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  • Kashan 32

    Squad list

    1. FO -1 BRDM - 2 men
    2. Armor - 3 T-72 - 6 men
    3. IFV - 2 BMP3 - 2 Logi trucks - 6 men
    4. M-Inf 1 - 6 men
    5. M-Inf 2 - 6 men
    6. FAC - 3 man
    7. Air - 2 man

    ---Mech Advance ----

    Intial movements. No rush on 4 and 5 mounting. Once mounted move towards S entrance to the bunkers. Squad 1 move into postion hull down to spot incoming op4 assets. Squad 2 pushes hard up the west edge. By the time 1 has its slef set up the infi should be getting close to the west wall.

    Inf dismounts hard fast and with a purpose. try and set the IFV's in a postion that the Inf can jump the wall in cover via the bunker.

    IFV's will not move untill the are has been secured by the inf. Then fall back to a overwatch postion on NB

    Air Advance

    Squad 6 mounts asap, fast drop. This area may become hostle. Build FB at SL's discresion.

    possible Armor / inf threat here. LZ is at SL 6's discression. 7 win then RTB and get ready for the havoc.

    6 and 7 will work togther as either 2 seprate sq's or as 1 sq. 7 will comand 1 Mi-28 once they have spanwed.


    Bunkers have been capped by 4 & 5. 2 FB's have been established using the crates from SQ 3' trucks.

    3 is in overwatch of inf and south entrance to bunkers

    2 has comand over the N edge of the map. SQ1 is able to provide Lazers for CAS.

    6 and 7 have control over the SV / SW corner of map. They should be able to defend this area. 3 has swaped its trucks for a AAV.

    From this postion its up for grabs. If we can make this roll out happen we should have the momentim to smack some OP4 tail.

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    Re: Kashan 32

    Nice plan only thing is shouldn't armor have one logi truck, and with only one AAv being manned and no logi trucks how will you keep tanks and BMPs repaired and protected from the air. That's where i think bringing the BMPs into bunkers will help because they don't need a huge amount of AA cover there just a stationary one will be fine and they can pull back inside if they think they are being lased.




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