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Urban warfare - Tanks & infantry cooperation

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  • Urban warfare - Tanks & infantry cooperation

    A fact that is quite obvious is that the Urban battlefield isnīt a favourable terrain for tanks to fight in. It is one of the few environments on the battlefield where infantry can come close to armoured vehicles and take them out without tanks and Apcīs being able to do much to counter the infantry. Armoured vehicles require some range in order to be really effective against infantry due to their lack of mobility.

    I have often seen in some maps that tanks or Apcīs roll up to a flag in order to capture it, only to have it taken out by a small group of infantry – but also by a single AT-solider that is firing from a window or from a corner of a building. Some times so do I agree with that using tanks for this is something that just has to be done due to various reasons. But as a principle do I view such use of armour as a waste due to the dangers involved.

    While operating on streets and in an urban environment so should armoured vehicles always work together with infantry. Infantry is the main tool in such terrain and armoured vehicles must understand that they in those scenarios are more or less fire support for the infantry and need to operate behind the [in cover of] infantry. The ideal scenario would be that tanks prior of rolling onto streets that are under, at least, partial friendly control call for infantry support. In the perfect world/game so should some 2-4 tanks working together have a jeep or other infantry vehicle following them and supporting them with infantry support in different situations. If a squad consist of six members and two of them are in a tank, the remaining four should be in a jeep or similar vehicles in order to keep up with the tanks and to quickly be able to leave the jeep etc with the purpose of leading/scouting an advance up a street etc. Infantry supporting tanks etc on streets will have the ability to quickly engage hostile infantry that is threatening the tanks.

    There is also the possibility that an entire squad have placed themselves in armoured vehicles [ie. Armoured Squad]. Unless that squad is fighting in open terrain with a clear view against hostile armour and infantry so should an all-infantry squad support the armour. Even in CQB with little room to move around in so will two squads working together [infantry leading the advance and screening the armour, and the armour providing fire support for the infantry] in that way be an awesome force and very difficult to counter/repel.

    When advancing up a street, the ideal is to have the bulk of the infantry up in front of the column given that *most* enemies will be trigger-happy and actually engage the its target head on and not let it pass. If the infantry in the lead advance on both sides of the street some 30-50 meters ahead of the tanks so will they be able to scout out threats and give the armour time to prepare and learn of the coming situation in advance. If also the leading infantry is fired upon so will it be very easy for the armour to roll up and support the infantry from behind. If possible so should also some infantry be located at the rear of the column, protecting the armour of attacks from the rear.

    If there is also infantry supporting the armour so will the team have a better ability to clear out obstacles (such as mines). Many tank-driver do play as engineer and have the ability to clear mines themselves, but that require that they leave the tank – which isnīt really an optimal solution. Supporting infantry consisting of:
    - Support (to re-supply both the armour and the infantry).
    - Engineer (to repair armour and clear mines, saving the tank crews from leaving their vehicles).
    - Medic (to revive/heal casualties)
    - An a fourth solider, with a rather free choice of kit depending on the situation).

    This is not really as much tactics as it is views of how infantry and armour should work together in urban terrain. Please feel free to add to this with ideas and views of your own. I think that everything that can improve the tactical understanding in TG is something positive.
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