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The experiences of Utility7 - 1

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  • The experiences of Utility7 - 1

    For the past month if you logged on and didn't see me in the CO chair (which is rarer nowadays thanks to more and more capable COs, thank the Lord) I have been SLing a squad called Utility7.

    The squad was formed because I wanted to try new ideas, certain strategies ect.

    For 2 weeks solid I locked my squad at 4 members. We went around engaging in whatever tasks the commander had for us. We had 3 tenets.

    Small / Light / Fast

    Always mobile in a jeep/helo/hummv ect. Only use armor at the base or when appropriate. Our goal was to be able to move from one side of the map to the other in 1/2 the time it takes for a full squad. We were not a grunt slug it through the wilds squad. Our kit layout and numbers did not allow us that, but we made up for it in speed. We could assist other squads in taking a point, defending a point or blowing up enemy assets.

    The kit layout was me (spec ops), support, and medic and Open. Of course it could change, ie if we were in the helo support was dropped for engineer.

    This allow for maximum flexiblity, with the spec ops in single shot mode I could pick off enemies from a short distance, my open guy could perform whatever task and support / medic are a must in any squad.

    We did had some tasks we were exceptionally suited for, on Dalian Plant we almost always took the arty island and sent constant assaults to the carrier. So much so that we almost always tied up the cobra or a squad in getting us out, and most of the time I was well hid so they would just spawn on me.

    Now for the more tutorial part of a good utility squad.

    1. SPEED - Given the choice of speed or firepower you ALWAYS choose speed. When you get to the point and assets are available hop in them and use them, but if another squad comes to defend, turn the assets over to them and keep 2 jeeps available for your use. This gives 2 people per jeep. You can move almost as fast as a helo squad and NOT get nearly the amount of attention they get.

    2. UTILITY - You need to be ready to perform any task, you could be repairing assets, blowing up assets, anti-air or just fast attacker. You should be quick to respond and not get mired in things along the way to your objective.

    3. ATTACK! - Most of the time you are going to be on the offensive. Your defensive capabilities are limited, you will not survive a constant 6 man assault squad. Trust me, don't try. Your only hope if set to defend will be to lay defensive measures, C4, Mines, claymores, get away from the flag with any vehicles you can, let them hope on the flag and hope your mines / c4 take care of most of them then push and eliminate the rest. Hopefully you get the SL and can reset your defenses.

    4. TICKETS - A good utility squad should cause more damage than they take, its goal is to maximize damage to the opponent in short but violent spurts, then to retreat and rearm and prepare for the next task.

    These are the 4 tenets I used as Utility squad leader, now as a CO there are things one must know. Utility squads are not going to take that base guarded by 6 men, an attack helo and filled with armor. The best we can do is harass them and keep them occupied.

    COs need to understand a utility squad is fast, I didn't blink if a CO wanted us to move across the map under heavy fire, while the opponent had air superiority. I knew the best route, I knew we would not fire unless fired upon til we reached the spot, and I knew we were faster than any other infantry squad. My personal goal was within 30 seconds of getting an order to be at that location.

    That is about it for my thoughts on utility. Next show we get to hear about Utility7 and its experience as the Blackhawk whore!




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