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Tac Mod tips for SL and CO

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  • Tac Mod tips for SL and CO

    SL tips on the Tac Mod

    1. As you may already know, when the team loses a flag the rest of the team does not hear this. As u already know, the Platoon leader has the option to be more physical in the TM. Letting him/her know such things is paramount. Same goes for when u or a fire team caps a flag. Let the Platoon leader now this, the flag cap could change the whole perspective of the battlefield!!

    2. When the SL or especially the squad dies and is not able to be revived, report this to your Platoon leader. He/she has trained with u for sometime and would appreciate knowing your passing. Wait, I am getting side tracked here. The morale of the tip is that the C.O. could have a plan worked out. For example, if the other squad leaders are reporting contact and how the enemy is pressing their flag, the CO will most likely send u to a place that is well needed.

    3. Verbally inform the CO of enemy movement and definitely if u start taking causalities.

    4. Have fire teams already made, for fast response.

    CO tips in the Tac Mod

    1. Keep your squads active. Rotate out squads that have been defending after so much time (10 minutes).
    2. Notice how many warriors u have before the match starts so you have a feel for how much offense, recon or defense you can manage. Keep an eye on this as the battle progresses.
    3. Know what constitutes as bleed. I for one do not know exactly know how this works. I know on Assault mode, the defenders will not start to bleed unless they lose all of the control points. However, this does not work as described in the field manual. The double assault is who ever has the most, same with head on.

    I believe the Squad member to SL communications are very good from the time i have been here at TG these four months.
    However, the SL to CO communications are lacking in my view.

    Feel free commit and add more tips and such that u feel would be prudent.
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