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Arty rouge squads allowed?

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  • Arty rouge squads allowed?

    Last night I was a commander on the bf2 server I went by the name Unchained PsYcO

    I had three squads disobeying orders and going rouge so I told the admin and when nothing was still being done I court martial arty strike them for disobeying orders and not following the rules.

    The only reason I say court martial arty strike is because in real life scenarios. If you don't follow orders you will be either be put under arrest or get targeted to be killed for going rouge.

    After I did the arty strike on them admin stepped in and kicked them on the spot.

    All I want to know is that I did the right thing by targeting them for not following orders

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    Re: Arty rouge squads allowed?

    You didn't do the right thing, you have to remember that no matter what the situation teamkilling is never allowed. If the admins still aren't responding after a few tries I would suggest logging onto our TS server and looking for a "BF admin," if there aren't any on than take a few csreenshots and post them in the battlefield CAA thread for the admins to see(

    Hope this helps you and hopefully your next time commanding is a little more peacefull.


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      Re: Arty rouge squads allowed?

      If people aren't obeying your orders, your initial act should be to adress an admin. After which if nobody responds, you should just disconnect to avoid doing what you have done.

      It is true that when you perform an act such as disobeying orders you're placed on court-martial. And if you shoot friendlies your allies will then target you and hold you as a threat. However, this is not real life, it is a game which has rules. I'm not trying to be the guy with a stick up his ass, I'm just trying to help you to continue enjoying gameplay on TacticalGamer servers.

      Now if you could court-martial people, that'd be funny. Just a little court-martial command, some MPs come along in a jeep and arrest them haha!



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        Colonel Jessep

        I'd like if CO could kick them from their own squad, ie. demote the squad leader. Its a shame the SL can kick but the real guy in charge cannot !

        I agree with Chris but it sounds funny all the same :)

        I just realised you meant rogue! ? not rouge which would be french for red, I thought it was some reference to code red ala a few good men or something :icon_lol:

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