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  • Destroying assets

    This aint about getting to them, its about what to do when you can smack 2 packs of C4 on those assets:

    First off:
    All assets require only two packs, with the UAV you need to place it on the center body/door/window, placing it on the lower supports wont destroy it.
    Sometimes 2 packs will get an asset burning, DONT use that 3rd or 5th C4 pack, you can use it for something far better, toss a grenade or two instead to finish it off. (yes that works).

    When you destroy an asset, you'll see a yellow asset icon on your 3D alt map, indicating that the assets of the enemy are down.
    The artillery guns have their own icons, the UAV and Radar have the same icon (same image, they do have separate icons).
    Whenever an enemy asset is repaired, the yellow icon will dissapear (for your team), indicating to you that it has been repaired.

    Now lets say your CO orders you to take out their radar and UAV, UAV primarily so another squad can go for a backflag.
    Now, just blowing both of those assets up will only provide you with a short delay so...
    Destroy both assets with 2 packs so you have 1 pack left. Kill the commander if possible.
    Place the last pack on your primary asset target (UAV in this case), but do hide it a bit. Now walk back a lot (or just get out of there)!

    While moving back, keep your eye fixed on the yellow icon for the destroyed UAV. While you walk back the commander will respawn/come back and on TG they are usually engineers.
    The split second the yellow UAV icon dissapears, HIT the detonator!
    This will once again destroy the UAV, kill the commander, prevent it from being repaired by the CO and give your team a much larger window of opportunity to make a move.
    If you are only after a single asset, you can repeat this for every pack you have (left).

    If you want to take a risk, you can also wait a short time before hitting the detonator when the icon dissapears. Usually the commander will fully repair an asset before using it, so if you destroy it a little later, you might buy your team a little more time, but the UAV might already be up for a split second or its already repaired enough to withstand a single C4 pack.

    Hopes this helps you Spec Ops out there.

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    Re: Destroying assets

    Often the commander will just drop a supply crate to repair the asset. Your trick will probably still work, though, as the blast should take out the crate. You can even run up to the crate and refill your C4, then blow it up with grenades.


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      Re: Destroying assets

      See, now-- I'm a big fan of using 4 packs of c4 on the item, blowing them and then adding another one to the wreck. Then when the first engineer or crate shows up you can blow it.

      I want to move to Theory. Everything works in Theory.


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        Re: Destroying assets

        I love it when the CO drops a crate so I can refill my c4 to blow up more of his stuff :) Have to watch out though, I have had CO's use it as bait to get
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          Re: Destroying assets

          I wish that crates didn't heal assets. The engineer class would be used at least a little more than it is now if that didn't happen. But there is another thread for that.

          If I have a support guy with me, I'll rearm and put two packs on the destroyed arty before I leave. Even if the supply crate gets it up all I have to do is push that cool button, and they're down for at least another supply crate cycle.


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            Re: Destroying assets

            You always want to have a support guy in your squad, so I would destroy all assets fully, then put a pack on each asset or a few around the UAV to destroy the supply crate.


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              Re: Destroying assets

              Originally posted by kornkobcom
              See, now-- I'm a big fan of using 4 packs of c4 on the item, blowing them and then adding another one to the wreck. Then when the first engineer or crate shows up you can blow it.

              I did that today, perfectly accidently mind. I saw the USMC engineers moving around the downed UAV trailer on Mashtuur. Id left a single charge on it, saw them thought 'Hang about.....' and detonated succesfully.


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                Re: Destroying assets

                if there is a supply crate dropped... and you have time, be sure and do this trick...

                load 3 C4's on the asset near the crate, make sure the crate will be causght in the blast (2 is often not enough as the crate will do the final repair at the last moment)

                now before you blow it, make sure you pick up 5 more c4 from the crate... visit the other assets and make the enemy command regret supplying you with the means to tear him down...
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