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The support-kit. Get the most out of it.

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  • The support-kit. Get the most out of it.

    With the support-kit being limited, SM who equip themselves with it should take notice of the name of the kit s u p p o r t.

    With that do I mean that it should not be used as a one-man weapon and used to play Rambo with. I have often encountered players who have a support-kit, but more or less play as a rifleman with a bigger and meaner weapon.

    As I see it, and what I encourage in terms of usage of the support-kit is the following:

    1) Always use your weapon in support of your squad. If you have the support-kit, it is not your task to lead a charge or to take point. Your weapon has a massive firepower, and if handled correctly it is truly lethal. Therefore, position yourself within your squad during movement; defence; attack so that you can use your weapon to support your fellow squad members.

    2) If your squad is attacking a location or a flag, then try to position yourself so that you can support and protect their advance. If your advancing squad-members are fired upon by a defending enemy, it is your task to lay down a suppressive fire and prevent the enemy from defending itself effectively. It is very difficult to shot at a moving target (or static for that matter) if a SAW is firing at you.

    I guess that this is something that SL also can have in mind when having a support-kit in the squad. Instruct that player to stay behind and cover the attack / movement.

    Once your squad have reached the position they were advancing to, or if its no longer possible to support the squad in a good way, then its time to join up with your squad.

    This do of course not mean that the support-weapon should always cover movements etc. It is more a matter of judgement.

    3) If your squad is moving towards an objective and is suddenly fired upon by the enemy, immediately hit the ground and start to lay down a suppressive fire. The enemy obviously know where your squad is, but chances are that your squad does not know from where the fire is coming from. If communication is good within the squad and someone can inform the others of the number of enemies or most important: the direction, then you should take on the role of suppressing the enemy. You have a big weapon that can be fired for quite a while before you have to unload. Use that privilege to buy your squad-members time to find new and better positions from where they can return fire without being out in the open. When your team-mates start to engage the enemy, then you can find a new position. The primary principle, according to me: Protect your team-mates.

    4) If your squad is defending an objective, try to position yourself so that you can use the full effect of your weapon. Seek out places from where you can support your squad and also engage the enemy at range. It is not ideal to engage an enemy at short ranges since chances are that an ordinary rifleman will drop you before you can drop him. I have found, but I do not say that this is an absolute truth that goes for everyone, that being able to engage enemies at ranges over 100 meters is one of the best ways to go.

    Remember that you have a big weapon that make a lot of noise. It is not likely that you will manage to remain undetected for long once you start to fire. Therefore, you need to have a bit of distance between you and the enemy so that they can not hit you with their first couple of bullets. A few people that I know of can pick you off under those circumstances, but the majority of players need a couple of attempts before they start to hit you. If you can buy yourself that much time, you will have a chance to mow them down. Also, the support-kit is actually pretty accurate at these distances, so most factors work to your advantage.

    Then there is also the fact that if you start to engage the enemy of a distance of about 100 meters, it will give your squad the time and ability to take counter-measures and sent a fire-team to flank the enemy while you pin them down.

    5) There is one (1) scenario when I think that the support-kit can lead the charge, so to speak. And that is when clearing out buildings and rooms. We can take the bunkers at Kashan-desert (sp?) as an example. If a fellow squad-member throw a grenade into a room, you can after the grenade explode enter the room first and start to unload in all directions. The space is so limited that you nor can or have to aim to hit what you want. Where riflemen etc have to be somewhat accurate when firing, you can just simply sweep your weapon over the room while holding your finger against the trigger. Then there is also the psychological effect on the defenders.

    What has been said above is of course only suggestions based on observations. The intent of this post is mostly to make people who use the support-kit to realize what ability they have to support their squad.

    If anyone have any more suggestions for how the support-kit can be used, please feel free to add. :)
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    Re: The support-kit. Get the most out of it.

    Don't have an ammo bag!


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      Re: The support-kit. Get the most out of it.

      Sounds good. I'd like to see support operate on the squads flank, not point, not rear and definetly not with the SL but operating parallel to the squad not within any line of attack so that he can at least draw fire, a marksman could operate in a similar way further to the rear

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        Re: The support-kit. Get the most out of it.

        When I squad lead,I keep my support guy in about the middle of our column if I can,and when we engage I either try to send him and another guy to flank..or I get him and 2 other guys to suppress as we flank.


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          Re: The support-kit. Get the most out of it.

          It is such a pity PR doesn't allow you to spawn with the support gun. I cant get a specific squad member to always have this kit. Therefore the most basic and important infantry tactics (suppression+movement) cannot be practised. This is a real pity, especially since PR is the first BF2 mod with support guns that are capable of actually suppressing.

          Perhaps forgotten hope will be on the ball concerning the most basic of tactics.




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