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  • Tac Mod. Operation Compton Tactics.

    Tac Mod Operation Compton Tactics. With a recommended change.

    I have checked out this map with the Tac Mod set up in order to get a good feel for the map and how to best defend and assault.

    Straight out of Compton:

    If you have heard Rick b and moan about wanting the platoon to do more battles were the entire team acts as one force once, then you have heard him say it twelve maybe thirteen times. {This is opposed to the team divided into say four groups and holding different locations that are quite a bit apart, and besides having a friendly flank have little to do with the defense of other flags. Very common in the BF2 games.}

    IMO, Compton is the only map that comes close to forcing the teams to work as one large unit either being defense or assault to get the job done.

    If your not familiar with Compton it is a no vehicle map were the Chinese team is attacking a US controlled base (three flags 16; four flags 32) that is somewhat fortified with trenches and bunkers.
    China must travel about 200 meters to get to the fire bases that nearly has the same longitude, but are separated by about 82 meters.
    1. Fire Base North (being more separated from the others and a tic closer east)
    2. Fire Base Middle (does not have barbed wire or a trench in-between the flag and the enemy UCB)
    3. Fire Base South.

    The uniqueness of Compton is that each flag is again nearly lined up in a straight line. This brings about a characteristic that gives both opponent teamís strengths and weakness.

    16 player map.
    One Chinese UCB. Three CB. This strategy is biased toward this set up.

    32 player map.
    One Chinese UCB. Four CB. (The fourth one is behind Fire base Middle.)

    64 player map.

    Bleed with 16 player map.

    When the Chinese gets two flags white, the Corp starts to bleed.
    When the USMC has two flags, the Chinese will bleed.
    ¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨_______________________________________ _________________

    The Run Down: Note: this is set up as the map is now.

    1. The shear width of the map that China has to work with is spread out over 360 meters. {Meaning, that they have that much of a gap to get through to get into the Corpís perimeter, essentially zero choke points to worry about before getting to the perimeter}
    2. The Corpís trenches stop at both north and south allowing unimpeded access to the rear flanks. Very little cover though
    3. The Chinese are immune to the barbed wire. They only need to jump over it, running into it does zero damage.
    4. Being the attacking force, they are level with the Corp base, and in fact have a little rise when they first start out. Being on level ground is a huge advantage to the assaulters, allowing them to exploit the tall grass.
    5. The flag orbs are at least 22 meters in radius. This tremendous distance allows China not to worry about penetrating the perimeter of the base. Instead they can work on the flag from outside the wire. This pro is their triumph card.
    6. The China assault kit is superior.

    1. The ground that China must cover has very little cover.
    2. The Corp Support kit primary weapon can put down a lot of bullets with descent range mowing them down.
    3. The Corp Sniper rifle has good range and good impact damage.
    4. The Corp M4 has good range
    5. The M16 has descent range.

    1. In the initial deployment, the enemy is located eyes east. This enables the Corp to train their rifles all in one direction.
    2. The primary weapons of many of the Corp kits are made for long range with a good magazine load.
    3. The enemy must cross a fairly open area before getting to the perimeter of the bases.
    4. Two flags will allow the Corp to continue to bleed the enemy.

    1. The base does not have the high ground on the battlefield to the east. In addition, the high grass outside their trench will cause them to struggle with seeing the enemy. However, there are some sweet spots that do allow the Corp to be low to the ground with a good view to a kill.
    2. Perhaps one of the biggest cons the Corp must deal with is the fact that they have three flags on the front lines. North Base is out of rifle range for defending South base and vise averse (snipers can still do damage). If the enemy concentrates on a either or flag, the Corp will be down defenders.
    3. Once the enemy is able to take a flag, they are actually inside the base. Unlike most of the other flag caps on BF2, this cap will give China assess to the Corpís base, allowing movement inside the trenches and bunkers and the ability to flank the Corpís west
    4. Lousy barbed wire does zero damage to the enemy.
    5. The worst Con is that the flag orb encompasses the outside of the perimeter. Therefore, China does not need to expend warriors to get inside the wire and deal with the inside perimeter defense of the Corp.
    6. The shear width of the map does not allow the Corp any choke points to maximize on.
    7. All things even, the Corp needs to be better managed than China. This type of defense will take coordination. Screwing up on early and allowing the enemy a flag will do you in.

    __________________________________________________ _______

    Tactics: !!!! These tactics are written for a map that has a changed flag orb radius. The radius now allows the enemy to be inside the orb when they have not even fought into the trenches of the base.!!!! IMO, the current map radius should be reduced by two on all flags. Currently they are about 22 meters in radius. I recommend about 12 meters in radius. There is plenty of cover once you get on the flag orb at both of these ranges. Therefore, C4 and grenades are negated somewhat. !!!!

    __________________________________________________ _________________


    The Engineer kit has no purpose on the assault, long range weapons are needed. However, once inside the perimeter, this selection is warranted in close quarters action.

    The AT kit is frowned upon due to the moderate range of the primary weapon. Furthermore, due to the weak splash damage of the AT round, this makes the kit more unattractive. However, in certain circumstances, this kit could be needed to clean out a bunker.

    Sniper: Excellent choice to pick off defenders who do not seek excellent cover. This player should time their shots well because all of them should be one shot one kills (the enemies headís will be exposed most of the time).
    Claymores are dead weight. Smoke can help as they move in with an assaulting force.

    Medic: The necromancer of the team, the warriors using this kit should stay with the SL and keep the smoke going heavy. Remember, revive and heal first, shot second. A must kit when deploying. At least one per 6 man squad.

    Special Forces: This kit is somewhat weak. The low amour and weak punch of the primary weapon reduces itís attractiveness. The C4 like the claymore is useless when outside the wire. However, once inside the perimeter this kit greatly improves in its worth. The grenades and C4 can be used well by a clever warrior.

    Support: Like the Sniper, this kit is needed in the Initial deployment. Although lacking in ammo when compared to the Corp, this primary weapon can put down a fair amount of suppressive fire on the defenders.

    Assault: The must have kit of the assault. The body armor, and ample ammo, in addition to the automatic setting, proves its worth. The grenades and flash bangs are incredibly useful when the perimeter attack is being engaged.


    Squads: Recommend small numbered squads for increase spawn points (4-5 manned).

    1. Assault (assault kit/ medic/ )
    2. Suppressive fire (support/ assault)
    3. Sniper (sniper)
    These three squads are what is recommend to engage the enemy. With each one having a purpose they each greatly help the team achieve their goal.

    As mentioned in the beginning of the essay, the Assaulting team must work together as a unit to stop bleed.

    The Middle Base should not be engaged at all. (This will be explained more thoroughly when looking at the Corpís defense.)

    Instead chose one of the flags Polar Regions. Doing so will allow one of your flanks to be free from harm (exploiting the out of bounds marker). This also will allow you to be out of range of the defenders at the opposite flag and focus your fire power in one direction. This will also improve your odds with regards to the man to man assault defense ratio.

    The polar flag attack tactic is designed to get you past the wire and inside the perimeter and engaging the flag. It is not recommend to completely flank the enemy. There is very little cover at both ends and would be very dangerous. Instead engage the flag orb. The assault must be coordinated with suppressive fire or a sudden rush that begins after a sudden kill in enemy defenders and yours spawning in. Expect to take casualties, but with superior numbers and good kit usage the job is doable. A fairly simple plan indeed.

    Once inside the base with an established flag:

    Establish the western flank in order to begin the second assault and repulse the perhaps enemy attackers. Exploit the 80-100 meter flag distance by rushing in under the cover of the low ground once all the team has been nearly spawned in and adequate suppressive fire is set up.

    Once the second flag is set up, the enemy will bleed.

    When getting your second flag, try not to get the middle flag. This allows the enemy to have a flag that has no enemy spawn points to its rear. Instead, try to trap the enemy in the middle (divide and conquer).

    Also, It would may be prudent to have the smallest assault squad to go under cover stealth like to get one of the polar flags that is not being hit by the vast majority of the team. This tactic may catch the defenders sleeping or who have their rifles fixed in a different direction or are supporting a flag under assault. The down side to this being less men crashing the flag on the main assault.

    If you keep bleeding without a flag, the defenders are doing a good job, they most likely are looking for a polar attack. For this reason going to the middle may be the only means of getting inside the perimeter. There is no trench to slow you down put you would be flanked north and south by the enemy and still bleeding.

    Defense: Initial deployment is the most critical time for the Corp. Failure here will be very damming.
    Being conservative with ammo is very important because you will be using more ammo here than most likely any other defensive role on BF2.


    Engineer. The kit is not recommended on initial deployment because of its weak long range of abilities. However, once the enemy penetrates the wire, grab this one as you leave your bunker to do some close quarters damage.

    AT. The kit is virtually useless. Like before, may be warranted under certain circumstances.

    Sniper: Awesome snipers are wanted here big time. The sniper will feel like they are on rapid fire with all the enemy sapers coming in their direction. It is imperative to use your claymore in location that the enemy will trespass. A great spot is just inside the eastern perimeter. There are some great spots for the M24 to set up shot. Find them, and your good to go. Your visibility is actually fairly good so shoot start and true!

    Medic: The M16 provides a descent long range asset. However, do not be too focused on the enemy. Keeping the big guns and the sharp shooters up is your first priority. No more than one in each 6 man defense squad.

    Special Forces: After putting down your C4 in a manner that complements the rest of your squad, find a nice spot and go single fire and have at it. Careful not to get wasted needlessly, you posses a potent defensive measure with your C4.

    Support: With the awesome ammo amount and decent range, this weapon will wound and mane while the sniper finishes them off. Remember to through down about two ammo packs before setting up. {it takes about 10 seconds for the ammo to reload so be quick the enemy is fast approaching, and you need to find a good spot. Also, remind your squad mates to be conservative with their ammo and not walk over the packs if they still have half of their ammo. } Your role is to put down big time fire on the enemy as they approach, not spent a lot of time throwing out ammo.

    Assault: This kit is out shined by the spec ops. However, those who are ďDie HardĒ assault kit personnel, feel free to bring it attacking a lost flag.


    Squads: larger squads for better communications (6 manned).

    1. Defenders (medic/ support/ spec ops/)
    2. Sniper (sniper)

    These are the two squads recommend in order to optimize their kitís defensive abilities. The assault is not recommend simply because the M4 has better aim/distance and the more C4 that can be packed around the flag orb and trench choke points the better.

    As mentioned before, the Defenders must have their stuff together to get the job done.

    Defend all flags. Make them pay for it. No matter how many players are on your team, divide them equally and keep the flags defended.

    {Hereís were IMO, the team tactic plays in} Line formation (standing shoulder to shoulder but spread out accordingly) eyes facing east. The open land in-between your perimeter and the enemy UCB is your kill zone, a super huge one at that, but due to your rifles facing one direction, you can put down a lot of fire. The idea is to spread out and dress and cover so that you have a battle line drawn on the HUD. Note, there should be nearly very little distinction to what dot is in what squad in this team formation. The CO can dress and cover as he/she sees fit based on reported enemy movement and zooming.

    Defend the Middle flag the weakest. There are a couple of reasons for this
    1. If your going to lose a flag, the one that allows you to keep your enemy in the middle and protects your rear flanks should be the one.
    2. Imagine the platoon defensive line formation now. What area of the map can the defenders saturate the kill zone with the most bullets?
    If you said, the middle your right. Those in the middle have a direct line of fire already. Those at the polar regions of the map can adjust their fire 45 degrees and actually make a cross fire with their friends from again the opposite polar region!!
    Because of this, have your polar regions more populated. If the enemy makes a push for the middle, both regions can dress and cover in the middle and blow them away something fierce. Remember defenders, be weary of the enemy hitting one of your polar regions with extreme prejudice and with their entire team.

    Do not go out side the wire at all when defending.

    Actually, it is recommended that the close quarterís defenders stay inside the west of the actual flag orb radius. The east side of the flag orb radius is your inside perimeter kill zone. Here, claymores/C4 are set well before the enemy begins their attack.
    {When playing support remember to place ammo west of the flag pole. Also, when a person joins the server, tell them to stay to the west of the flag orb.} Most of the time you spawn in on the west side, but every now and again you spawn to the east side of the inside perimeiter.

    Snipers should be west of the orb and back in order to still have good shots at the enemy who are crossing the perimeter. Sniper squad, stay somewhat in the middle of the base in order to exploit your long range weapons in the two polar regions of the base.

    To the west of the flags, there is a really long route that will allow easy sprinting access to the polar regions of the map with splendid cover from enemy bullets fast approaching from the east. Do not get in-between the support and sniper bullets. No fun. Take the above avenue to support the lines quickly.

    Support kits try to stay in grenade throwing range of the flag orb.

    Commander, listen up:
    1. Make sure your squads are in a good line formation.
    2. Keep those supply crates falling to the west of the flag orb.
    3. Spot the enemy from their initial deployment and have your platoon shift north and south accordingly based upon their push.
    4. Use the ďdemolishes needed hereĒ, icon for your squads to put down suppressive fire on the enemy.

    If you lose a flag (hopefully it is the middle flag, bring the sound and the fury by wasted them quickly on two flanks). They are still bleeding so still defend aggressively. We are assuming the enemy is fixing to attack you so destroy them as quickly as possible. The flags are fairly close (if you stand in-between Middle and South, it is just 42 meters from one pole to the other. North and Middle is 69 meters).
    Look out for a flanking maneuvers commander and shift fire when necessary. Remember, they still can spawn at the UCB.

    If you lose two flags youíre bleeding, fix it. The enemy has the option to assault your last flag and prevent your from making an attack if they press you hard. Keep a good squad defending your last flag and have your snipers go assault and focus your team on a single flag.

    In conclusion, I believe the flag orb radius should be divided in two in order to balance out the advantage the assault team has.
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    (LCDR) Marcinko_R. (BF2 PR .509) Commander

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    Re: Tac Mod. Operation Compton Tactics.

    Excellent Post Ric. Well written and makes sense as you lay it out. Careful analysis and thoughtful format. Thanks !
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