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1.2 Pilots Survival guide

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  • 1.2 Pilots Survival guide


    his guide will be divided in two chapters, choppers and planes..

    - Please dont fly your vehicle like a tank, its dumb and you will die quick. Tank aviation is normally identified by flying in straight line ignoring a lock, matter of fact, always break off when you take damage or get lock.

    -Don't freak out when you get a lock, the missiles have a travel time that is longer than bullets, and do evasive manouvers whilst releasing countermeasures. Also remember that the slow warning beeps indicates a lock in progress, at this point you should start flipping around like a madman, when/if the lock gets more hysterical, then drop countermeasures and evade hard.

    -Use ground objects as missile catch.

    -Don't do the same manourvers all the time, people learn from your moves, so be cautious.

    -And most importantly, this wont save you all the time, so I dont wanna hear any whines about my inferior skill as a tutor

    -If you take off without a gunner you are bound to be dead.

    -I would suggest that you get on VoIP with your gunner since he is gonna do the dirty work for you.

    -Make sure your gunner takes out AA BEFORE moving into the combat area, otherwise you will be mashed BF2 n00b. (dont take this as a insult, I am just trying to be witty..)

    -Set a task before you go in, such as
    "Am I going tank hunting?"
    "Am I going to clear out infantry?"

    -Use your gunner, alot. His TV guides kills one shot, and his gun tears up infantry.

    -Take advantadge of the environment, and the element of surprise, this is not a sunday-drive, people will be shooting at you.

    -You have a jet chasing you? you dont have any cover to run to? You dont know how to move around your mouse/joystick/whatever around as a possesed?
    May god save you..

    -Flare tactics is pretty much the same as in the plane part, with the exeption of you having lots of them.

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    Re: 1.2 Pilots Survival guide

    Basically the chopper advice boiled down to "shoot people and don't get shot, oh and if you don't know how to avoid a jet may god save you." That's not exactly a helpful guide.


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      Re: 1.2 Pilots Survival guide

      I think flying a chopper in the new patch will require totally different tactics.

      I've tested a bit, the chopper seems less vulnerable to AT or the same. One rocket takes exactly 10 bars from an attack chopper (out of twenty total). It makes no difference for the AT if you hit the cockpit or not.
      It's more vulnerable to a 50cal sniper, which can take you out in 8 bullets, making you explode violently.
      There is more damage from the 50cal sniper on cockpit (about 2.5 blocks). Small arms don't do more damage on the cockpit.
      Now the mounted 50 cal is interesting; it takes a full overheat cylce to kill a chopper, but if you hit all bullets on the cockpit, it only takes a little under half of an overheat cycle. So if you're up close..

      So for the tactics:
      I think the days of flying freely behind enemy lines are over. If you are caught by an enemy AA or 1 or 2 50 cals, you're dead meat.
      The solution to this i think is to stay close to friendly squads, or even be in a squad flying the chopper (this still allows you to assist other squads). Think of it, that AA or that 50 cal cannot shoot at you very well if he is under fire from the friendlys you are sticking close too. If you never engage enemys all alone, the defenders will have a hard time focusing on air and ground at the same time.

      The Heli will have to be used to support squads alot more, and will be used to rape flags alot less. I think the AA and chopper healtch changes in the patch will be alot more fun for the infantry, and I think the excellent chopper pilots on TG will easily adapt and remain nearly as effective.

      One further point, I think it would be best for a chopper to fight rather close to his repairpoint, or fight to his death. It'll be alot harder to go back a long way to repair.

      Remember, that one bored guy on the 50 cal with nothing to shoot at or to distract him can take you out in three seconds (on the cockpit)!

      *edit*secrets of battlefield is updated, on the AA they say this:

      AA missile lock has been improved.
      - Lock has been improved, missiles hit targets 90-100% of the time when the target has not released flares.
      - The AA missiles themselves have been made less powerful. It now takes 3 to bring down an airplane or helicopter.
      - EXCEPTION: If you are flying straight at the AA and they fire, 2 will destroy you.

      What do you guys think, make any sense?
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        Re: 1.2 Pilots Survival guide

        I flew (Chopper) today and you basically just have to use the terrain a lot more. You'll also be dead meat if your gunner sucks. AA is priority, find something to hide behind, or a hill, tell your gunner you're going to pop up for a second and he's going to fire and kill the AA. AA won't have time to fire at you if you do it right and once it's down you can move in. Choppers are still just as deadly if you don't have .50 cals or AA firing at it so if you take down the AA and keep it down while keeping the .50 cals down you can rape an area just as well as before. Just keep strafing a lot so you don't get AT'd.

        It's really not that different, I used the same tactics before the patch, they're just required now instead of optional.


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          Re: 1.2 Pilots Survival guide

          The lack of sound when you are getting shot by the .50's is annoying. You won't even know you are being shot (if you can't see them) until it's too late.

          You can still use evasive maneuvers in a jet to avoid AA missiles. I was in some nasty dogfights last night and at least 50% of them I was able to escape with my life and go back to repair.
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            Re: 1.2 Pilots Survival guide

            I flew the chopper extensively on Daqing, switching off gunner/pilot with Barraccuda Magoo. It was basically the same. We took on AA vehicles over and over; all you have to do is shoot them before they shoot you, nothing different about it except that there's less margin of error. Same with .50 cals: you're still going to die if they get you in their sights, it just won't take as long. Fighting other helicopters, the TV missile is STILL your best bet. I thought reduced health would mean the chainguns are worth it, but it turns out it's still a lot better just to use the missile (I know what I'm talking about, Barraccuda and I fought two attack choppers at once. That was awesome). Really the only change I saw was my bad luck. I managed to die while piloting the helicopter, leaving poor Magoo to slam straight into a wall.


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              Re: 1.2 Pilots Survival guide

              First off...when our squad leader asked last night if anyone could fly the helo I quickly volunteered and off we went, gunner and I. Apologies for the crappy performance...what used to pass as sufficient skill no longer seems to cut it. I'm also a newbie to TG which didn't help.

              I think the camera missles are defintely the ticket now...stand-off distance will have to increase for the helos to survive now. Will be good to see the terrain become more of a factor in fighting the helos as well. Time to see some more "pop up, shoot, and scoot" with the attack helos.


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                Re: 1.2 Pilots Survival guide

                And remember to include the name of the author. It is not a Total BF2 article. It is posted over there by [WOLF]bbob

                This is not only a respect issue. This is THE RULE of using someone else's material.

                I want to thank Bom for his solid attitude on this.


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                  Re: 1.2 Pilots Survival guide

                  yap for sure. I posted that pilot's guide because i havnt tried 1.2 yet. Now i have played the game in 1.2 and have wrote a simple guide :)


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