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Defending in Urban terrain Pt.1

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  • Defending in Urban terrain Pt.1

    Some more ideas on Urban warfare, given that some more city-maps will be available for PoE with the new map-pack this weekend.

    Defending in Urban terrain.

    Urban terrain do always favour the defending side, given that the defenders can meet the attackers. As we all know so do an urban environment provide good cover and many locations for effective ambushes. Any defender should always, in a primary stage, seek to ambush the attacking force in predetermined locations/kill zones.

    An attacking force, especially one including armour or other vehicles, should be allowed to roll on to the street. As a defender to engage such an enemy while they are still approaching [with some vague purpose of denying the attacker access to the city/village] will more or less negate the advantages a defender have. The attacking force will, coming under fire during their approach, will likely be able to determine where the fire is coming from and start to drive shell after shell into buildings while their infantry advance. This is not good and will in most cases only cause losses on the defending side.

    How ever, since this is a game and many people treat it as such, so is there the option to only target the enemy infantry and remove them as a threat. Chances are quite high the drivers in the other teams vehicles will disregard that they lack supporting infantry; continue to blast a couple of buildings for a short while and then roll into the village/city with an almost disregard to their own safety. If they do that against a prepared defender so will they not be able to survive for long.

    Now on to a valid tactic, that can work fine even on a squad level. I will use the following scenario in order to make this simple. One team is holding a village that has some streets etc. The enemy is attacking from the south and is aiming for an objective placed to the north inside the village. Any attack from the south have to advance a bit inside the village in order to reach their goal. Rather than the defending side taking up positions in the outskirt of the village in order to defend it from there, so should a place of ambush be decided on and located a bit into the village. As a defender, we will want to limit the options of the enemy, and also limit their ability to move.

    Since an enemy standing still, especially armour, pose as an easier target so should the first objective for the defenders to force the attackers to halt. This is easily done by simply placing a row of mines across the street [if possibly two rows] which will force any vehicles to stop. C4 should also have been placed on both sides of the street, leading from the mines and down the street towards the direction the enemy is expected to come from with some 25 meters between each pack. Given signal, those C4:rs are to be detonated. This serves three purposes:
    1) Damage on vehicles
    2) Damage on potential enemy infantry
    3) Confuse and chock the enemy

    The C4 are of course only to be triggered by order from the SL, and should also serve as the signal to engage the enemy.

    If there is a single squad ambushing an enemy, the ideal is to have 3 men on each side of the street.

    SL – Medic
    SM1 – AT
    SM2 – Support
    SM3 – AT
    SM4 – Support / (assault rifle if SM2 can leave a couple of ammo-packs for SM3).
    SM5 – Spec Ops.

    The players with AT-kits will be responsible for placing mines and then to take up good firing positions [if possible on roofs on each side of the street]. The support-kits are also to place themselves on each side of the street and have the task of providing ammo for the AT-kits and to place fire upon enemy infantry. It is best if some distance is kept between the support and AT. The Spec Ops-kit, other than dealing with the C4 should try to be at the rear of an enemy column. With the silenced weapon so will he/she have the ability to target enemy infantry without being detected – since that most fire will come from other directions. The SL place him/herself from which it can observe [and also revive/heal] in order to give further orders, and provide the squad a place to spawn.

    What I find important, and really the basic of a tactic like this is to force the enemy to halt and then open fire from two directions. If the enemy isn΄t halted and can move both forward and back so will they be able to drive straight trough the ambush and also be more difficult to hit.

    If the defending fire only come from one direction so will the ambushed party be able, after some initial confusion, to defend itself more organized and only engage the threat from one direction. If they are fired upon from two directions so will they both be more confused, but also have difficulties defending themselves as a team.

    If you have any ideas, comments, observations etc, please add to the discussion. :)
    The Royal Lifeguards



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