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POE2 Mobile AA thoughts and tips.

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  • POE2 Mobile AA thoughts and tips.

    Operation Sabre
    12/2 ~3AM EST.

    I almost disconnected when I saw this map loading, but instead I decided to make a "MOBILE AA" squad. My goal was to try and keep the skies clear of UKR aircraft. I do not have anything stellar to report about the round, rather I would like to post my comments on the mobile aa units available in the game.

    For me, the flak cannon is mostly useless. Maybe I'm just not that good at leading aircraft, I'll have to work on that. Although, the flak cannon does make short work of vehicles and infantry trying to stalk your AA.

    I love the sidewinders. Get a lock. Wait fot the ensuing chaff to pass. Then fire all four of your missiles at once. I have had great success with this approach.

    If you are all alone in the AA, make sure you are support so you can rearm. If you have a buddy, one should be support and the other engineer.

    Your mobile AA for a reason! When you take out someone, they will remember where it was and hunt you down. Also, staying on the move (even when firing) reduces the enemies ability to bomb your position.

    Beware the Hind! The Hind has a singular ability to stay just beyond sight and use that guided missile against you. Best defense is again to stay mobile.

    Never limit your scope of vision. Even if your leaving your back base, always be scanning the sky for targets. In this instance your head is literally on a swivel for a reason. If your not constantly on the lookout, it is so very easy for enemy aircraft to get behind you.

    Hope this helps!

    Happy hunting!

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    Re: POE2 Mobile AA thoughts and tips.

    Against the Hind, I'd agree with you about staying mobile. That guided missile is devastating (from first hand experience on both sides).

    However, I can say from the ensuing round of the same map, being on the USMC, that If you have more than 1 AAA unit in the vicinity of each other, that the Cobra has NO CHANCE, what-so-ever. I may have dodged a couple of missiles, but I couldn't dodge the flak incoming at the same time. Not to mention that the Cobra turns nearly as sluggishly as the Hind. On top of that, the only real weapon the Cobra has to hit targets at range, is a dumbfire rocket, which is easily dodged by anyone looking at the Cobra, in the first place, at that range. And the Locking Hellfire rockets? Useless against AAA, becuase you have to be within the same range that they lock onto you, or within their cannon range, while at the same time, having to maintain a steady lock for about 2 seconds (which is more than enough time for the AAA to make you wreckage).


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      Re: POE2 Mobile AA thoughts and tips.

      use the terrain and statics to conceal your location. usually takes em by suprise

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        Re: POE2 Mobile AA thoughts and tips.

        i find that if you launch the missle and then move ASAP then the Hind is less likely to get you. lke outlaw said except make sre you have some room to move evasivley


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          Re: POE2 Mobile AA thoughts and tips.

          The Hind is pretty bad at recovering from dives so whoever is flying isn't likely to put the heli into a steep dive just to get you. If you're squaring away against one and it's pretty high up then move towards it and he'll be forced to abort or dive so much he won't be able to recover from it and end up as scrap.

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