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  • Dragon Valley Tips and Tricks

    I know that this is not a favorite map as a lot of people treat it as either a Push from the top down, or a quick grab for the main. After that, it's Whackamole as you lose the flags you left in order to capture the open flag. Here are a couple things that I have discovered about the map.

    I have ranked the flags in order of flags worth having to flags not worth having. If you are going to own a flag, it should have good vehicle spawns and have the appearance of being defensible.

    The Red Flags(1), or Main flags are definitely worth having for obvious reasons, tons of vehicles and assets.

    The Blue Flags (2) spawn with choppers and armor and are fairly defensible flags.

    The Green Flags (3) spawn limited Armor (APC) and have Defensible positions.

    The Purple Flags (4) leave you typically wide open and spawn no armor.

    As a ground pounder on the US, it can be difficult to reach many of the worthwhile flags. At least if you are unaware of Lucky's Buggy Runs. This gives undermanned squads the ability to not get chewed up by a well organized defense and grab flags that the Chineese did not protect. Jeep Run 1 hits the bluff and allows you to access your choice of River Village, Wood Yard, Power Station and Chineese Main.

    The different colored lines represent what I feel the flag is worth. Red (1), Blue (2), Green (3). The question is how do you get on that bluff. Well, you make a hard right just before the boulders before the River Village. The Wood Yard, you must Drive past it then go back. This keeps you off main hunting grounds where Choppers, Tanks, and APC's will not see you.

    To hop back on the road, near the power station, here is the other turn. Watch out for the fallen log as hitting that will kill you.

    Now that opens the River Village, Wood Yard, Power Station and Chineese Main to Blitzkrieg style attacks. In a buggy, you can often get to your location before an enemy commander has a chance to assign a squad to defend against you.

    To keep the Chineese Defense honest, lets see how we can attack the Market Place, Hill Village and Chineese Main from the other side (ground pounder mind you).

    Again, Red (1), BLue (2), Green (3). How do you get onto that bluff? Turn between these two groves of trees. If done correctly, you will see a series of stumps you drive over. Stay on the left side past the Market Place unless that is your objective, the hill is steep enough to cause your buggy to slide and lose momentum (Stay left).

    If the main is the objective, watch for bumps as that will tear up the buggy. Make sure you aim for that river valley if the Main is your flag, hit the Market Place from behind, or Drive over the bridge to get to the Hill Village. Here is the recommended route for attacking the Chineese Main. Note the River Valley on the Mini Map.

    So now the map is no longer a linear or push map. With Speed you will surprise the enemy. And it gives us ground pounders an alternative way if the chopper is filled or gets shot down. As a benefit, these routes can be reversed and used by the Chineese, so once you take the bases worth having, keep 'em.

    Lucky Shot

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    Re: Dragon Valley Tips and Tricks

    Overwatch and conquering the flags. Everybody knows which buildings have ladders and can be climbed (Powerstation, Smoke Stacks, Refinery Drums, etc...) What about those 1 story buildings that don't have ladders... Here is what you can do to provide overwatch or even cap the flag. This does not include EVERY building as most of them can be mounted without a chopper.

    Hill Village can be capped from the roof as can the Island Farmhouse and I believe so can the Wood Yard. Here is an example at the Hill Village.

    Island Farmhouse.

    Here is Overwatch at the Market Place which can also be done at the Hill Village.

    Post any other tips or tricks for Dragon Valley that you can think of, otherwise, happy hunting.

    Lucky Shot


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      Re: Dragon Valley Tips and Tricks

      Some nice little tricks, Lucky. Never thought about the buggy one (jumping on the roof) before. I'll have to keep them in mind next time I play Dragon.



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        Re: Dragon Valley Tips and Tricks

        Very nice. I'll try and use some of your suggestions.




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