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Medics and line of fire.

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  • Medics and line of fire.

    First let me say that I have yet to play with TG in game yet so this is a general gripe and not directed at any of the TG medics.

    It seems that medics revive in some of the worse places, like directly in the line of fire from where I previously got incompacitated causing me to get easily incompacitated again. Or in the middle of an air strike.

    Why is that? For points?

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    Re: Medics and line of fire.

    I would be very surprised if any TG-medics [at least those that I have had the pleasure to encounter] revive anyone for points. But either way, I do believe that such revivals are made without really thinking first and really only driven my the idea of getting people back into the fight. With a rather limited time to revive someone, medics might not really have time to understand from where fire is coming from.

    But in vBF2 and in pubīs, points might very well be the reason.
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      Re: Medics and line of fire.

      If you get knocked down in the line of fire, thats where you have to be revived, theres no way around it. A medic only has 30seconds or so, and if you subtract revive time and transit to the body time thats almost nothing, or at least it's not enough time to clear out an entire enemy squad. Good medics should deploy a smoke screen before reviving. Good squad mates should cover the medic, even going as far as to stand in front of the situation and lay down covering fire. Good revivees should upon revive run into cover for further medical attention.

      I've always wanted to play Project Reality with infinite critically wounded time and no re spawns, and make the defibrillator a limited kit (maybe one per squad?). I can only imagine how that would change game play. If you're out on your own in the middle of no where and get disabled you're going to be in serious trouble. I think it would mean that squads would have to stick closer together, medics would truly have to stay in the rear and use some sort of ambulance system, they would truly not be disposable.


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        Re: Medics and line of fire.

        I would also point out that unless you have a support buddy right close, you only get covering smoke twice. And for us less than uber players, we often can't figure out who nailed you in the 3 or 4 seconds we think we can spare looking.

        I played medic for a full round on Fallen last night, and got what, for me, was alot of revives. I always threw smoke when I had it, and always looked for tangos before diving on the body, but I can't count how many times I still got the rev just to be hammered before the "you'll live buddy..." message even finished.

        If I'm out of smoke I'll still rush a body in the open if I can't see his executioner. A little better than half the time, he was taken out by a long shot, or someone else already tagged the baddie and my time is not wasted. Unfortunately, the rest of the time, the guy I couldn't spot in the grass 10 feet away smokes us both. I freely admit alot of that relates to my moderate skill level, but I still think I was more help than hindrance in the final tally.


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          Re: Medics and line of fire.

          The skinny on being a medic is that you're stuck between trying to revive everyone, or picking safe bets and risking people griping "you were 5 feet away, why didnt you come get me?".

          Heres the big problem that I see from the medic's perspective:
          As a medic, I will frequently dash out into a full crossfire to save a downed teammate. This generally comes with getting shot, sometimes killed, but I usually manage my job. The big problem is movement. Not mine, yours. (you being the person being revived) I cant even begin to count the number of times that I've revived people and they just sit there. BAD IDEA.

          Big rule: I'm not reviving you for score. I'm reviving you so can continue to contribute to squad and team. However, i'm not going to stick around in the open and heal you where you fell because you dont feel like getting a move on. I'm plenty happy to do my job, but I prefer to get to it where I'm not going to get mowed down like so much tall grass by a john deere. So when you get revived, move for cover. FAST.

          The way I play it, if i'm risking myself to save you, I'm doing my job and getting out of the fireline to patch you up. If you think you're superman and can survive without the meds, feel free to stay put and fight, but if you want it, I generally expect you to be right on my heels. When I've got good cover, the medic bag is out and you're gaining health steadily.

          Bottom line is that reviving is only half of my job in keeping you alive. Someone who gets revived and no heals only has a matter of seconds to live. I'm not going to get us both killed because you dont want to run. So for those of you who choose not to follow this, griping at me that I revived you and you died again instantly and I managed to get away scott-free, theres a reason for it and perhaps you should look at yourself before blaming me for not healing you. The goal is to stay alive. People who play for points dont belong in a teamwork-oriented server since thats a purely lone-wolf tactic.


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            Re: Medics and line of fire.

            The bottom line imo is that you have to be REALLY good on pr to be an effective medic. Effective could be defined, I think as saving more tickets then you lose in a general way. I am actually very doubtful that medics on pr can do this on a regular basis.

            There is just so much chance of being shot/grenaded while you are piled on top of each other. Then you have to run to cover, but the injured one probably can't run fast so is doomed to run away at a snail's pace. To top that off you have to spend a good 10 seconds after that healing them up, again being piled up (with often..... :( .....more then one medic) and open to all sorts of deaths. After that maybe the medic can get some ammo to refill his paddles, while another guy is getting ammo near him. Again a big pile of bodies waiting to happen.

            My conclusion is that the less medics you have, the simpler the coordination gets, the more concentration on the enemy you get. You all so get more powerful/versatile weapons for that and maybe body armor. I would keep one medic though for the real easy revives, and when SL has to move rallypoint.

            As for playing medic in PR, I have a lot to learn, but I'd say don't go for it, unless you are absolutely positive you can do it in reasonable safety. If you can't do it safely, you aren't saving a ticket, you are costing 2 tickets and a longer respawn. I repeat that I fail to follow the advice I just wrote myself most of the time. Still haven't detoxed from vanilla I guess.


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              Re: Medics and line of fire.

              Originally posted by BigGaayAl View Post
              detoxed from vanilla
              Excellent way to put it.
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                Re: Medics and line of fire.

                Good points.

                I generally play rifleman or medic...

                As rifleman, I love the enemy medics running out time and time again to try and revive a fallen team mate. Easy pickings.

                As medic, I've spent a lot of time dying trying to resus teammates who are still in the line of fire. Now, resus isn't my first instinct. I won't rush to revive even if the SL is down, if death seems a certainty. Usually a good SL won't ask you to, and will understand that suicide is pointless. You need to make sure it is safe to revive. If a team member goes down, the following works fairly well for me:
                1) stay calm - too many medics rush straight out and get shot themselves.
                2) DON'T reach for that smoke right away. There's a good chance the enemy is going to come running round that corner, and you're going to take a round to the face. I died too many times with smoke can in hand before this one sunk in!
                3) You have 30 seconds. Which IS a lot of time, if (as you should have been) you were moving as a squad, since you won't be far from any of your team buddies. Use the first 5-10 to scan the area and pick off any threats, or let your team mates do so. Lay some suppresing fire.
                4) Then pop some smoke (only if you need to - it really doesn't help when it's not necessary, it just makes things harder for everyone). Make a run, dive, resus and then (if it's still a hot zone) run for cover, bearing in mind that you need to get on the mic and let the revived know what you're doing so he doesn't panic when you run away. Again, it is pointless both of you dying, so don't stick around if th ebullets are flying. Tell him where you're going, so he can join you, especially if it's smoky.
                5) Fully heal your buddy under the safety of cover/teammates/suppressing fire, etc.

                PS - The above applies to PR only...
                Last edited by 7ShadesOSin; 04-16-2007, 09:46 AM. Reason: I forget there is other software besides PR! ;)

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                  Re: Medics and line of fire.

                  Sounds like there is a world of difference for Medics in PR vs POE/vBF2


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                    Re: Medics and line of fire.

                    My first choice on everything, medic. i keep my teammates alive as much as possible and as fast as possible. and trust me i get in the line of fire for my team.

                    when i revive somone, or before. i crouch down in front of them with my back towards the line of fire.

                    i dont care about K/D and i dont care about kills. my teammates lives are my first priority. ill die any day of the year just so i can save someone. I LOVE BEING A MEDIC.

                    ill come out of a fight with close to 75 teamplay points and 7 kills. i really dont care about my own life. in fact in one of those same games, ill get about 40 deaths just saving my teammates.

                    if i survive a almost fatal blow while ill immediatly alert the newly-revived teammate that there is lots of enemies around.

                    and i dont care whos squad they are or what they've done to me in the past (trust me i remember) I WILL STILL HEAL AND REVIVE THEM.

                    (im kind of ranting and raving, i should end it here.)

                    thank you for reading this seasoned medic rant,


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                      Re: Medics and line of fire.

                      Originally posted by BigGaayAl View Post
                      If you can't do it safely, you aren't saving a ticket, you are costing 2 tickets and a longer respawn.
                      Some good points here. The main one is 30 secs is a ton of time to revive one person so pacing yourself is probably the biggest difference between wasting 2 tickets and maybe saving 1

                      Smoke makes a difference. Only parking a truck in front could possibly give cover so quickly

                      On PR there is no Kill credited to the scoreboard unless the guy stays dead, more and more you will find the killer watches the corpse

                      If you find yourself in a fair fight, then you have obviously failed to plan properly.


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                        Re: Medics and line of fire.

                        With two minutes to revive fallen comrades in PR.8, there is NO excuse for medics to put themselves in the line of fire for the sake of a revive. Just remember to reassure downed squadmates that you are there and they should not press 'give up' and respawn!

                        On the other hand, revived players now come back bleeding and almost totally blind. The only way to move them is to have them face you and crawl toward your name tag, as everything else appears swirly.
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                          Re: Medics and line of fire.

                          Yea I usually run off and leave them bleeding and hope they can find cover for a more lengthy heal, no point both of us dying

                          Anytime you call for a medic, a medic symbol shows on the map so that could be used for guidance. If you are blind anyway, then theres no harm having the map open to navigate to safety

                          If you find yourself in a fair fight, then you have obviously failed to plan properly.




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