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Advanced Squad Member Guide

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  • Advanced Squad Member Guide

    Hey there, More guides from me again.

    Check out my old rusty in guide about being a SL.

    Well, after trying to come back as a Squad leader to my beloved community I find it very discouraging that there are many many players who do not use common sense and rely on their SL to make their gaming experience an enjoyable one. It is as if SL is your servant who supposed to entertain you. Instead of being selfish try something for a change. So I have been playing as a Squad Member to find out what makes the SL happy, how do they react to certain squad member actions. if the SL's performance increases due to his feeling of control... etc.

    The following are just my observations. Nobody has to follow it to the teeth. But legendary squad members like: Ob1one, Xink, luuser, Phoenix, thundeer, ultra, Robocop etc do follow these rules... I mean when SL sees one of these guys join their squad he is sure there will be some good games ahead. I know there are large number of outstanding squad members out there. But this guide is for those who are trying to know what to do, new to TG etc.


    1. BE LOYAL: One of the nicest thing a SL can feel. If the squad is on defense and the action is low some members leave the squad to look for another squad and then once they find out there are no better squad they come back... SLs feel like they wanna slap them and kick them out of the squad.

    2. BE COMMUNICATIVE: What is that feeling? If a squad is talking to each other SL just needs to hand down general orders, inform down CO given informations, and it feels good to be a SL, coz everybody in the squad is working together.

    3. BE CALM: This one is kind of out of control. It depends on the person's personality. But being calm instead of shouting in everybody's ears can make the squad feel little bit open to talk. And please do inform if anybody is too loud or too low.

    4. BE INITIATIVE. SL can overlook something. Try suggesting what should be done... But too initiative can annoy SLs as well...
    EX: SM: I can mine the S entrance road. Should I boss? lol


    1. KEEP UP, STAY TOGETHER. Why does it feel so good to be in a good squad? Because you are together. Spawn on SL location whenever possible and whenever it means your squad will be together. Dot no go off chasing something. Gotta be together like a big happy family so everybody will feel safe and secure.


    4. POINTMAN. Usually a SL becomes a pointman during movement, which is not a bad thing. Offer to take the lead so if danger comes you will die and he won't.

    5. DO YOUR THING, KNOW THE LITTLE TRICKS. 2 ATs working together can make a tank driver crap his pants stinking up the whole tank and he has to get out of the tank. ATs also should be pointmans when armor is expected on route or on destination. Medics also can be pointman throwing down medics packs on his way so everybody else can be healed (good stuff while under fire and has to get somewhere.) Assault is an ideal pointman. Smoke grenades, Grenade Launchers for surprise kills.

    ---------------------------------On Defense---------------------------------------

    1. SPREAD OUT and make sure all entrance points have an eye on them.

    2. DO YOUR THING. If you are a medic, create an first aid station with bunch of medic packs. Flag is a good place. Support classes same thing as well... Ammo Station in one place. Also make sure those stations are well stocked. Engineers mine certain entrance points and stay in Close Quarters Combat area to use your shotgun. ATs find a ambush position for armors or get on a higher ground. etc.

    3. SPOT & INFORM. When contacts are present and approaching your base spotting gives an idea of exactly where they are much better. And By VOIP you can add the strengthof the enemy.
    EX: SM:"Enemy Armor Spotted!" "1 tank, 1 APC, 3 infantries... SouthWest."
    SL:"Ok. All forces shift your positions facing SW. Set up and ambush."

    4. ENGAGE & CLEAR. During engagement with the attacking enemy check the flag area often to make sure no sneaky flag turning is going on, and of course call out enemy positions, movements, and manuevers. If things start to quite down clear hiding spots where an enemy SL might be hiding.

    5. OCCUPY ALL ARMORS. If there is an empty armor at your base grab it. It should not even be told to you. If a sneaky dude steal your APC and start firing your butts you will wish you had that APC on your side.

    ----------------------------------On Offense--------------------------------------

    1. BE INITIATIVE. During offense to a flag everything is crazy. Hopefully your SL briefed on how he is planning to get things done before even first shot is fired. But if your think it is going to help the team by going off a little bit and flanking a sniper, go for it.

    2. BE a YES MAN. This is the most important. When you hear "Bodies on the flag" command, gotta go the flag area without caring about anything. Do not worry. Good SL s issue that order when he thinks flag capture area is safe enough for at least 5 seconds required to make it neutral. So go for that flag like your life does not matter.

    3. DO YOUR THING. This section again. Pretty much self explanatory. Kill people AT Tanks and all that jazz.

    ----------------------------------Extra Emotions----------------------------------

    lol. a emotion section. Anyway I would like to point out that a quite squad that does not say anything at all makes the SL feel very weird and makes the other squad members feel that SL is not in control. So some SM s go off wondering and it gets worse. So say something about what is going around you. What you are doing once in a while.

    Also it is good when there is down time on defense that no enemy squad wants to attack the place you are defending and your CO wants you there anyway, say some jokes, talk about life, women, beers, cars and man stuff. If you have a girl in your squad you can talk about barbies, nail polishes, men (lol) etc.

    So Hopefully these guidelines will get you started on being a good Squad Member, so SL s fight to get you into their squads. Feel free add new sections, and add new stuff to it and we discuss it further. In the end I would like to say one thing.

    Be A Squad Leader And Understand Them. Then You Will Become A Good Squad Member.

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    Re: Advanced Squad Member Guide


    Nec aspera terrent.


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      Re: Advanced Squad Member Guide

      Well done B. :icon14:


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        Re: Advanced Squad Member Guide

        This guide is Penguin approved :icon14: :icon14:



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          Re: Advanced Squad Member Guide

          Nicely done.
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            Re: Advanced Squad Member Guide

            + rep for this masterpiece
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              Re: Advanced Squad Member Guide

              Originally posted by |TG| B
              If you have a girl in your squad you can talk about barbies, nail polishes, men (lol) etc.
              Still cant do that.

              Nice guide.


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                Re: Advanced Squad Member Guide

                excellent guide b

                AKA TG Xink |


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                  Re: Advanced Squad Member Guide

                  Amen brother. Pls make this a sticky and give B some big reputation.

                  To expand upon a few points from my perspective:

                  *The initiative piece is huge (this would also follow under B's 'Do Your Thing' sections). Don't wait for the SL to tell you to lay your C4 or mines (or medkits or ammo, for that matter) when defending. Let him (and the squad know) that you're being proactive and getting it done. On assault, spot dug-in defenders waiting in ambush. Also, on defense, don't hesitate to point out if an adjacent flag falls, or anything else that could impact us in the short-to-medium-term.

                  *Feel free to (within reason) point out a SL's blindspots. Like with me on assault, point out that you can take point and that I should stay back a bit. This will never come naturally to me, and I believe all SL's will benefit from similar recommendations. Or if you have questions on your role or the squad's role, ask them!

                  *Be 'That Guy' that goes the extra mile. If we see the flag we're assaulting C4'd, volunteer to be our sacrificial lamb and jump on it. Let us know so we don't all get killed in the process. Or, if a SL asks for anyone to go Engineer or whatever other kit, volunteer right away. These 'standout' guys make a lasting impression, and are ALWAYS welcome additions to the squad. Not just because they're active contributors and problem solvers, but they set a great example fror everyone else.

                  *If you've been on TG servers for a while, help the newer guys along. Engage them and point them in the right direction, especially if it appears that they're not being proactive (e.g. SpecOps not C4ing a flag) or if they appear to not know what to do.

                  *For the newer guys that have just come from a lot of pubie/ranked play: DON'T BE AFRAID OF DEFENSE. I can say that on TG, we (literally) wear our ability to defend as a badge of honor. Protecting a valuable point is huge, and can result in some incredible skirmishes. They won't all be blood and adrenaline though, so get comfortable being dug in, and feel free to shoot the bull a bit if it gets quiet.

                  I for one like the occassional raised emotion, if the situation isn't already too intense. I've had new guys get completely immersed in the situation ("Permission to switch to sniper and take out those campers, SIR!"), and guys that freak out and start screaming when we're getting attacked from all directions. That's part of the fun of VOIP. It can be too much when you're trying to wrangle a squad and be disciplined amid a huge action by the enemy, but generally I like it. ;)

                  Overall, if you're engaged, do what your SL says and ask questions when you're not sure, you'll be a quality Squad Member. I've had full squads of stellar Squad Members (mostly on PW nites) and that's when the game fulfills its potential.

                  *edit: If you find you have a girl in your squad named SassyOne, definitely talk about nail polish and barbies. She loves that stuff. ;)
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                    Re: Advanced Squad Member Guide

                    I tend to do a lot of what's on both B's and Beatnik's lists, but it's good to see it put down in writing. These are good for the new players as an introduction, and good for those of us who have been here awhile as a reminder.

                    I don't SL often, and usually when I do it's due to having the SL get disconnected in the middle of a round, but I've done it enough times to know the perils of the job. B's points about being communicative are golden. While the SL is in charge, the squad is a TEAM. If everyone seems involved, it makes it easier on the SL. If everyone is sitting quietly the entire time waiting on the SL to dictate every little move, it's that much tougher on the SL.

                    Staying together is another great point. Nothing frustrates a reluctant SL more than having to herd everyone around from 3 different areas of the map - the SL is already trying to grasp the situation at hand, what the CO wants, and how best to achieve the objectives. I know it seems to be a good idea to grab that unused tank somewhere, and at times that IS what the SL wants you to do - but it's easier if you spawn on him every time and stick with him unless told differently.

                    And like B says - try being an SL yourself sometime. I know while some really enjoy the job, many of you are like me really and don't like doing it. However, it's good to try it once in awhile as it does let you see how things you do as a squad member look from the SL's eyes, and how you can improve as a member.
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                      Re: Advanced Squad Member Guide

                      Even after all this... We still have some people who are obessed with helicopters...

                      Create your own squad, be in a hali sqaud or something.... Don't mess with my squad... A ground pounder one...


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                        Re: Advanced Squad Member Guide

                        Ya know with all this talk about being a good squadie......Can someone teach me how to shoot straight....Man I suck...All that other stuff is common sense to me, but, shooting straight, well that's another issue. Lotta times I shoot first, but I die first. Don't get it.....I always try to keep me shots upper part of torso but I always seem to get smoked. Anyway good post B great advice


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                          Re: Advanced Squad Member Guide

                          Bumping it up and pimping it for the new guys...


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                            Re: Advanced Squad Member Guide

                            This is an interesting read for a new guy like me, thanks for the bump. :)
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                              Re: Advanced Squad Member Guide

                              Good stuff. I find that whenever I SL I say very little, mainly because I don't really know how to organize anything.

                              But when I CO I try and stay in contact with my squads, asking them questions like where they want to go if I order them to defend and they deny the order.

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