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Infantry kit useage PoE2

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  • Infantry kit useage PoE2


    I would like to do some brain storming on how to play kits on infantry maps.
    One day the big Z will be more an infantry but right now it is heavy vehicle/armor.

    There will be several types of mind sets for each player to be in.

    Movement to an away point

    Movement to an away point when taking random fire.

    Assaulting a flag when undeteced.

    Assaulting a flag when dectected and being fired upon.

    Trail watcher


    Defense when the enemy is pushing on the flag

    The kits

    Due to its great distance, this is a good kit for the SL.
    Its position should be behind friendlies.
    Its claymores should be in spots were the enemy will flank u from
    The sniper should never run unless in real trouble.
    The sniper is a great flank protector for the squad. Meaning, when friendlies are crawling to their away point they need to look out for enemy who stumble across them. The visibiltiy when laying down is little in certain spots.
    Getting on the flag is a no no, your sweeping the perimeter when this is going on.

    This player should be on point when in colum formation. The squad as got to have a couple of guys who can risk it all. Doing so will break down the enemy defense.

    The assault kit player, when the time is right will need to put his #$% on the line to apprach get the flag.

    With their smoke cabilites, they should put it down either for tricking the enemy or infact smoking the flag. Seldom should the smoke be used for actual squad concelment when far from a flag and the enemy does not know of your presecne.

    The kit should spend some time knelling when on point.

    Running to an away point will give u a way like no other.

    Based upon friendlies on the flag, this kit will need to know when to make the charge to the flag and when to retreat.
    If friednlies are coming run and gun. Sure u will get wasted but u will perhaps take one down, causeing their medic to go into action, plus this allows the enemy to apparach the flag, and leave their prowned positions. Also, while the enemy is reloading, friendies will have a better chance of taking them out. Bottum line, the flag is not going to turn unless someone gets on it.

    When defending, make sure the squad has plenty of rounds.

    When moving into position, be careful when spaming amo, this could give u away.

    When defending, set up your gun over a little noll to watch the forest.

    When taking random fire, provide suppresive fire while the squad moves out.

    When close to the flag, u may need to assist the assault kit when crashing the flag.

    YOur position in the squd should be near the front and to the flanks.

    When close to the flag, u many need to cover the assault kt when they are crashing the flag.

    U may also need to help out with the assult.

    Staying close to the SPec ops when they are frag tossing is needed. Remember not to spam bags. Of course u could just shut your big trap hole when giving them out. JK.

    First off, U have got to make life or death dissions. U can't revive everybody. If someone is far off and u hear rounds coming in. U most likly will lose another ticket to the team if you try to help your friend out.
    YOur position in the squad is either in the middle or in the back.

    YOur primary function is to prevent friends from dieing so if the enemy knows your location and the bullets start flying, spam health and stay low.

    When reviveing players that were sniped, the smoke placed near the friend should be used.

    YOur the SLs best friend, keep him alieve by sticking close, if they are sniper and playing off, still get a little closer, but stay low

    Stay low, u can't go down.

    When moving, try to crotch often.

    Revives should be to used for players who are close, and never run out to get someone who is dieing near the enemy.

    With more than one medic, there must be communication one who is aidding who. One person goes down, two medics run to help. Half the squad does not have a weapon pointed somewere.
    Although this is more tactics rather than playing the kits, if u split the squad up in two, things will work better. Bravo medic revives bravo leader and bravo two. Alpha medic revives the SL and Alpha two.
    When a medic goes down, they say their fireteam name follwed by medic down, giving the other medic/s the awarness of their medical teams functional capacity.

    Help with smoke on the flag if the situation warrents it. {the enemy is shotting at your friends appraching the flag. } toss smoke standing at best. JUmping and tossing smoke is not a good idea.

    Being the middle of the squad, u are a good suppresive fire kit, u also can see a wider picture from the assaults that are more tunnel visioned. This type of vision will give your SL good intel on what is happening at the front lines.

    Never, take point, never take point, never take point.

    Try not to get on the flag when it is still belongs to the enemy, wait till it turns neutral before approching.


    With the close quaters action, crawling will be good for u.

    u will be similar to assault in your actions

    Spec Ops

    behind point man and staying low.

    tossing frags is your past time. With such grass cover the enemy will not see were they are coming from. Try not to jump and throw frags.

    Also, when the point man starts taking fire, try to sharp shot the enemy that reveal their position with mussle fire.

    Your C4 has good offensive measures as well as defensive.


    Good for cleaning out rooms and bunkers.

    Really do not see pupose for this on Fallen, Orel is needed to destroy vehicles.

    This thread is built to brainstorm on how to better play these kits.
    Feel free to post your ideas and what works and does not work.
    I get frustrated when kits are not played to their specs.
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    Re: Infantry kit useage PoE2

    Nice advice about medic. I just wanted to add if you want a medic to revive you, stay away from water. ;)
    Slow is Smooth. Smooth is Fast!


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      Re: Infantry kit useage PoE2

      Thanks champ.

      I see a spectrum on how to role play these kits.

      At one of the spectrum is the assault.
      At the other end is the sniper.
      In the middle their is the medic
      Meaning, The assualt should run the most (to crash the flag and dogeing fire) and never when the situation is cold) the sniper should run the least. The assault should be the closes to the flag were as the sniper should be the farthest from the flag. The assault should put their #%& on the line to put presure on the flag, the sniper should conserve tickets by keeping low and providing eyes on the flanks and sweeping the perimeter when the flag is contested.
      The medic should be in the middle of the squad, thus inbetween the assault and sniper. During all out assautls on the flag, like the sniper they will not hit the flag initially, but wait to it has turned white and the C4 that is to come has passed, after this they role the dice and secure the flag. (note: if the squad has two medics, one can still crash the flag with the assault, the other stays back). Also, the medic is reactionary, they try to heal the squad rather than heading for the enemy. As a medic and u see some guys, stay low and report this, do not focus on them, and do not take point, ever. Like the sniper, your shotting moderate to long range shots.
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