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  • Using Attrition

    at·tri·tion ( P ) Pronunciation Key (-trshn)
    -A rubbing away or wearing down by friction.
    -A gradual diminution in number or strength because of constant stress.
    -A gradual, natural reduction in membership or personnel, as through retirement, resignation, or death.
    -Repentance for sin motivated by fear of punishment rather than by love of God.

    Like it or not as commander in BF2 your fully aware at all times about attrtion... What does it mean to BF2? quite simply its the mathmatics that if you kill the enemy more then your being killed eventually the numbers (ticket count) will reflect that...

    So what does this mean ingame? it means that you shouldn't throw yourself against a pointless task when its not needed...
    I've seen games where players have tried and tried over and over to take a flag... only to lose 50 tickets and never take the flag because the enemy has 3 armours and 2 antitanks at the flag!... I've also seen Teams that have assulted only 1 flag to stop their ticket count from falling then defend that 1 location from all enemy attack without losing many men at all...

    this focus of defencive power by a team can win a game by attrition...

    Rarly do I make the goal of my team to capture every enemy flag... instead I often say to my squad leaders to take the 2 or 3 best flags, then just hold em... it keeps the enemy stuck spawning at usless (tactically bad) flags with poor resources and they keep throwing themselves at your set in defences... eventually the numbers will fall in your favor...
    The other tactic as commander I like to have is to leave one particular flag alone... over time if your squads are good the enemy is stuck at those 1 or 2 bad flags and your pounding them with artillery, tanks and air assets with very few losses... the enemy gets so caught up in the now they dont realise what a dire situation they are in until they realise they are down in ticket count by 50

    Don't be so eager to assult flags when defence can win you the game... let the enemy come to you... and trust me, they will come to you... and when they do come, spot them out for your teammates and squish em... let attrition work in your favor instead of giving the enemy ticket after ticket for another flag that will jsut spread your defences thinner
    "Victory without Honor, is Pointless..."
    "I regret that I only have 1 life per spawn, to give to my team...."

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    Re: Using Attrition

    The objective of TG fighting is, to my mind, to win with honor.

    I agree with a lot of what PALADIN says. ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK is not always the way to win and, sometimes, it can cost you the war.

    If the enemy is in the bleed, make him stay there. And, by playing defense, you can keep the enemy in the bleed AND out-kill him b/c he is on the attack.

    Good post, PALADIN.
    Only the dead have seen the end of war.


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      Re: Using Attrition

      i agree with this, the only time you should be pushing your team to capture a flag is if its a vital flag (aka the center flag at zatar. that flag can be so important its crazy. ive seen battles take 180 turns once a team has secured/taken the flag from the enemy.


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        Re: Using Attrition

        I agree; I hate it when we cap a flag, get bleed, and are then ordered to attack another flag, leaving the one we capped undefended. I especially dislike it if we are ordered to asssault a flag that is in my opinion of less value.

        A good example of this might be the suburbs on karkand. The advantage of the suburb has been diminished on tg because of the alterations in ticket bleed, but still. If you are mec and have all the flags east of the river, and are fighting from the flag just west of the river (train station), then it is really ... an uphill battle. However if you have the suburb too, you can attack us from two sides, and you can attack from high ground in the suburb. A setup like that is best kept, instead of trying to attack the flag at the square, which will surely be retaken by the us, thus leaving suburb nearly undefended.


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          Re: Using Attrition

          Yup, very simple concept actually, if you got the enemy to a ticket bleed and their main flag is to heavily defended (excluding UCB of course) then just keep them there and stay defensive.

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            Re: Using Attrition

            I often advise to a commander when it would be a good point to stop going for flags and play a 'delay' defence that will use our ticket count lead to grind the enemy down...

            once your low on tickets its your job to get that lead back, the enemy doesn't have to keep stuggling to make you hurt any more then 1 ticket :)
            "Victory without Honor, is Pointless..."
            "I regret that I only have 1 life per spawn, to give to my team...."




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