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Sniping - One shot kills?

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  • Sniping - One shot kills?

    Is there a sniper rifle on this game that gives you kills in one shot?

    And if you are using one of the rifles that needs two shots, is there anyway to tell if you have hit someone?

    And does anyone have any general sniping tips? Where are you supposed to aim? I've tried aiming slightly infront of the target, slightly above them and of course straight at them but don't really have a proven method. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Sniping - One shot kills?

    Toodles -

    These are all great questions, but they probably belong in the Tactics forum, not General.

    However, I'll be able to answer your questions here. For a one-shot kill, any of the sniper rifles will do. The only way to do it is to hit your target right in the head. If you hit them anywhere but the head, you will be looking at two to three shots to take your target down. There are a few variables that go into how many shots it takes, however.

    The USMC & EU sniper rifle is the most powerfull, but because it is bold action, it has the slowest rate of fire and must be unscoped after each shot. If your target is not wearing body armor (Anti Tank, Support, and Assault are the only classes which wear it), one body shot will inflict approximately 80% damage. With body armor, it will inflict somwhere around 60%. Either way, two shots to the body with the M24 (that's what the USMC sniper rifle is called) will eliminate your target.

    The OpFor sniper rifles (OpFor, or Opposition Forces, refers to the MEC & PLA) inflict less damage and are less accurate but are semiautomatic and don't have to be unscoped between shots. These rifles will also provide a one-shot kill if the target is hit in the head. To the body, those without body armor will lose around 60% of their health whilst those with armor lose only around 40%. This means that it takes three shots to take down a body-armor clad foe with the OpFor rifles - assuming you don't get a headshot.

    As for aiming tips, I'm sure Clawhammer or Mantis would give better advice than I ;) You can tell if you've hit someone though - a yellow hit indicator should appear whenever one of your shots succesfully connects.
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      Re: Sniping - One shot kills?

      Even without body armor, you need 3 shots from the SVD/Type88 to get a kill.
      Best way to aim, is to aim for the main body, aiming for the head should only be done at medium ranges, otherwise youll waste ammo. If there is some distance between you and your target (you really need to zoom in to even see the target) then aim above the target a little, bullet drop will then do the rest. Also aim in front of the target if its moving.

      Beyond that, the best guide is experience, get on the server and try it out :)

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        Re: Sniping - One shot kills?

        All the sniper rifles give you a shot at one shot kills if you hit the enemy in the head. When you've got the enemy in sight and you fire, hold down the firing button (w/the US rifle) and a little yellow "x" will appear if you've hit your target.
        As for aiming, you do have to compensate a tad for drop, depending on how far your target is, and what angle you're shooting from I think. Typically for longe range, aim a pixel or two higher at most. If you're too far away, don't even bother, you'll just waste ammo and give your position away for enemies who are closer.
        Also claymores can be both beneficial and cumbersome. I for some reason like claymoring the bloody hell out of myself and my teammates, and rarely the enemy, so be advised and let your squadmates know where you place them. Their radius seems inconsistent to me and always self destruct on me ;) Hope that helps. I'm sure mantis and jusb could throw in some other advice/tips on this. GL
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          Re: Sniping - One shot kills?

          When you see an enemy, wait for him to bring his gun up to fire, and he slows or stops at that point. Then fire at his head. Stationary target, and if you are good and have a bit of luck, you will get the kill. Aim for primarily medics, and then secure the corpse with fire to prevent kit pickup. then go for the Squad Leader (usually you can tell who everyone is following, or who is hanging back).
          Your target priority should be:
          Snipers (if they have seen you)
          Medics (if sniper has not seen you)
          Squad Leaders
          Assault and Spec Ops and Support


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            Re: Sniping - One shot kills?

            I find steadying your scope makes a world of difference. You seem to lose a lot of accuracy when you snap the xhair onto the target. Rather, try allowing the target to run to your xhair. You'll need to lead them very slightly depending on distance as well. And as someone else said, hold down mouse 1 to confirm the hit.
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