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Spawn Camping at a non UCB?

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  • Spawn Camping at a non UCB?

    If I remember correctly, when you're capturing an enemy base, and their flag is still up, they can still spawn there until it becomes neutral. The enemy decides to spawn at the base that you're in the process of taking. You kill him/her. Is it spawn camping?

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    Re: Spawn Camping at a non UCB?

    Well of course it's spawn camping. You already know that.

    I don't think that's the answer you're really looking for. You're wanting to know "is this spawn camping acceptable?", right?
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      Re: Spawn Camping at a non UCB?

      Yes, that's absolutely acceptable. You kill them or they kill you, what are you going to do? As long as you're taking the flag no one is going to complain about this.


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        Re: Spawn Camping at a non UCB?

        Spawn camping or spawn raping as its called is:

        "Killing players just as they spawn on a flag/spawn point while you have no real intention of getting that flag"

        So if you are after the Hotel flag on karkand and you just killed a guy just as he spawned there, then its not spawnraping because you are after that flag.
        However, if you lie down with a machinegun in that alley just to kill people as they spawn, then that IS spawnraping.

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          Re: Spawn Camping at a non UCB?

          While I know this is not the rule of the server, I really dont have a problem with 1 enemy camping anywhere (even at a spawn) because of the huge ammounts of spawning options your team has in BF2 that 1 player doesn't make much difference and can be easily spotted and removed by the team...

          however if an entire enemy teams tactics is to camp every known spawn point... that is lame :)

          but yer the server rules here have been stated above...
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            Re: Spawn Camping at a non UCB?

            I know last night on Karkland near the Train accident, I was coming around a corner and players were spawning with their back to me. The first time, I shot went prone and shot one of them in a knee jerk type reaction. When i got back up, another person spawned the same way. That time, I just sprinted past them as that person had no situational awareness at that time and I would have considered it spawn camping. Of course, someone at the train accident killed me 3 seconds after running past that guy....oh well.
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              Re: Spawn Camping at a non UCB?

              A similar situation I often find myself in as a SL is camping out while my SM's are taking a flag. Sometimes, while I'm on a roof or concealed away from the flag, I'll see an enemy spawn and start toward my squad. Of course I'll shoot them dead. I don't think that's unacceptable, you're squad is going for an objective.

              Hell, if I'm defending a flag that's under heavy attack and my squad keeps dying I'll just say to heck with it, lets go spawn at a flag in friendly territory and try to flank around behind our flag that's at the front lines. So really, it's the players own fault that spawns in the middle of a firefight if they get smoked. In my opinion anyway.
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