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Tactics 8vs8 Daqing Oilfields/Zatar Wetlands

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  • Tactics 8vs8 Daqing Oilfields/Zatar Wetlands

    I know TG mostly play on 64p maps, but I've got some nice replies on a similar post earlier. Hopefully some of you have some suggestions to my tactics.You may also think a bit smaller than usually and that may be something you all can take benefit of.

    Daqing 8vs8 has three bases, all cappable and both mains have tank and chopper.
    Most PCW tacs I've seen is focused on taking the central flag, Oil Cisterns and keep it. The situation at mapstart is therefore a massive attack with most availiable HW to wipe out everything at oil cisterns.

    My approach is to totally ignore Oil Cisterns and go for mainbase, driving on the flanks, and setting up an organized defence at own main with tank, CO and one inf. Chopper should of course take out the other chopper -> enemy tank etc. If successfull we will not only have blinded the enemy by blowing UAV/Radar, but also neutralized the enemys possibility to get heavy HW. Enemy is stuck center, with no eyes, no HW, two frontlines and under constant arty.
    Kind of similar map. Central Island has the chopper and will be a great asset for whoever gets it. When playing MEC i though maybe we could do something similar to the Daqing tacs - ignore central island. The tank kan hit the chopper from entrance of own main and keep it on the ground. Getting both mains, blow the bridges and blind the enemy should make it almost impossible to loose. In theory.. Same kind of troop placement: four on attack, four on defence.
    If enemy get the chopper airborne and they have a decent pilot this plan will totally break, but I don't think they can eliminate the attackforce on own main that early in the round.

    My clan consists of mostly older guys with average age of aprox 30+. We don't have the individual skills of a 1337-player so we need some unconventional tacs to get the the tickets. Does anybody have another 'unexpected' approach for these maps or some other comment?
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    Re: Tactics 8vs8 Daqing Oilfields/Zatar Wetlands


    Good points on both maps.

    With the 'linear' type 16 player maps these flanking movements can be very effective, especially if you have a solid game plan going into the main flags.

    Agreed that when you are blind, stuck in an open flag (Central Island, Cisterns) it's extremely hard to break out and you're most likely going to get pinned down there for the duration.

    Yes, a good chopper pilot will ruin this strat, but IMHO of our recently clannies teams with a good pilot are so 100% focused on getting that chopper that they forget everything else as they assume once the chopper is in the sky it's game over.

    The chopper spawn on Central Island is so open to attack, just like Dalian. Have a tank watching it and bye bye chopper.

    Our clan =BFB=, is based in South Africa and due to a number of reasons (sukky telecoms, horrid pings) we only play local clans and here the general tactic on all 16 player maps is to go hard and fast on the first flag you see and move on from there.

    Currently we are involved in a national team trial league and in the 8 matches we've played so far, I think I've seen real tactics maybe once where squads attacked two flags at once.

    IMHO it doesn't matter how l337 you are as a player but if your team doesn't work together then you are going to lose, simple as that.


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      Re: Tactics 8vs8 Daqing Oilfields/Zatar Wetlands

      on zatar.. the mec side can camp the attack helo spawning in the middle very easily

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        Re: Tactics 8vs8 Daqing Oilfields/Zatar Wetlands

        Glad to see some attention paid to the smaller maps. I'm based in Australia and the clan I play with |AcE| compete in a 10V10 league.

        This league uses the Pro Ladder mod which alters some weapon accuracy, reduces the number of grenades and medi packs available and eliminates commander's artillery.
        Most of our strats focus on fast flanking assualts, capture of the enemy main base destroying their assets, with a small but strong force defend our own main.
        Lately we are trying to use more deception than brute force to achieve success ie fake assaults that are designed to draw defences and /or reserve troops away from positions we actually want to seize. Then we attack the enemy from their rear.
        Would love to play with other tactical members overseas, but alas I also suffer from bad pings outside of Australia.




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