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Attacking into Urban terrain – Pt.1 – Infantry

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  • Attacking into Urban terrain – Pt.1 – Infantry

    I would first like to point out that this article is to be seen as a work in progress. Much of what I am trying to explain is methods that I´ve trained in RL during service. Not everything is easy to do in the game, but can require some alternations in order to make it into something easy and quick to perform in the game. I will probably also make some changes to the text, and also update it, when I have had the oppertunity to look at the new maps and especially the urban terrain that they contain [refering to PoE in that case].

    Since this also is a work in progress, so would I appriciate feed back and suggestions from those who are interested. I am quite sure that I have overlooked a couple of things. I am hoping that with a constructive "debate" around methods and tactics so will we be able to develop certain tactics that is easy to learn and use by the TG-community [since the purpose of this is to have TG-members chock and overrun players from other communities & clans].

    As infantry when attacking into urban terrain, without support from armoured vehicles, so a main priority be to move undetected and gain entrance to the urban terrain without having to fight for it. As well as buildings and streets offer good defensive positions for the defending team so do the same kind of terrain offer cover for attacking infantry. Infantry that is acting on its own should always seek to by-pass enemy positions when entering urban terrain (unless the objective is to clear out enemy infantry guarding the outskirts of urban terrain). Infiltration is the keyword.

    Defending infantry will usually expect to be attacked from a certain direction and will also have positioned themselves accordingly. If attacking infantry have been able to slip into urban terrain without the enemy being aware of it, so will they be able to attack from an unexpected direction which also will bring the element of surprise on to their side.

    Large streets or other obvious routes should be avoided if the infantry is acting alone. Urban terrain offer plenty of alternative routes trough back alleys. There is also the alternative of going trough houses etc that is located next to a street. It is true that the infantry can in that case step into an enemy claymore etc, but buildings offer good cover. If the attacking infantry also were to come under fire from a trigger-happy enemy so will it be easier for the squad to defend itself from inside a house than out on the street. Being inside a house will also give the squad the ability to withdraw relatively safe, and without the enemy detecting it right away. Defending infantry must be pretty stupid in order to charge an enemy located in a house under such circumstances, hence one can expect that infantry that is withdrawing from a house will have some time to slip away – unless they want to fight it out.

    Squad set-up [as I recommend].

    - Supportkit
    A squad fighting in urban terrain will be in demand of a lot of ammo. Being able to provide the squad with that, as well as being able to provide supportive/suppressive fire for the squad so is a SM with this kit a must.
    - Medic
    Quite obvious. A squad fighting, especially in Urban terrain, will suffer casualties and the squad must be able to get those players back into the fight.
    - Spec Ops
    It is the hand grenades that require the squad to have this kit. Hand grenades are to be used against any enemy strong points; be thrown into windows; always be thrown into a room before entering it (if one suspects an enemy presence there). Since most fire fights will be carried out on a short distance so will hand grenades be effective in most scenarios. The close range will also make the Spec Ops primary weapon very leathal.
    - AT-kit
    Even though intended to be used against vehicles so can the Panzerfaust or the RPG be very useful and deadly when shoot into a window or other enemy position. The short ranges will also allow this kit to use its sub-machinegun in an effective way.
    - Assault rifle
    Lethal and accurate in most ranges. With the mounted grenade launchers so will the player be able to target windows and other positions from range.
    - Assualt rifle or Engineer-kit
    A matter of choice. The Engineer shotgun will be in its proper element when clearing out rooms quickly, and without having to aim too much. And since the engineer wont be very effective against enemies further than 10 meters away so will the squad have the ability to deploy smoke [which is always useful] without having to loose any firepower.

    Attacking a building held by enemy infantry.

    Attacking, and capturing, a building that is held by the enemy [ie squad or fireteam] is a rather difficult thing to do. The rule of thumb should be to put as much fire as possible into the target immediately prior to the attack. If the squad intending to capture the building is organized in two fire-teams so should one be responsible of laying down a suppressive fire and cover the approach of the other fire-team. If that is not possible, so should in any case at least a support-player be assigned to that role and keep every single window and door under fire, even though no targets can be seen. Killing the enemy is only secondary of keeping the enemy from showing themselves in the windows [hence being able to detect the attack on the building].

    Grenades and rockets should be thrown into rooms and shot trough windows before entering the building. Smoke, in order to cover the approach of the building, can also be used. The purpose with having the target under constant fire, and with throwing grenades into the building, is to:
    a) Do as much damage as possible
    b) Confuse and disorientate the defenders.

    If an attacker is skilled enough, and dare to risk it a little, so can also smoke grenades be thrown inside building prior of attacking them. That will almost surely make it impossible for any defenders to see anything, and will make any defence very difficult. The same do though apply on the attackers.

    Now, I have previously argued for that stairs should be defended, and there is a possibility that the defenders have placed claymores to cover the stairs. If that is the case, do avoid the stairs and do instead continue with throwing grenades and firing rockets into the windows of the building. If the building is not to large, so will that probably have success after a little while. How ever, if the building is reasonable large [think about the house at “Saw mill” in Orel] with many rooms and several floors and it has to be cleared out so will someone have to take one for the team [since there is no way to move or defuse claymores].

    I do though in most cases imagine that a defender that isn´t following a specific tactic wont have claymores placed to cover stairs etc [since snipers will usually be some place else]. What the infantry assigned with clearing out the house is to do is to rush the stairs in order to reach the top floor. If the fire team is rushing the stairs and there is an enemy in a room on the second floor, simply ignore that player and do only aim for the top floor. Once on the top floor, the objective is then to push the enemies out of the building. The fire team squeeze down, so to speak. The side holding the highest floor will always have the advantage. When the fire team start to squeeze down so do they have to clear out each room. A defender will probably know that “you” are on the top floor of the building, putting the enemy in a position in which he can either stand and fight [which has little chance of success] or try to escape from the building. If the enemies try to escape from the building so will the other fire team [supportive] have an excellent opportunity to gun them down. If the enemy decide to remain and fight it out with the fire team that has taken the top floor so will that meet little success since that fire team will throw/drop a grenade before:
    - Going down to the floor below.
    - Before they enter *any* room.

    That method will either kill any enemy that is either close to the stairs or inside any room, or at least wound the enemy, giving the player who has thrown the grenade an indication that there is an enemy there.

    After a grenade has been thrown into a room and exploded so should it always be checked out. When checking out the room, get away from the doorway as quickly as possible! You will make a perfect target for any enemy inside the room if you stand in the doorway, and you will also block the other members of the fire team. I would recommend that two players check out every room and when they go trough the door take up positions to the left and to the right of the door. If possible in the corners of the room. Shoot at anything suspicious, and do always when coming trough the door shoot a couple of rounds into the corners on the opposite side of the room.

    Clearing out the room can also be done by two players that is using the “You throw, I clear it out”-method. That is that one player throw a grenade inside the room, and immediately upon it exploding do the other player rush inside the room while firing [more or less emptying the clip in a sweep].

    To be updated...
    The Royal Lifeguards

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