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  • Booster maps, tactics and discussion

    Okay, it's about time one of these threads went up. I've been hearing people say things like "the maps suck, they are too linear, blah blah blah." Well, now is the time and here is the place to discuss this.

    WARNING: This is not a thread to slam EA or complain about boosters being on server 1. Any such posts will be promptly deleted. Consider this your only warning.

    Now, let's talk about the maps being too linear. I have heard that Midnight Sun, Harvest, Roadrage, Smokescreen, and T. Quarry are too linear. Tell me how their linearity is any different from Fushe, Dragon Valley, Cleansweep, Karkand, or Zatar? Those maps are quite linear yet we still manage to have some great matches on them. All of these new boosters have areas that you can move troops without being seen if you move fast.

    In my opinion, the only thing missing from Taraba Quarry that would make it one of the best maps is transport Helos. EA really dropped the ball on this because without them, the battles really only take place near the bridge and the Quarry dig site. This is one of those instances where you need to get ground troops across the river and as soon as you are on land, you need to have your CO drop you a vehicle so you can attack a back flag. This is not easy, but it's definitely possible. I think the vehicle drop is probably still new to people and not used enough. I have been defending the Quarry dig site and have seen vehicles get by us many times. The problem with this is that they didn't continue on to the back flags, they actually came back for a flag where my squad was dug in. From looking at the minimap I can honestly tell you that the flag closest to our UCB had no troops in it. You move your jeep around the back and no tank is going to catch you. Go grab the back flag, shake things up a bit.

    Midnight Sun - This map reminds me a lot of Fushe, minus the dams. You can pretty much cross the river at any point swimming, and I believe there are 2 bridges. Fast buggies and boats are available for use. There are roads that extend down both sides of the river so a squad could move quick down a road and cross at any point.

    Harvest - I have only played this one maybe 3 times, I'm not extremely familiar with it. The map is huge and has a lot of wide open terrain. From what I can tell, you're going to need a jeep to move from one point to the next, unless you are moving across the bridge or under it. The distance between those two flags is easily crossed on foot. The big complaint I hear about this one is not enough AA. There are no jets, but there are attackhelo's and littlebirds. The littlebirds can be countered by AT rounds and small arms fire. I have been shot out of that thing on more than one occassion.

    Roadrage - I think I'm in the minority for liking this map. I don't seem to have any issue with all the tanks, I force 3 or 4 AT's in my squad and that renders any attacking tank virtually useless. They also work well on the littlebird. The AA on that map is plentiful and pilots of the bombers don't go 45-0 on kills like they do with jets. It's a good balance if you ask me. The main highway is the artery for tank travel, but there are plenty of routes for jeeps if you need to stay out of view of tanks and copters. It's easy to go from the Mall to the Gas Station on the west side of the map. You can even move partially on foot, call for a vehicle drop, and move in to the west side of the Gas Station virtually undetected. Can't take a flag with your tanks because some idiot squad is all AT? Bring in ground troops. 4 AT's won't stand a chance against 4 Assault kits. There's more than one way to attack a flag and it doesn't always have to be the most obvious just because it's available.

    Smokescreen - I think this is a great map, it just needs less bomber and less Attackhelo :D From what I have heard from others, this seems to be the general consensus. There is so much room to move around on this map that it shouldn't be hard to get from flag to flag. Each flag (except maybe 1) is pretty easy to defend if you are dug in good. There is plenty of buildings for cover for troops when the tanks roll in. As powerful as a tank is, all you have to remember is that all of these maps are armor heavy and you need to plan your squad accordingly. 3 Assault kits might be nice on Mashtuur, but they aren't effective against 2 or 3 tanks. Coordinated attacks on armor as well as utilizing TOW's should put you at a great advantage over the tanks. Tanks entering the CP that is full of smoke should be expecting not to last very long. You have the oil cisterns as well as buildings to fire down on the tanks.

    Lastly, the big key to these maps is to have a commander. Too many rounds go without a commander and the coordination is vital to great gameplay. The supply crates, UAV's, and vehicle drops don't hurt either ;) It's good to see new people stepping up to the chair. If you need anything just ask your squad leaders, they are there to help.

    So, what can you add? What tips do you have for these maps and certain control points? I know they are still new, but I'm sure people have a favorite map and a favorite CP that they can share some tips on. If you don't like a map in particular, what can be done to make it a better map when played the TG way?

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    Re: Booster maps, tactics and discussion

    I like all the maps, some more then others. I think they all have their own individuality and I think they all require different skills and tactics for each one.

    The maps are as much individual as the squads are.

    I'm not complaining about them. I think some could do without the air support - heli's and planes. Other then that. I'm golden.

    (Especially now that I have a Special Forces outlet :) )

    I couldn't help it :)



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      Re: Booster maps, tactics and discussion

      Originally posted by JMJ
      Okay, it's about time one of these threads went up. I've been hearing people say things like "the maps suck, they are too linear, blah blah blah." Well, now is the time and here is the place to discuss this.

      Now, let's talk about the maps being too linear.
      I honestly don't think any of the maps are too linear. The way people approach them has been linear.
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        Re: Booster maps, tactics and discussion

        I don't have a problem with really any of the boosters except for most of the issues that are blatant.

        Taraba Quarry would be fine with the bomber removed. Any team with two better pilots and barely satisfactory bomber gunner basically wins the map.

        Harvest could use maybe some more jeeps or something to counter the helos, although what it really needs is some stationary AA at a couple flags. With the wide sprawling plains on those maps helos would have to be wary.

        Smokescreen is fine, although maybe dropping a helo would not hurt. With properly manned AA the jets really take a beating.

        Roadrage has a lot of armor but stated above, just get some AT and tear them up. I think that is the best AF map with balance on the air power.

        Great Wall I think might be my favorite out of the booster maps as long as the sniper and grenade fests are limited. I like how the elevation on the walls limits the armors effectiveness and makes infantry a must. It also gives you more options on how you are going to defend and also attack a position.

        Midnight Sun might be the map I like the least. I think a lot of it is the placement of the stationary defenses. Once again Dice has decided to put some of the AAs and TOWs in the worst possible spots. Then again a few of them are in areas where they can almost shut down armor and aircraft in the area.

        Overall I think most of the maps give you multiple ways to attack a position with maybe Taraba being the exception with the nasty choke points.
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          Re: Booster maps, tactics and discussion

          Road rage is a pretty awesome map imo. I pretty much play it and karkand 24/7 on pub servers when I'm not playing TG.

          Three tactics I use on road rage (keep in mind I play this on pub servers so a couple of these will not be allowed to use on TG). I'd figure i'd share the ones not allowed on TG, just to give some more insight to players when they do not play at TG.

          My company has 3 BF2 players, so all of these tactics involve 3 players. (or more if we unlock the squad)

          1. This one is a legit tactic to use on TG and it's pretty straight forward. On MEC side spawn at truck stop (or gas station if USMC) and grab 2 tanks, and an anti-air. Basically this force is unstoppable if a skilled person is in the AA vehicle (except suicide buggys/occasional sneaky C4 guy). I mainly stay on the main road with this but the support it provides for the other bases is pretty big, it keeps a lot of their team focused on us and not our other teammates.

          2. This tactic is probably not so good to use on TG but I think it is legit. Simply get in the little bird and use it as a spawn chopper at 500 altitude. With the constant UAV and constant spawns (provided they don't open their chutes at 499') it is pretty inevitable that you will get the flag that you are over.

          3. This tactic is NOT and cannot be used on TG, but I included it because I think it is hilarious. The reasoning behind my use of this strategy on pub servers is I hate bombers (and i absolutely HATE attack choppers glad road rage doesn't have any) so I will keep them from flying and I hate it when 20% of the team is standing around doing nothing at the airfield.
          ---Use this with 2 or 3 people. Same as #1, grab only 1 tank, 1 Anti-air at truck stop (as mec). The person that drives the tank and the person that drives the Anti-air go engineer. The 3rd person goes support (I'll say why later) and rides in the tank crouched. Drive from the truck stop (assuming you are mec) and hug the right part of the land, and then travel through the suburbs and hug the map right all the way up to... their airfield. Now you might say "UCB camping is lame don't do it!!", but most of you probably have realized it is pretty much impossible to get in a jet or little bird in AF games because of so many people camping them... The AA is simply to kill the A10's right before you get to their runway. Do not kill them early or you will run out of missiles and they will be able to take off again. Also on your way there the armor and AA must be spread out at least 20 feet or so, because typically an A10 pilot will try and hit both pieces of armor, and if they are spread out like that it will be nearly impossible for them to get a kill. If you get hit, just repair and keep moving dont kill until you get close.
          ---Anyway, you sit about 50 feet away from their hangers just raping them, you set the tank perpendicular to the runway and the AA directly behind the tank facing forward. The AA will run out of ammo quick, which is what the support is for. Once you get comfortable, one at a time, have the engineers get out of their vehicles and lay mines in a circular fashion (tight circle). Suicide buggys will come en masse, just move to put the mines inbetween you and the buggies and you are golden. Support will resupply the mines.
          ---A variation of this strat is bring the little bird 500 altitude and get a squad full of pkms dropping on their airfield. Both of these strats rack up the points big time but they make you pretty unpopular among the airplane campers.
          ---Now you might say the whole #3 strat is completely retarded and doesn't help your team... but almost every time we do this we have a good percentage of their team occupied fighting us (as in 3 or 4 are fighting us for every 1 of us), and their jets are grounded most of the game. For instance tonight their commander resorted to artying their own airfield to get rid of us.
          ---Also i'll say this tactic would be retarded to use at TG (not only because it is against the rules) but because there is typically less than 2 people wanting to fly at any given time, so it would be extremely inefficient and be detrimental to the team, so i'll say again don't use this at TG just on pub servers where UCB camping is allowed.
          ^^ Also a simple counter to this strategy would be to have 3 AT's spawn at once and shoot, but we're talking about pub servers here... so that won't ever happen.


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            Re: Booster maps, tactics and discussion

            Regarding number three, i assume you or your lads are not wearing a TG tag when doing this? Youve been around TG a long time and im sure this isnt the case but it is a good place for a reminder to everyone. I appreciate the caveats that this is unacceptable on a TG server but everyone should remember that if you are wearing a TG tag and playing on any other server you are representing TG.

            As such i would strongly encourage anyone to behave as if they were playing on S1 when wearing a TG tag even if you are choosing to play on "[email protected]"


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              Re: Booster maps, tactics and discussion

              Pretty sure Eggplant doesn't wear the tag.


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                Re: Booster maps, tactics and discussion

                The only maps I have issues with are smokescreen and midnight sun. It seems to me the village flags are a little too close the the UCBs on smokescreen, and its just a pain to get anywhere on midnight with the narrow roads and bridges.




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