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  • Project Reality - Toyota Pickup

    I enjoyed writing this for a scrim and much of it is pertinent to other PR maps.

    It is a light transport vehicle that carries a .50 HMG on the back. Capable of carrying 6 men and a suitcase of ammo. Some of the seats allow you to have your weapon deployed when in the vehicle.

    "But whats so special about that? It isn't even armored or anything, the windshields cracked, and that funky smell never comes out of the back seat."

    The mountain goat as some may call it has 1 distinct ability that other transports lack. The power to climb a near vertical incline. This allows it to overcome some mapper made choke points and thereby avoid the ambushes that are ALWAYS set there. This bonus is multiplied on Fools road as many flags are not always easily accessible by roads, meaning that while the RUSSIAN team will have to dismount and walk the rest of the way we will be able to deploy in a more straight line to objectives in some cases and save time. This ability to apply pressure quickly will be used.

    "But I suck at driving technicals, they always hit trees and flip over or explode when I drive off a cliff full speed."

    Congratulations you aren't driving, I am hoping at least 1 person in every squad has the ability to drive at a decent pace through heavily wooded areas and up and down sheer cliffs. Knowing the off road parts of the map, becomes very important for this person. Squad leads let me know if you do not have a capable driver and are assigned a technical.

    ".50 sucks and I can't kill anything with it."

    .50 fires extremely accurately. Using controlled bursts of 1-3 rounds is ideal for picking off infantry at long range. BRDMs can be destroyed easily with it. BTRs take minor damage. Firebases can be destroyed by hitting the radio.

    While the technical is only worth 2 tickets, its value to your squad is much higher. It allows you quick movement to objectives, quick retreat from overwhelming forces, the ability to climb obstacles you cannot on foot, ammo, and lastly a weapons platform if necessary. We very much want to avoid having technicals stranded about the map as they may end up being there for the rest of the round taking away one of our main advantages. I suggest you keep in mind a way to recover the vehicle if your squad gets wiped. This may mean parking it near your rally(or firebase depending on the version of PR we play the scrim in) or leaving someone in charge of it.

    Keep in mind all those times you needed to get somewhere quick and ask yourself what you did with your transport.

    Please add other information.
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    Re: Project Reality - Toyota Pickup

    When using it as a firesupport weapon remember that the 0.50 cal gunner is very exposed and a accurate rifleman or auto rifle can easily kill him. To over comb this it is best to find a target, pop up shoot and then run away and keep hitting the targets from different angles so that you don't always have a stream of auto rifle bullets taking your gunner off.


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      Re: Project Reality - Toyota Pickup

      The RPK vehicle commander's machine-gun on the technical can traverse to angles far superior to the Land Rover's GPMG. In fact, the RPK on the technical almost goes 180*.

      Like previously stated, this vehicle is basically the definition of fast fire support. I had a round on Fools Road once with this thing parked on a hill, plucking away enemies on the .50cal like it was cool (it was). But since there were so many enemies I overheated really fast on the .50cal, and quickly switched down to the RPK, which needs a little getting used to because you can't sight in. The tracers on it help a lot though, and within a few bursts I was on target and slayin' bodies. Throw in a little rinse and repeat, and I ended up getting around 10 kills from one engagement.

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        Re: Project Reality - Toyota Pickup

        The BRDM can slaughter on Fools' Road if used properly to ambush Spandrels, destroy field guns and wipe out enemy BRDMs. The thing is -- the Russians only get one BRDM and the Chechens get 3. Naturally, if a BRDM pulls up next to Chechen BRDMs, the Chechens assume it's friendly especially if they are operating in a group.

        I pulled up to two Chechen BRDMs and a Technical on a Fools' Road round early this week and blew up the first one. The second one turned around to look at me and kind of stared at me for a second, by which time he was poofed. The Technical didn't even bat an eye, he was focusing on the infantry, and got nuked pretty quick too.

        Then on the way back we got a Spandrel and a truck, and another field gun.

        That was a cool round.




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