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TOG Campaign 1 Tactics: Songhua Stalemate

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  • TOG Campaign 1 Tactics: Songhua Stalemate

    I am super excited to be commanding in a scrim for the very first time! I'm using Bommando's and Santa's posts as a template for my own, please don't hesitate to ask questions or give feedback! My tactic map with graphics is posted on ATC and I'll copy it here as soon as I figure out how!

    A note about the roster: I didn't break it up into spiffy units like 1st and 7th like Bom did because I'm just not cool enough like that. :) Sorry in advance! If you want to move to another squad for some reason, or you don't want to be squad leader, send me a PM.


    CO: Sassy

    Squad 1 (Bom)

    Bommando [SL]

    Squad 2 (Digital)

    DigitalAssassin [SL]

    Squad 3 (DocIsIn)

    DrJones [SL]

    Squad 4 (Wulfyn)

    Wulfyn [SL]

    Squad 5 (Marstein)

    Marstein [SL]

    Squad 6 (FastCap)

    StupidAwesome [SL]

    Squad 7 (Strike)

    StrikeFear [SL]

    Tactical Overview

    As the ATC shows, there are 3 initial objectives:
    1. Squads 1 and 2 (via transport helo) capture the Fish Factory
    2. Squads 3 and 6 move on North Island
    3. Squads 4 and 7 move on West Perimeter

    With pressure on the neutral flags, even if they cannot be successfully held, USMC is forced to concentrate troops there. They will have to "waste" a squad defending the North Perimeter or I will send a transport helo with a fire team (or even a BH) to capture it. Once the Fish Factory is secure, squad 2 will defend it while squad 1 advances to the West Perimeter. All squads should have control of armor, when possible.

    A consideration discussed last night was that the USMC might overtake our base and a "base swap" would occur. To avoid this:

    -Squads 3 and 6 stay mobile in case movement is needed
    -Utilize 50cals and AA gun (yeah right!) to defend against incoming choppers
    -Spotting is everyone's responsibility - It helps everyone (and ME!) be aware of enemy movement, so Spot Dem Choppers/APCs!

    Kit Selection

    The APCs in this map can take down infantry if left unchecked. Kit selection is the squad leader's responsibility, but I recommend including an engineer, at least one AT, and a support guy (and of course all squads should have a medic!)

    Initial Rollout

    Squad 1

    Attack Fish Factory.

    Move via transport helo, wait to spawn until squad leader arrives. Attack from west using building as cover. If multiple attempts fail, will receive orders to spawn at Central Front to assault North Island.

    Squad 2

    Attack Fish Factory.

    Move via transport helo, wait to spawn until squad leader arrives. Attack from east with heavy fire/suppression, serving as distracting/suppressing force. If multiple attempts fail, will receive orders to spawn at South Front to assault South Island.

    Squad 3

    Attack North Island.

    Move via Light Jeep, and bring up 1 APC. Mobility is extremely important as your squad may be called to defend the Chinese HQ so always keep jeeps in position. Do not let USMC take control of the North Island APC.

    Squad 4

    Attack North Island.

    Move via Light Jeep, and bring up the APC. Taking tickets is your main priority (even though holding South Island gets you a kiss!). You are the bringers of death. :) Do not let USMC get control of the South Island APC.

    Squad 5

    Defend Chinese HQ

    Your role is supremely important and you are the only squad primarily responsible for base defense. You need mines, C4, mines, a scout, did I say mines? You can send one man in a light jeep to Central Front at the start of the round to bring an extra APC. I will give plenty of advance notice if troops move for the HQ and send units from squads 3 and 6 to flank an enemy attack. If this position fails, you will spawn at Central Front and defend while waiting for orders to attempt recapture.

    Squad 6

    Defend Central Front, Attack North Island/North Perimeter, Defend Chinese HQ (in that order. :) )

    You two guys will be busy and your objective might change often! Stay mobile by maintaining a light jeep for your use.

    Squad 7

    Attack South Island, Defend South Front

    Your objective will change, but initially, you will join the assault on South Island moving via light jeep, and change to defense of South Front as soon as the USMC breaks through to assault it.

    Endgame Scenarios

    If assaults on the USMC HQ (Fish Factory) continue to fail, squads 1 and 2 will strengthen the assaults on North and South Islands. We will continue to harass the North Perimeter via a fast capture element if they leave it undefended. Once we have ticket bleed using any 5 flags, switch to a defensive mode until you have new orders to assault.

    If the Fish Factory capture is successful, we will capture the West Perimeter and be in a very good position to capture (or at least bully) North and South Island from both sides, and could even force all troops to North Perimeter.

    Commander's Pet Peeves

    -Do NOT make yourself an artillery target! Squad leaders, have your forces split into fire teams, or use some other tactic that keeps from creating a jumble of red dots. Use cover and stay low when possible!

    -Request supply drops when they are available, first come, first served!

    -Never, ever, ever leave a base completely naked (undefended) unless your orders are "Abandon current position, and......." Exceptions, fast capture element will always abandon current position, and the first assault of a round may be with the full squad.

    I know we'll have a great time and I know we'll deliver one hell of a spankin' (the good kind ;) ) tomorrow!

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    Re: TOG Campaign 1 Tactics: Songhua Stalemate

    Sounds good Sassy!

    Squad 5 should be well prepared for them to make an early move for our base. Sassy, you should be prepared to get additional reinforcements back there to help them out if the early move is a big one like ours on their base. Watch the skies. Their chopper will be going somewhere at the start.

    Something else I wanted to mention last night, before I got dragged away on parenting duty, was that the squads (1 and 2) moving on their base should destroy the enemy assets as quickly as possible. They will just be starting to use those assets, and blinding them early will really make life tough for them.

    Squads 1 and 2, let's make this the most coordinated and effective attack ever! I am prepared to go and practice our moves if we can get together.

    I'm so excited! :D
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      Re: TOG Campaign 1 Tactics: Songhua Stalemate

      We are still planning on having a CO/SL TeamSpeak channel, correct?

      Bommando and I can coordinate on the fly depending on the situation as well. I won't be on much between now and tomorrow but might be able to make it on for a little while tonight. Maybe we could meet on the private server and at least walk though the plan a couple times.


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        Re: TOG Campaign 1 Tactics: Songhua Stalemate

        Make sure all the squads are making good use of vehicles, as this map often requires very fast movement from one position to another in maintaining the front line


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          Re: TOG Campaign 1 Tactics: Songhua Stalemate

          Almost every time I've played this map we've ended up swapping main bases. If they do the same thing we're doing at the start -- sending two squads to our main base, it will fall. And don't plan on getting it back with anything less than 2 squads -- it is tough to recapture. Not trying to be Mr. Gloom or anything, just going by my experience.

          One thing the air assault squads may want to do is to C4 their choppers before they take off and blow the choppers when everyone bails out. If things go tango uniform and they get wiped out, the chopper may be floating around the map when they need it again.

          As far as mines and squad 5... mines are much less effective with this new patch. We should not rely on them to keep enemy armor out of the base. Hopefully their armor won't be able to make it that far anyways. But we need to make sure ours is manned 110% of the time.

          And as a reminder, the point where squads 3 & 6 are at (Central Front?) on the map has a SAM site up the hill and south of the helicopter pad. This can be somewhat useful for going after their blackhawk that may be moving on our main base.
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            Re: TOG Campaign 1 Tactics: Songhua Stalemate

            Agreed, as the USMC I do not mind trying to take the MEC base if I can since once taken its easy to defend. Whereas as MEC CO I never* try to take the USMC base since its actually pretty easy to take.

            I would instead of sending troops to the USMC base send them to that far northern base, its a forgotten base that spawns several decent vehicles, everyone forgets about it and can provide a constant pressure on the center. Its akey base that most people forget.

            The USMC has the advantage of the blackhawk, a good blackhawk squad on this map is KILLER. Furthermore if they have the available men and I was in there shoes I would man both blackhawks with a skeleton crew while the rest of the squad parachutes in. 2 6 man squads, highly mobile backed by 4 miniguns will make short work of the home MEC base, or almost any base for that matter.

            Also if you can get some practice commanding without assets. Songhou is one of those maps that your assets are open to a quick blackhawk strike. You will probably lose your assets at least during some point of the map and depending on how it plays you may never have reliable assets.

            Of course this all assumes the teams are relatively balanced.

            Just a few notes I have had while COing Songshou

            1. Don't go after there main base, your MEC. They have blackhawks, there base is easy to take, especially if they hold the connector points. Your base once lost is EXTREMELY hard to take.

            2. Do not ignore the northern base. It spawns 3 jeeps and an APC I beleive. Its a nice base to put pressure on the center from. And for a small utility squad to operate out of.

            3. Have fun! COing is fun! In the times I have been under you you have done well, so I expect you will do just as well in this environment when supported by all the TG. Lord knows when I was CO against AGB after the initial nervousness I settled into CO mode ;)



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              Re: TOG Campaign 1 Tactics: Songhua Stalemate

              For squad 5 (defend Chinese Hq): I would like to set up some positions for each team member. We need to get the armour and position it and ourselves. Any suggestions? We are 5 SMs - what armour do we have available (1 APC, 1 tank???). I would probably position the infantry (assault & medic) along main street and the armour driving back and forth on it. There is plenty of shelter to be safe from arty strikes.

              I really want a defensive position for every SM so we know where to go and what kit to prefer. Give me some feedback and I'll post it here today & tomorrow before the game.

              We have a pretty impressive, lethal squad with the initial kit in underlined:
              :icon35: Marstein [SL] Medic
              :icon35: TheOriginalBlankman (Best With: Spec-Ops, Assault, & Medic) Medic
              :icon35: Neophreak (i'm a general practitioner) Assault in tank
              :icon35: Perry (I can knife people in all 3 rounds) Assault
              :icon35: Ranger6 (I am a good attach helo driver and good assault) Assault in APC

              During the game we'll switch who drives the armor, but everyone needs to keep an eye on them so the enemy can never ever still one.

              Mines? SHould we have an engineer?
              AT? If armor comes up the road our armor should be able to deal with it. We can switch to AT if necessary.


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                Re: TOG Campaign 1 Tactics: Songhua Stalemate

                Thank you for the feedback, Mars. I do not intend to give them our base unless they bring freaking three Rambo-awesome squads across and just do not let up.

                First, if we lose our base before we have taken theirs, I will bring squads 1 and 2 back, and along with your squad and the agile 2-man squad 6, we WILL take it back.

                Second, I will have Stupid Awesome and YerMom take a Jeep and an APC to your location, they will drop the APC off and return to their objective. You should plan on having 2 APCs and a tank. I chose some really strong players for your squad and I think you can pull it off. If you think one more person would make the difference, I can find one somewhere. PM me.

                Third, I will know well in advance if they plan to send troops in large numbers to attack our main. I will adapt our strategy accordingly if they take this path.

                Hope this helps!

                P.S. Not to discount the early suggestion about the far north base, I do plan to attack it if they leave it undefended, but I'd rather leave occupation of that CP as a fallback tactic because it is not as valuable, of course, as their HQ if we can successfully take that within the first 10 minutes or so. Don't worry, I'm not above abandoning that if it does not work, but we have some really capable and strong squads working on it.



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                  Re: TOG Campaign 1 Tactics: Songhua Stalemate

                  Please re-unite the 42nd Recon.

                  and preferably MuzzleVelocity if our squad can have 6.
                  There's no reason to squad Mishkan (7th) and myself (42nd) if there are no jets. :)
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                    Re: TOG Campaign 1 Tactics: Songhua Stalemate

                    If you grant StrikeFear's request you can put Mishkan in my squad in place of Apophis.


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                      Re: TOG Campaign 1 Tactics: Songhua Stalemate

                      Sassy, great plan. I'm looking forward to seeing it in action!

                      Nec aspera terrent.


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                        Re: TOG Campaign 1 Tactics: Songhua Stalemate

                        Last minute roster changes to suit Their Highnesses, the 42nd.. lol

                        Apophis and StrikeFear move to squad 4

                        Jepzilla moves to squad 7

                        Squad 2 will be one man short if Apophis joins the 42nd, but I think we can still manage a successful assault. Please let me know if any more changes are needed.

                        Thanks and kisses,


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                          Squad 5 positions

                          here my positions strategy

                          Tank 1 (Neophreak/Assault|Engineer) watches the entrance from below and the main street.
                          APCs 2 (APC#2 TheOriginalBlankman/Medic and APC#1 Ranger6/Assault) patrol the main street.
                          Infantry - (Marstein/Medic and Perry/SpecOps) watch the main street and behind the buildings.

                          The kits are not cast in stone - I thought this would be a first plan and adapts as conditions develop.

                          Perry should C4 the flag and keep an eye on a good time to blow it.

                          We either get the 2nd APC for TOBM brought up or we try to pick it up with a jeep (sound somewhat risky to me). If the APC#2 is down

                          If we get overrun we spawn at Central Front down the hill and wait for orders to retake.


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                            Re: TOG Campaign 1 Tactics: Songhua Stalemate

                            So wait is it Jep and me? Or am I replacing Apophis per Assassin's request
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                              Re: TOG Campaign 1 Tactics: Songhua Stalemate

                              Sounds like you are still in squad 7 Mishkan, but it will be Jepzilla instead of StrikeFear with you. We can get a final confirmation when we get on TeamSpeak.




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