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  • New to TG? Communication is Key!

    A lot of new faces have popped up recently here at TG; welcome to all who have come in search of better teamplay. This little blurb is aimed primarily at you folks, but, of course, this could also be considered a refresher for veterans. What I'm talking about is communication in Battlefield 2. I consider it one of the most important aspects of the game, and also a requirement for successful teamwork. Many TG regulars are excellent communicators in-game, and we'd like you to be, as well. It'll help improve everyone's gaming experience. Here are three basic comm tips to get you started:

    First, and foremost -- don't be afraid to communicate using VOIP. Not only will it help your squad, but it will also make the game more fun for you. If you haven't yet, get yourself a microphone, enable VOIP, and talk it up! We're not going to think you're an idiot or give you a hard time. We're not going to make you feel awkward or put you on the spot. What we WILL do is appreciate your contribution to the group. Even if you have no idea who any of the people are in your squad, for the love of God, TALK. Your squad wants (and needs) to hear you.

    A VOIP icon is supposed to appear every time a person talks within a squad, but we all know it doesn't work properly. So, to avoid confusion, refer to yourself in the third person whenever you talk. If my Squad Leader says he needs an Engineer the next time someone spawns, I say, "Roger. Strag spawning Engineer." This lets my Squad Leader and my squadmates know what I'm doing. Other examples include, "Strag is watching the northwest corner," or, "Strag is manning the APC." Again, it's important to let your squad know what you're doing, and it helps to avoid confusion by referring to yourself in the third person.

    Second -- don't be afraid to use the Commo Rose. It's a simple yet effective tool, and, like VOIP, it's built right into the game. Make sure you have a key bound to use it, and make sure that you DO use it. A common method for its use here at TG is to spot an enemy target (so it shows up on the minimap) and then say to your squad over VOIP, "Tank. Spotted. Northeast." In this way, with a few simple clicks and a few simple words, you've made your entire squad aware of an enemy threat. If everyone in your squad applies this concept to anything from a single enemy infantryman on your flank to the enemy jets flying overhead, your squad (and ultimately your entire team) will have few surprises.

    Also, when an enemy threat has been eliminated, let your squad know. If you blow up an enemy chopper, say, "Enemy chopper down." If you take out an enemy APC, say, "Enemy APC down." This helps your Squad Leader and your squadmates to know that they don't need to worry about a given threat anymore. Even if you don't destroy it personally, let your squad know when an especially big threat has been eliminated. "Enemy Black Hawk full of troops is down."

    Third -- don't be afraid to pass along intel to your Squad Leader that may be of value to other squads. If you know Squad 5 is defending a flag south of your squad's position, and you see two enemy buggies full of troops heading that way, tell your Squad Leader! He/she can then pass along that info to the CO, and the CO can choose to make Squad 5 aware of the situation. And if Squad 5 knows those enemy buggies are coming, its members can prepare a proper welcome. :) By communicating in this way, you can help prevent other squads on your team from being caught off guard.

    So get out there and talk it up. We want to hear from YOU! And when you feel comfortable with basic communication within a squad, broaden your TG communication skills by checking out these comm SOPs:

    SOP (Radio) - Contacting / Using the AIR squads
    SOP (Radio) - The Radio Check
    SOP (Radio) - The SITREP
    SOP (Radio) - The Contact Report

    See you on the battlefield. :icon14:

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    Re: New to TG? Communication is Key!

    Excellent post. Well said.

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      Re: New to TG? Communication is Key!

      Good post Strag.


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        Re: New to TG? Communication is Key!

        Excellent post Strag. Now is the perfect time to post it, with the flood of new people to TG.
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          Re: New to TG? Communication is Key!

          Yes, communication people! Information is power! Most of the squads I've been running during the past week have had half the players non-VOIP. There is nothing more aggrevating than turning around, finding everyone in my squad dead, the flag we were defending taken, half the enemy army tripping over themselves trying to knife me in the back, and not hearing one peep out of anyone in the squad.

          Dont worry about giving too much information. "I'm down! Incoming tank from the east! Troops from the south! APC need repairs! Out of ammo!" Sometimes it can be overwhelming, but if everyone knows their roles, they will react properly. Medic revives, AT moves east, assualt moves south, engineer repairs, support resupplies, etc. That's when TG is at it's best, when a squad moves as one. So grab a $10 headset and join the fun!

          In the meantime, if you dont have voice communication, use your commo rose ("Q" key). If it aint on your team, spot it! Once or twice is enough, as long as you dont spam it. And if you hear someone spotting something, then pay attention to your map to see if its in your area. And if it is, react accordingly!

          See ya on the Battlefield.
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            Re: New to TG? Communication is Key!

            Like Strag said... TG is so big we do not know each other that well either... But we still pick it up and talk it up... Welcome to TG new dudes... Some of the new dudes fit in so well that they are not new to me anymore... But some of you guys just keep getting on my nerves... I want cry go back where you came from.

            Anyway... Outburst... Sorry... What was this about? Oh yeah, talk it up. whatever.

            just kidding. Love you all... Still though. Have some common sense. If you come here expecting teamplay you gotta provide it too.


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              Re: New to TG? Communication is Key!

              Awesome thread Strag.

              I just got a new headset / mic rig and used it for the first time last night. Didn't think it worked too well at first but after awhile it worked just fine. It is a great tool to have and use.

              Good job.



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                Re: New to TG? Communication is Key!

                :icon14: +rep


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                  Re: New to TG? Communication is Key!

                  Originally posted by Strag
                  New to TG? Communication is Key!
                  And the keys are B and V (by default)

                  Nice post, the links will really help as they're lost in the subforums where I think new players rarely check.

                  Will add to the request kit thing:
                  If you suck as support then tell the SL, if you can't use a AT rocket for your life then you shouldn't play it unless in an emergancy, keep it simple "Requesting kit assignment, I'm weak at A.T. and a specialist medic." this way the SL can have you as your best kit and reassign another player. Be aware if there is already a specialist of the kit in the squad the Squad Leader may still ask you to be another kit, respect his decision as its for the good of the team, later on he may ask for another medic then you can request to be it.




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