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Cherry Platoon leader questions

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  • Cherry Platoon leader questions

    Currently in O.C.S., i have an important question before the final exams.

    I know that on double assault maps, the team with the most flags will bleed the enemy.

    On the Pure Assault maps, one team has a UCB no flags (assaulters), while the other team has nearly all the flags and no UCB (the defenders) The field manual reads that once the assaulters take one flag their initial bleed stops. I have noticed this no to be true.

    Could i get some intel on how this works. Is is it just like the double assault maps? Who ever has the majority of flags has bleed? Does the UCB factor into the equation?

    It is important for the C.O. in their initial deployment to know what would stop bleed as an assaulter or would keep enemy bleed as a defender.

    Thanks Champ.
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    Re: Cherry Platoon leader questions

    I believe we have made some changes in the way bleed works on the TG servers, but other than that, I don't know the details.


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      Re: Cherry Platoon leader questions

      Once upon a time, I read somewhere that for Assault maps, the assaulting force needs 50% + 1 flag to get bleed. On the dual assault maps, I do believe it is a simple majority.

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        Re: Cherry Platoon leader questions

        For a map like karkand where there are 4 flags on each side, the USMC stops bleeding when they get 4 flags. At that point i dont believe either team will bleed. As someone already mentioned, in a double assault map its just a simple majority, and i think that holds true in a stock map that isnt TG modded. A good way to check if either team is bleeding as a CO is to get out of the CO screen and just look at the tickets' colors.

        Tacmod is slightly different and i still dont understand why its the way it is in TM. Something to do with who the assaulting team is or something...asch or duke would explain better.


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          Re: Cherry Platoon leader questions

          I think that in tacmod the assaulting team needs a majority + 1?
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