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Tank tactics Pt.1

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  • Tank tactics Pt.1

    Tank-tactics when coming under fire.

    It seems to be a lack of tank/apc tactics in this section of the forums, and for those driving around in tanks I intend to share a tactic that I learned during my service regarding how to behave while coming under fire from enemy tanks/Apc´s.

    The basic principle behind this tactic is to not engage the enemy if they have the drop on you. This tactic work best if there is a number of tanks advancing in a line and/or wedge-formation. Also, if an enemy tank engage you, then chances are that the driver of that tank have a better firing position than you and you need to counter that and have the other driver start moving, and possibly leaving his/her firing position. Also, if a group of tanks is aiming for a certain objective/flag etc, then combat should be avoided and threats like explained above simply by-passed.

    The tactics include four steps:


    Stop, as in getting a grip of the situation and locating the threat.
    Shoot, as in simply returning fire in order to disrupt the enemy fire.
    Smoke, as in obstructing the line of sight of the enemy and to conceal ones own movement.
    Reverse, as in back away from the threat and under the cover of smoke move around to the right or left (depending on the situation) in order to simply just by-pass the threat or in order to flank the threat to come in a better position of destroying it.

    I often use this method on tank-maps (open fields etc) and it is mostly successful when seeking to avoid a threat and in order to slip away to a better position. In my opinion so should one-on-one tank-fire fights be avoided, since if the enemy hit with his first shot, chances is that he will be the one taking you out. I have yet to see it used by a group of tanks, but I do not see how it really would be any different.

    Any comments, questions or other elaborated ideas on this?:)
    The Royal Lifeguards



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