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TG In-house Scrim Oman MEC Tactics - Munchkin/Tempus (22/10)

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  • TG In-house Scrim Oman MEC Tactics - Munchkin/Tempus (22/10)

    This was the strategy that I prepped for the event, before having to bow out due to a family issue. Tempus COed in my place, and, from what I hear, did a fine job. I just want to encourage all who were COs for this scrim to post their tactics and plans, in the interests of helping our community. It doesn't make sense to leave these rotting in some team forums, so here we go:

    CO: Munchkin
    Gulf Of Oman
    TG In-House Scrim (Alliance Side)
    22nd October 2005


    (Sorry if it's a bit cluttered, read on and all will be made clear)

    List of assets

    Tactical Overview:
    The plan is to hold the Hotel, Construction Site, Village and River Fort, due to the armour assets available at those locations. We will utilise the armour assets from our UCB to help us enforce complete domination. We will attempt to confuse and split the enemy by attacking at two locations - the River Fort and the Village Fort. Note that our assault on the Village Fort is more "aggressive defence" than a fully-fledged capture attempt. However, if we capture it, then all the better.

    This map is extremely dynamic along the beachfront. Front lines and areas of combat do emerge, but, deprived of armour assets, the enemy will be mainly infantry. I would prefer to not micromanage defence, but to leave matters to the discretion and initiative of squad leaders. Sorry to pimp my own forum posts, but it might help squad leaders if they check out this:

    Every squad, except in an emergency, should have an engineer present.This is a map that thrives on Armour and your Engineers will not only limit enemy assaults, but reinforce your own defences. These engineers should not only repair armour of squad mates, but should repair any friendly armour if so required. A medic is a must, but I will leave the exact makeup of squads to the SLs. However, I suggest that AT will be essential in fighting off armour. Although there is an abundance of sniping posts on this map, please resist the urge, as we will need every man we have for this all-out meatgrinder.

    Squad-leaders, if you can use both in-game VOIP and TS without technical problems, need to use the Airstrike Request facility kindly provided over Teamspeak by the Jets squad. It's only one key extra that you need to remember to use.
    See this thread for the SOP and information on how to set it up:
    I will be giving the jet squad orders and targets, based on the information I have as commander. However, these orders are general, and are NOT as effective at eliminating immediate threats to you as TS Airstrikes are. However, inform me if there are targets such as enemy helos around.

    Squad 1:
    1st MIP
    SgtDuke (SL)

    Objective: Bring up 2xAPC and 1xTank from UCB, other member handles any other vehicles
    Initial Plan: Take the armour from the UCB up to the Village, while 1 squad-member spawns at the Village and attacks the River Fortification with the APC. Armour from the UCB is used to attack and hold River Fortification. Air Support will be clearing the River of any enemy armour, so it should be relatively easy to capture. Once captured, the member gunning for the tank from the UCB will take the tank that spawns at the River.
    Notes: 1. Spread Out, don't make yourself a target for artillery or a jet.
    2. Kits should be Medic or Engineer.
    3. Watch for mines. Remember, you can now destroy them by shooting them.
    4. Armour isn't too wonderful on defence - be prepared to move out, and relinquish one of your armour pieces to the defending squad.

    Squad 2:
    Wulfyn (SL)

    Objective: You are the infantry backbone of the assault on the River. You'll be hoofing it to the River Fortification, and will help capture it. Secure the area, and set up on defence. Medkits and ammo bags everywhere, man up the AA to guard against choppers and get to cover.
    Notes: 1. You may be hit by arty repeatedly. Look for the arty firing, and disperse. We want to minimise any casualties.
    2. Your squad will be responsible for keeping the US arty down. This should be done ASAP.

    Squad 3:
    Tempus (SL)

    Objective: Hold the construction site. Get the main southern road mined, and ensure that the flag is C4ed. Take the APC and FAV, and use them on defensive positions. All your troops do not have to be huddled over the flag, and are probably better used by covering the road.
    Notes: You may be involved in the bloodiest firefights of the game, or you may be sitting there for a long time. I don't want to leave the flag wide open (better safe than sorry), so you guys will sit there initially. Depending on what the enemy does, I may get you to swap positions with Squad 5 so that you can get some action.

    Squad 4:
    42nd Recon
    Apophis (SL)
    Sabre Six
    USN Squid

    Objective: Defence of the hotel. I'm anticipating a possible rush on the hotel by the enemy in the intial stages of the game, due to its valuable assets. Once you spawn, only take the tank, as squad 5 will be using the APC.If they lose the APC, it will respawn and you may use it in your defence. Man up the AA, get troops on the hill, and ensure that the enemy do not get snipers on either the hotel or the hill. If you come under a heavy assault, squad 5 will be moved as support to your location.

    Squad 5:
    BaneII (SL)
    Steel Penguin

    Objective: Aggressive defence along the Hotel. Spawn at the Hotel, and take the APC to the Village Fort. SL will take the engineer kit, and will bail out of the APC before it reaches its objective. SL will then mine the road along the buildings to the NW of the Village Fort (see diagrams), and provide a spawn point. If APC is destroyed, spawn on the SL and move in on foot. If heavy resistance is encountered, pull back to the perimeter of the Hotel, and defer to command instructions.

    Squad 6:
    Jepzilla (SL)

    Objective: Provide air support and prevent enemy jets and helos from wreaking havoc on our troops. I will leave much of the jets' strategic planning to Jepzilla, but here are some general points:
    1. First bombs must hit the River Fortification.
    2. Keep the beachfront area clear of armour, and do not allow the enemy to get armour out of the southern flags.
    3. Watch for AA.
    4. Infantry will not be a major target on this map.
    5. Destroying attack helicopters take precendence over CO orders, unless CO orders are specifically described as urgent.
    6. Tell the CO what the situation is like, and describe what the enemy air strength is like.

    Squad 7:
    black_death5 (SL)

    2 Engineers.

    Objective: Provide CAS to designated locations, and hit targets marked by CO.

    1. Armour, although nice and juicy, wil not necessarily be a primary target. Infantry-killing is the main objective.
    2. Fly initially to the River Fortification, and help our forces by destroying whatever is in sight.
    3. Stop enemy troops from advancing from the Olive Fort to the River Fortification.
    4. Refer to CO.
    5. You may be needed to defend our assets, so spawning as engineers is a must.

    Nec aspera terrent.

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    Re: TG In-house Scrim Oman MEC Tactics - Munchkin/Tempus (22/10)

    Great stuff there. Very well though out Munch. Hope all's well with your family.


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      Re: TG In-house Scrim Oman MEC Tactics - Munchkin/Tempus (22/10)

      Nice plans. Could we see sassy's and bane's as well?

      The 7th's plans were given out in this thread




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