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Defending in Urban terrain Pt.2

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  • Defending in Urban terrain Pt.2

    Defending Urban terrain Pt.2

    When, as an infantry squad, defending urban terrain so should the squad-members always seek to take up their position as high up as possible in buildings and other constructions. Given the fact that an attacking force will in most cases move on a street level so should the priority always be to obtain the tactical advantage of higher ground.

    Roofs and upper floors in buildings offer both good points of observation as well as good firing positions. Roofs and upper floors in buildings are also easier to defend from hostile infantry than the ground floor. True, it is more difficult to fall back and withdraw from roofs and upper levels, but the general idea is that the defending sides position should be so good that they will destroy and attacking force in a short and brutal ambush.

    If a defender has positioned itself inside buildings and on roofs so will it require much firepower and soldiers on the ground for the attacker to deal with the defenders. An important aspect of being as high up as possible is that tanks and APC´s can not elevate their cannons enough in order to be effective [given that they are within a certain radius). The higher up defending players can position themselves, the better. Windows located on the second floor can be reached by a hand grenade thrown from the street quite easy, so if you can position yourself on the third, or even perhaps the fourth, floor so will you make it much more difficult for an enemy throwing a hand grenade to get it inside the window.

    Armoured vehicles should be targeted, from a perspective from a roof/window [above], in an angle of 45-90 degrees. Armoured vehicles will be more or less unable to return fire against infantry engaging them that way. Since any armoured vehicle will have to move in order to target a roof or window so will there be sufficient time for, as an example, AT-infantry to change the position and take cover. Defending infantry, that has enough time, should both plan and scout a secondary firing position [based on the tactic of not engaging a target from the same place too long]. If in a building with more than two floors, these positions should be located on different floors.

    In my opinion so is the threat from tanks and APC´s a minor one if defending soldiers are inside houses and on the roofs (given that such vehicles are not on some distance). The threat come from attacking infantry. How ever, clearing out houses in an urban environment is a very bloody business. Defence of buildings, or should I say control, is best done by controlling the stairs. If you are located on the second floor and an attacker is on the first floor, but can not negotiate the stairs, the enemy is of little real threat to you. It is true that an attacker can throw both smoke and hand-grenades up to the floor you are located on – but so can you. A defender that throw a number of grenades down the stairs will get a couple of kills if the enemies are there, and it will also send the message that you – as a defender – know that they are there and that you intend to defend the stairs. Even if it is a game so will no one want to be the first one to storm up the stairs if there is a proned player with a support-kit guarding the stairs.

    If possible so should also claymores [if there are snipers available in the squad/team] be placed. The easy way would of course be to place claymore direct at the entrance of the building, at the doorway, and by that simply denying hostile infantry access to the building. I don’t say that this is wrong, since there is a high chance that that enemy infantry either moving about on the street outside, or trying to enter the building, will get killed by the claymore. I am though saying that there is a better way.

    Stairs and such in PoE-buildings are very often placed a bit inside the building. For maximum effect so do I recommend that claymores are placed inside the buildings in such way that they cover the stairs [be careful so that you don’t blow yourself up], or on the lower part of the stairs. The idea is that we want enemy infantry to enter the ground floor and head for the stairs, only to trigger the claymore once they reach the stairs. As I see it so is there a good chance that the claymore, when triggered in such way, will kill a higher number of enemy infantry [based on the notion that any smart player will not try to clear out a building him/herself) that is following in the tracks of the first soldier/player. Using this method will bring several advantages:
    - A higher number of dead enemies (rather than having only one enemy killed in the doorway).
    - It will give the defenders (located higher up in the building) a heads up that enemies are attacking their position is being attacked, allowing them to prepare defence of the stairs.
    - The killed enemy soldiers/players will have the claymore fresh in memory when respawning and will probably be very cautious if they decide to attack again – if they attack again.

    A similar method can be used with C4:rs [as a defensive measure]. If you are a fire-team, or a squad located in a building, or building next to each other, then [if possible] have a Spec-Ops SM place C4 on the bottom floor of the building(s). If placed correctly, a number of C4-packs ought to be able to literary blow out the entire floor, depending on the size of the building. If the squad becomes aware that enemy infantry has entered the building and is on the floor beneath the fire-team or squad, then simply trigger the charges destroy the threat. Once that is done, it ought to be quite easy to the SM to re-supply from a support-SM and plant new charges.

    The key of winning engagements in an urban environment is to slow the enemy down. If possible pin the enemy down totally. If the enemy only can advance towards the flags in a slow pace, so will that give the own team [and especially the CO] more time assign orders to the squads and also to plan the defence. A CO that actually have a decent amount of time to understand the situation [rather than having to always make split-second decisions] will be much more effective, which in turn will make the squads more effective. While defending, always seek to delay the enemy as much as possible. If the defenders also extremely stubborn and manage to stay alive [trough med-packs and reviving] so are chances that they will receive an increased amount of enemy attention, with more enemy players arriving at the scene [players usually let some sort of pride/ego govern their movements]. This can of course be bad new for the defending squad, but for the team as a whole is it something positive since it can then switch positions relatively safe.

    If a defending squad manage to actually pin enemy infantry down [al though not perhaps inflicting them much losses] so is that to count as a success. A pinned down enemy that is not moving is of little threat to the team. What ever you do as a defender, do not try to close in on the enemy in order to kill them. If the enemy becomes pinned down so do they more or less only have two alternatives – attacking you or withdrawing. If I were to suggest anything else in a situation like that so would it be to call in artillery on the area where the enemy is located in and kill them that way. It do though require that the player manning the artillery is some what skilled since the marginal for error will not be to great.

    If you have anything you want to add, point out flaws or suggest yourself to these tactics, please post it so that these tactics can be improved.
    The Royal Lifeguards

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    Re: Defending in Urban terrain Pt.2

    The only 'flaw' I see is the placement of claymores in ones own flag area.

    It seems to me lately we have had a number of people on the server who will place claymores in a extremely tactical position covering the flag and its approaches........unfortunately the places are also our and our teammates spawn locations. If you can claymore a location without putting your own team at more risk than the enemies then get to it.

    More a game mechanic problem with a good tactic then a problem with the tactic itself.




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