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Ambushes...and how to survive....

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  • Ambushes...and how to survive....

    Now, it's understandable that it's really hard to organize an actual ambush in BF2 but there have been instances where you go to cap a flag and there are enemy units in hiding guarding the flag and they seem to have really good firing positions on the flag in question.

    A typical ambush looks something like this:

    Again, keep in mind that it's really difficult to organize something like this in BF2. I'm sure it's possible but it hasn't been tried.

    If you look at the picture you have your objective in the center, the ambusher to the right and left of it. They leave an entry point and an egress point. Your squad would enter from either end of it. If the ambushers are patient, they will wait until everyone is inside the "kill box" before opening fire. Once you and your squad are in that "kill box" and youa re taking heavy fire it's very difficult to figure out who is doing the shooting and where its coming from. Especially if the ambushers are coordinated.

    Generally, the ambushers are going to want to take out the heavies first; which usually starts with teh support infantry, then the AT (but we don't n00b tube) then they'll concentrate on the SL's and medics.

    Squads, when you are in the "kill box" there isnt' going to be much if any cover at all. Especially since you will have fire from all directions.

    A good coordinated ambush can decimate a squad in seconds.

    Now, here's how to survive. Again, keeping in mind the difficulty of actually organizing and ambush and then implementing your escape alive in BF2.

    Squads, first and foremost, EXPECT casualties. You aren't going to walk into an ambush and not take any casualties, it's impossible secondly keep your support infantry at the rear and put your medics in the middle. Third, spread out; try adn find cover even though it's going to be next to impossible.

    Here's why you want your support to the rear: Let them to enter the kill box last. For two reasons. 1) the ambushers are going to be so busy firing at your SL and everyone else that they might not see the support infantry coming into the "kill box" last. 2) If you allow your support infantry in first they are going to be the first to die.

    Now, your support infantry plays a vital role in your survival as a squad in an ambush. Why? He's got the most armor, his weapon throws out a lot of lead at a high rate of speed, and finally, he has the most potential of saving your life. That isn't to say that an assualt kit can't get he job done because he can, but he's got limited ammo and has a slow reload time much like the support kit. But the difference greatly lies in magazine capacity, a belt carries more ammo as opposed to a magazine in an M4 rifle.

    Squad leaders. Know your support gunners. Order them to as soon as they enter teh "kill box" to move to either their right or left. Order them to kill anything in their immediate area and order them to punch a hole through the ambushers.

    If the ambushers are good they won't let the support kit acomplish his objective. If they are more worried about capping the SL they'll let the support kit punch that hole. The next thing the support gunner needs to do is get himself through the hole and behind the ambushers; if he/she can get an assult to follow him great, if not that's ok too.

    What this does is allows the support gunner to kill everything on the side he chooses without the immediate danger of being killed. There is a chance he's going to be killed BUT, since he's behind the ambushers now he's got a better chance of survival. Once hes behind the ambushers they are now going to attempt to turn around to take out the support kit; again, support is doing his job by drawing fire.

    Once the ambushers begin to turn around it opens the "kill box" up so that your squad can now, possibly find cover and can now fire upon the ambushers thus eleiminating the "kill box" and eliminating an ambush.

    Again, this tactic relies heavily on communication between squad members and their SL and communication within enemy ranks. Squads need to be organized it's hard to figure out where enemy fire is coming from when it's coming from all directions. And likewise for ambushers, it's easy to miss that one guy who gets through your defence and begins eliminating you from behind. And again, I realize it's almost impossible to organize any type of planned ambush, but it is easy to setup when you are defending a flag. Find yorself good hiding spots with great view of the flag you are defending and have excellent firing positions. And don't open fire until you see everyone on the flag; because the moment you open fire on the first person you see you've just given away your position and they assualting squad is going to make it a point to take you and your position out of the equation amd if you are on a rooftop, 10-1 that person who kills you is now going to stay there and probably has a good idea where everyone else in your squad is hiding and can now snipe at the other positions or spot them for his squad members to take out.

    So, next itme you are playing, and you are approching a flag, don't bum rush it. Stop, take a minute to organize and enter the area with caution. Organize who goes where so that you can cover possible hiding spots.

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    Re: Ambushes...and how to survive....

    Adding more.

    Think about it. When you are setting up to defend a flag what are you essentially doing?

    1. The act of lying in wait to attack by surprise.
    2. A sudden attack made from a concealed position.
    A. Those hiding in order to attack by surprise.
    B. The hiding place used for this.
    4. A hidden peril or trap.

    You already know the enemy wants that flag. Otherwise you wouldn't be defending it. You already know the enemy is coming.

    Well, what do we do when we are prepping to defend a flag? We bunch together on the flag. And what happens? We lose the flag anyway. Why?

    Well, for one, the enemy Co is going to UAV the flag. We know this. It happens time and time again. Then what happens? The CO see that we are bunched at he flag and he in turn arty's the flag. Which again, opens it up to enemy units and we again, lose the flag.

    What should we really be doing?

    Cap the flag. C4 the flag. Then move as far away from teh flag as possible but at the same time get into a position where you can concentrate fire on it and actually hit it. You by now should automatically know the range of your UAV, so if your CO drops a UAV on that flag you should know where its boundries are. You should know that if you move such and such feet that you will be out of its range and you can't be "seen" by the UAV.

    So get ont he outskirts of the enemy UAV.

    Next thing you do is get your support infantry to drop ammo packs at every possible hiding spot this way, when you go prone to defend that flag you are laying on ammo. It's impossible, I know because you already know the enemy is on the way and you'll have at most 2 support kits. Well get as much ammo out there as possible.

    Now, wait for the last enemy unit to get on the flag, and open fire. Detonate the C4. But everyone needs to be on that flag before the first shot if fired. SL's communicate with your SM's and Co's keep in communication with your SL's and tell them where the enemy is so that you as the SL can tell Billy to reposition himself because the enemy is bearing in on his position.

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