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Important PATCH 1.2 changes

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  • Important PATCH 1.2 changes

    Well, the 4th Force had a pratice saturday, and found some changes.....

    Originally posted by Black death5 (from 4th forums)
    Well, we had a great opening pratice, in my opinion.

    Patch 1.2 - Gulf of Oman 16


    5m C4 - No damage
    Front top armor - Into Red
    Tracks - 6 bars left
    Back Side - 6 bars left
    Top Platform - 2/3 damage


    7m - no damage
    6m - 1/4 damage
    5m - 1/2 damage
    4m - 2 bars left
    5 sticks, 6m - into red

    Humvee/ Vodnik:

    On vheicle - killed
    Underneath- killed
    4 sticks, 5m - 5 bars left


    8m - 3 bars off
    7m - 9 bars off
    6m - 12 bars off
    5m - into red, 7-8 bars left
    Throw distance from standstill ~40m


    Anywhere near/ on - 1 bar off (don't even bother)

    Blow up when running by at 4m
    Do not blow when walking by, blow when you step on it.
    NOTE: perry has changed the claymore FF setting so you can get teamkills like you normally would

    Things to remember:
    C4 distance has been reduced to 6m
    Grenade throw distance has been greatly increased
    Claymores have stayed the same on the TG servers

    Thought you might want to know the exact changes.

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    Re: Important PATCH 1.2 changes

    Nice write up. Thanks.


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      Re: Important PATCH 1.2 changes

      Awesome. +rep

      I'm cannon fodder.


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        Re: Important PATCH 1.2 changes

        12th had practice over the weekend and found the AT kit unchanged. I will let the kitties list damage, but basically sweet spot on a tank remains the rear, APC no sweet spot. Grenades actually do .5 bars of damage on a tank, GL does 1 bar.

        Mines do not instakill vehicles rolling at full speed. FAVs and Humvees can get by with partial or minimal damage.

        New Engy unlock gun is not bad for sniping ... hits 3 out of 5 shots at distance. PKM flat out rocks for sniping.

        Vehicle damage to infy is now low enough that you can ride on top of a tank or hummer for transport. Thought about keeping this a secret but first time you see the 12th rolling in full squad on a tank you'll all be copying us anyway, and this way we get timestamped credit. ;)

        The 12th.


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          Re: Important PATCH 1.2 changes

          Bootstrap, do you still do the little "dance" while riding on vehicles? I had thouhgt about hopping on a tank for transport the other day but decided against it for fear of falling off due to the "dance" and being run over by someone behind us.

          I'm cannon fodder.


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            Re: Important PATCH 1.2 changes

            It wasn't too bad on a tank. It was pretty bad on a humvee. In fact, on a humvee you disappear from the driver's view and from your own you look as if you are floating in front of it. But in any case, it was not too hard to stay on, though we only did a light test before the teamkilling started. ;)


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              Re: Important PATCH 1.2 changes

              Do not blow when walking by, blow when you step on it.
              woah.. good to know!!




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