to explain without pictures, so I made some! Long live ATC! The Kubra Dam and FuShe pictures are only 2 simple examples of how this could work, maybe later (tommorrow) I will post a more complicated one. But it is getting late.

    As you can see the MEC are against the wall here with their last base. The strategy calls for all squads to attack one flag. This would (hopefully) give them strength in numbers and they should quickly take the flag.

    Squad 1 will now defend the flag while squads 2 and 3 move for the center flag. 2 squads should do the trick and easily subdue the second flag. Squad 1 should not encounter much resistence (except maybe from the north) because 2 and 3 will be asorbing the counter-attacks.

    Now squad 2 has taken over defense of the second flag while squad 1, in this particular situation, will continue to defend the first flag. If squad 1 were to move out and try to help 3 capture the westernmost dam point, anyone from the base north of squad ones flag (following me?) would be able to just waltz right in without any resistence. It would be perfectly feasible to send squad 1 north, to try to capture that point, however, that is up to the commander, and depends on what the scan looks like.

    As far as squad 3, it will fight for the westernmost dam point (maybe, if there is good squad-squad communication, squad 2 could support 3 without comprimising its own flag) and hopefully capture that as well. Now the commander has his choice of holding a defensive posture or pushing onwards.

    Now this demonstrates what I was talking about earlier. As you can see squad 1 and 2 have secured their objectives and squad 3 is ready to move on and attack its flag. Now in this situation squad 2 should be able to effectivly cover the flag it is at and squad 1's flag simply because they are so close to one another. Squad 1 in turn, can be used to bolster squad 3's attack on the next flag. This will even allow 3 to take and hold its objective, while squad 1 can move onto even another flag and take/hold that flag as well.

    The whole point of this is that you can use your entire attacking force on one flag, leave 1 squad from the army at that flag, and have the rest of the squads continue. It is a pretty simple concept that I have yet to see used. It can be tricky on some maps where back bases tend to get taken with ease but in the right situation I believe it is a valuable tactic.

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    Re: attacking flags using squad "bunny hopping" (56kWARNING)

    You leave your main base on Kubra wide open. It's your only base and therefore is going to see A LOT of action from ALL sides. Pushing on only one side with ALL sqauds will result in one of your flanks being overran and, therefore, the enemy will get behind you and take the flag you came from which will result in your team having no flags. The main reason people get overtaken on Sharqi is because they don't move away from the group. They stick with it and only attack one front which results in some sneaky 3 person sqaud getting around you. Secure all fronts and attack from all of them, otherwise, you're going to get hit from your blind side.

    I am renowned for taking the situation into my own hands. Orders like that are one of the main reasons I disobey. Blind obedience to your commander is not tactical. It's loyality.

    Now to say that these are not great suggestions would be cruel and ignorant. In your FuShe map, you cover all flanks and Sqaud 1 helping Sqaud 3 actually defends and ATTACKS at the same time with the help of Sqaud 2 defending the Northern part. Only way people can get around these is through a transport chopper.


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      Re: attacking flags using squad "bunny hopping" (56kWARNING)

      My old clan used to that with attacking flags (8 vs 8 in BFV) and we would drop a guy off at the flag to guard it as we left. That concept does generally work and I realize this is a simplistic example (I wouldn't leave the main unguarded in real life). So yea, if there is an important flag you need (mains in Songua for example), a multi squad push covering eachother can make it a quick cap.

      I agree that you want to put a buffer between your main and their flags at this point. Weighing what vehicles you would get (Tank and Jeep at left flag, APC, Chopper, Jeep at middle, AA Tank and Jeep at right flag) I would push for the middle flag first. Not only for the vehicles, but also the easiest approaches and stealthy ways you can snag the flag. Push east and west from there.

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        Re: attacking flags using squad "bunny hopping" (56kWARNING)

        Ah, ok yes. Once again it was late and I was not thinking completley straight. The Kubra Dam map is really only supposed to show how the tactic works, you wouldn't follow that exact strat. if that's the situation that you were in. I was just showing the concept of sending your entire army one way leaving squads behind. The first thing that popped into my mind was the Dam in Kubra Dam because I had just written a post about it.

        Also, to have the second stratagey really work the commander would have to be very aware and in contact with squad 2. Lets say for example the US owns the North westernmost flag and attacks directly south which would bypass squad 2's defenses. The commander in this case would have to tell squad 2 of the impending attack so they could make preperations.




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