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Oh noes! Enemy sniper!

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  • Oh noes! Enemy sniper!

    We all know it, you walk along karkand near the square, enjoying the view and WHAM! down to just two little bars of health, 7 bars if you're lucky enough to have body armor, so what now?

    First off, you're already hit, assuming the sniper is still aiming for you, you need to find cover!

    Getting to cover:

    Especially on urban maps, you'll usually have a general idea of where the shot came from, even more if you know the map well and know all the sniper spots, so if you think you know where the sniper is, go to cover accordingly, dont go to cover that takes a year to get to.

    Also keep in mind that the sniper has gotten that little hit indicator telling him he got a hit, especially for M24 snipers, this gets them trigger happy to finish it off and get a kill, so move or die.
    Another thing you should NEVER do unless you're behind some sandbags is to go prone!
    Its like putting your head on a silver plate and waving a 'Shoot me' banner, when you get shot, MOVE, dont go prone and stay on the spot, you'll die right there, staying on the exact spot where you got shot is suicide!

    Now, say you are walking up north and got shot, there is a building on your left with reasonable cover AND a small pile of boxes big enough to cover you from another angle, on your right, which is closer is limited cover and no boxes...

    So what now? Dont stand in the middle of the road thinking, it aint a popquiz, if you get shot by the M24, go for the closer cover, the M24 sniper might switch to his pistol AND you have a lot less health then if you got by the SVD, so time is more important.

    If you got shot by the SVD you should go for the other building, the SVD is a semi rifle and can pick you off easily if you stay too much in the open.
    So simply put...lower health = go for closer cover.

    Another thing, especially with sandbags is that when you go prone and hug the wall, there is a good chance your legs are sticking out, waving another nice big 'Shoot me' banner, so dont keep your rear facing the sandbags.
    Now about those rifles...

    Against the M24:

    Several things that are different from when facing an SVD sniper:
    First off, the hit will leave with 2 bars if you have no body armor, and 7 bars if you do have body armor, most M24 snipers, if the distance isnt a mile away will tend to switch to their pistol to finish it off, 1 shot on a unarmored players and you are toast, so again MOVE and get to some cover.
    If you got a smoke grenade, USE it, the M24 is bolt action, so you just need to dodge that one shot, a smoke grenade helps you out just fine.
    Don't try and spot the sniper by crawling around a corner, the M24 is very accurate and your head will be the first thing to pop out.

    Against the SVD/Type88:

    The SVD/Type88 will give you a better chance of keeping health, as it does just a little less then half the damage of the M24 (45 vs 95), so you'll have a bigger chance of getting to cover, but you'll have to be much more careful when moving, the SVD/Type88 is a semi-sniper rifle, so you cant just walk around the street, 2 more shots and you sir...are dead.
    Now you can try to pop around the corner, as a single shot has less chance to kill you, but he does have an SVD so his margin for error is far larger and he can afford to miss, dont think you'll be safe when you hear the first shot miss.

    Smoke grenade helps less here, as the SVD sniper has multiple shot to fire at you in the time you need to move out, its still a good escape plan.
    SVD players dont have the tendency to pull out their pistol, so if you got hit a second time, you'll be in a worser position then with the M24, just get to cover and think...

    Getting out of there:

    So then what? Lie and wait till I rot? No...
    Remember, on TG you'll be in squad, so GET HELP, I'm talking about facing a single sniper here, so dont be afraid to dish out a couple help cries.
    Do be careful when asking your squad to help out, they will need to divert from their mission AND if the squad leader happens to be the medic or he is closest by, you'll be putting his life at risk and thus your whole squad's.

    You can talk to your squad (duh...) so if you cant spot him but you do know where the sniper probably is, then by all means let your squad know so they can rescue you without much trouble.

    Another thing to do is ask your squad leader to ask the commander if he can spot the sniper for you, on TG, this might work just fine, if you know where the sniper is, you can easily think out where he can and cannot shoot (line of sight people!), just knowing his location is information enough.

    Another thing to listen to is that guy shooting at someone else, if you hear him shoot when you are still well in cover, then he is NOT after you at that time, if you are gonna make a move, do it then!

    Also, you can also ask the squad leader to ask the commander to drop an artillery on the sniper, even if it doesnt kill him, all the dust will be your lifesaver!

    Where is that sniper?

    Ok...nice but I dont have a single clue where the sniper is and there is no commander to help me out...what do I do then?
    Several options in this scenario...

    First off, always get to a safe positon, find some damn cover and think what to do next, think on your feet, not in the sight of his scope!
    If you still hear bullets going near you (or hitting YOUR side of your cover) then your cover is not good, this also gives you the general direction of the sniper too! If you are facing north and the bullets are still hitting your side of the wall, then he aint north.

    Assuming you got to some cover, you'll need to think good, first off, has he got an M24 of an SVD, how much health do I got left and where is the nearast cover, flag and friendly?
    All these things need to be thought of for a second, if a flag is nearby, that usually means there is a vehicle nearby, if you can't shoot him or see him, just get in a vehicle and stay safe.

    If a friendly squad is nearby, ask on TS or type in the chat that you need help, no-one likes an enemy sniper, so with a little luck and a little TG spirit, that squad will help you out.

    If no flag or friendly is nearby (so unless you dropped out of an air are you doing there in the first place?) then you need to see where all the cover spots are and run from 1 cover to another, hop along to the next cover till you get somewhere safer.

    Enemy sniper squad:

    Sniper squads are somewhat rare, but they can do a lot of damage, first off, the chance of you dying on the spot is far far larger and if the squad is spread a lot (usually not the casethough) then cover wont help much.

    Best thing to do is to spot the squad and try to live as long as possible, as soon as you spotted them even if its just one of them, let your whole damn team KNOW about it, a sniper squad is something everybody wants to shoot and a commander's arty target of dreams.

    Armor can also help you out a lot, against a sniper squad you just cant do much, rely on your team instead, but never put your whole squad at risk of dying just to save you, risk to die and take one for the team instead.

    Now my squad is pinned down, but in safe cover against a sniper squad...

    This also happens, especially on urban maps and flags, your squad is capping a flag or moving along and BANG...first off, if you have a good evenly divived squad, you'll have a medic, HE is your important concern, right next to the Squad Leader, remember, SL provides a spawn, but only the medic can bring him back.

    When everyone is at full health again, ask if anyone in the squad (including you ofcourse) if anyone heard or saw the shot, with a big squad this is very possible and a whole squad asking for a UAV will get a UAV (on TG anyways), the same goes for an arty.
    There just isnt much you can do against a sniper squad, with the huge exception for armor.

    Your squad VS their squad:

    Well you can try to take our that squad if they are defending a flag that you are after or for some other reason...
    First off, assume its 4 snipers, 1 medic and 1 support (support can be sniper as well if they got a CO providing them with a supply box, in which case, go box-spotting!) so you'll always be ready for the worst.
    You can try 2 approaches (which assumes its just you and your squad):

    1. Gun them down, lay down a lot of fire with the medic keeping your guys alive...

    You should only ever try this if you know where they are and if you enough accurate weapons (support guns included), otherwise you'll be shot far quicker then the medic can revive you, the SL should stay in cover to keep a spawn available at all times.

    If the enemy sniper is on a hill and at SVD range (medium ranges, think about 3/4 of the distance between the Hotel and Square flag on karkand) then dont even try it, you'll just miss and if you do get a lucky hit, they will probably have a supply box or a medic, and they can fall back and let the rest shoot your squad, you can't!

    Attacking them:

    2. Get no more then 2 (maybe 3) guys to go a long long way around the flag and get them from behind. (recommended).

    This is a far better approach if that enemy squad is at medium range or more, select who to go (a medic should be a good choice he can revive the guy that goes with him, 1 medic and 1 support is a good choice I think) and get ready.

    Look on the map, think where the snipers are and think the SAFEST and most SECURE place to move allllll the way around to their back, distance should not matter! (just dont go to close to an enemy flag, k?) When your route is set, get the rest of squad (not the SL!) to fire like crazy on those snipers, do anything to get their attention away from the other two members. (those two should NEVER be in plain sight of those sniper unless there is just no other way).
    Try to keep those snipers busy until your 2 guys are safe and on their way.

    Assuming they got all the way around, try and take a peek and that squad first, the 3 main targets:

    1. Their medic
    2. Their Squad Leader (if you can find out who it is)
    3. Their support or other none-sniper.

    If you take out those 3, you'll just be facing a couple snipers at close range, you got a machine gun or a carbine, they dont!
    You really have to use grenades first, throw them at those 3 main targets and when they blow move in.

    Also get the rest of your squad that is still down there to move at the exact same time, it causes confusion for them, and support for you!
    Even if the enemy squad survives, make sure your squad is moving out when you attack the squad, they are your primary concern!

    Well that was more then I thought I'd write down...ah well, hope it helps :)

    BF2 Name: Thez(NL)
    BF2142 Names:
    Thierry(NL) (Sniper)
    Dikkiedik(NL) (Assault)
    Kittekat(NL) (Engineer)
    Dimi(NL) (Support)

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    Re: Oh noes! Enemy sniper!

    well done dude


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      Re: Oh noes! Enemy sniper!

      I couldn't follow any of your post Thierry as the suggestions were not listed in your usual user friendly number format ;)
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        Re: Oh noes! Enemy sniper!

        For some reason I cant edit it, so I cant add the numbers lol

        BF2 Name: Thez(NL)
        BF2142 Names:
        Thierry(NL) (Sniper)
        Dikkiedik(NL) (Assault)
        Kittekat(NL) (Engineer)
        Dimi(NL) (Support)


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          Re: Oh noes! Enemy sniper!

          Dont call for help. We will just kill your friends too. Spot us, die and try again another day.
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            Re: Oh noes! Enemy sniper!

            Jusb is waiting for you.

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              Re: Oh noes! Enemy sniper!

              Don't shoot the kittens!

              BF2 Name: Thez(NL)
              BF2142 Names:
              Thierry(NL) (Sniper)
              Dikkiedik(NL) (Assault)
              Kittekat(NL) (Engineer)
              Dimi(NL) (Support)


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                Re: Oh noes! Enemy sniper!

                Against the Type 88 you can just moon the general direction of the sniper and then giggle as you charge towards him with your knife out, because the Type 88 can't hit anything.


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                  Re: Oh noes! Enemy sniper!

                  Thats not true, I've hit several enemys charging at me by throwing the 88 in their general direction
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                    Re: Oh noes! Enemy sniper!

                    Originally posted by TG_Bubba
                    Jusb is waiting for you.

                    There is actually five snipers in this picture.




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