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    The Project Reality Transformational Leader

    *= Transformational Leadership in Project Reality =

    Project Reality has great leadership, but lets make it even better by embracing and understanding transformational leadership. I wrote an essay for Empires players to incorporate this into their gameplay and I used Project Reality as a shining example of tactics, teamwork, and leadership.

    If you take away all of the game mechanics, maps, classes and vehicles then you are left with the player base of Project Reality. The players of Project Reality are a fantastic bunch of people that I wish were present in many other games as a whole. Some of these PR players make fantastic leaders as well.

    The leaders of PR are outstanding and if you play any other game, you will notice a lower level of teamwork compared to this game. While it is true that PR has great tactics, teamwork, and leadership present in the game, we can always challenge ourselves to become even better and make this game legendary in our use of tactics, teamwork, and leadership.

    It is very easy to go with the flow, be content with life, and take it however it comes with very little preparation and effort outside of what feels comfortable to you. Yet the ideal of being someone hardcore, inspirational, charismatic, devoted, genius, expert, and a professional is something that requires you to put extra effort and to step out of your comfort zone to accomplish. Yet the idea of being one of the above can be enough to motivate others into becoming something greater. Why settle for normal, regular, average, and plain? Strive to be the best of the best, the elite. By embracing transformation leadership, you will become a better player that adds more value to your team. This is because you are adding another skill to the skills you currently use. You add something else to your "inventory".

    Overall, gamers a very talented persons. Gaming multiplayer games makes people efficient in economics, business, history, sociology, tactics, organization and repetition of key skills in order to achieve very specific goals. By becoming efficient in transformational leadership as well, you will not only make yourself a more competent gamer but you will also help the gameplay and community of Project Reality and whatever other multiplayer game you enjoy as well.

    *= What is a Transformational Leader? =*

    A transformational leader is someone that creates a valuable and positive change in others. There is an agenda to why he does this however, but it isn't negative as this commonly used phrase may suggest. The agenda for the transformational leader is to develop his followers into leaders. A selfless goal that seems very noble, correct? How does this help? Just because a person is nice or you follow a goal that is noble, does not mean you are practical or of very much use to accomplishing a particular task. Somehow though, transformational leadership is both practical and noble as the same time.

    It is not just some fairy tale ideal that sounds nice on paper but doesn't work in the real world. Matter of fact there are numerous studies such as Impact of the Manger's Span of Control on Leadership and Performance by Dr. Doran that records the effects of transformational leadership. This way of leadership focuses on having your team to help each other, look out for each other, be encouraging and harmonious to one another, and to look out for the team as a whole. Now, I am not going to lie! "Harmonious" sounds pretty damn gay to me and like some Teletubby crap you learn on television but everything I have said makes sense.

    If your helping someone or give something good to them, this person is more inclined to help you in return out of gratitude. If you are helped by someone in a time of need in which you couldn't get something done without the person's help, you will be a more mission capable person then you are without that person's help. For example, let's huddle around for a nice little story. If your going to a night club that charges a $30 entry fee but you forgot your wallet, then your not going to be able to get in. Good ol' Johnny helps you out with the entrance fee however and you get in the club without trouble. You proceed to get lucky and hook up with a really hot blond chick. You then get to lay her later that night as she is highly intoxicated and has an amazing rack with large bootay to accompany the two of you. Mission accomplished with extra credit! Now to think, that if Johnny wasn't there to help you then this situation would have never happened. That my friend is transformational leadership in action believe it or not.

    So know that you have others to help you is a motivator in itself that also boosts your morale, and enhances your performance. The mission of a transformational leader is to achieve this state of mind with his followers. All of this connects a person's sense of identity and self to the mission as well as the team. That team can be a side of a multiplayer match such as the human side in a Human vs. Ork game. A team can also be a more consistent organization that you player with on a routine basis such as a clan.

    Being a transformational leader is about being a role model for others. To be a role model, you must inspire them and to inspire them you must present traits that these followers desires. For example, from hours of practice you have developed a superior marksmanship skills and have studied how to give quick, clear, concise, and useful tactical information during battle. This challenges yourself to become something better than what you were before and if others see how much more effective you are in a game, then this will inspire others to want to be like you. This is leading by example. This is what transformational leadership is. You transform followers into leaders.

    You challenge followers to take greater responsibility for their work and achievements. Through group practice with the same group of individuals like clans do, or just noticing tendacy of player behaviors and personalities in public game matches, you can understand the strengths and weaknesses of players in-game. You can use this knowledge so that you can organize the situation to your preference in order to optimize the performance according to the strengths and weaknesses of players.

    To give an example profile of a transformational leader, he is someone who works towards the benefit of the team, organization and community. A transformational leader is someone who can articulate an energizing vision and set challenging goals for others. According to James MacGregor Burns, the man who introduced the concept of transformational leadership in political leaders, this type of leadership will create a significant change in the life of people and organizations that use it. It redesigns perceptions and values and changes expectations and aspirations of employees.

    *= An Outline on Transformational Leadership =

    Measuring Transformation Leadership

    Influence on Followers

    ** the followers of such a leader feel trust, admiration, loyalty and respect for their leader because the qualities of the leader are more willing to worker harder than originally expected

    ** the leader offers more than just working for self gain such as an inspiring mission or vision

    ** the leader transforms and motivates followers through his or her idealized influence (charisma), intellectual stimulation and individual consideration

    ** the leader encourages followers to come up with new and unique ways to challenge the status quo and to alter the environment to support being successful

    Elements of Transformational Leadership

    1. Individual Consideration

    ** the degree to which the leader attends to each follower's needs, acts as a mentor or coach to the follower and listens to the follower's concerns and needs

    ** the leader gives empathy and support, keeps communication open and places challenges before the followers

    ** includes the need for respect and celebrates the individual contribution that each follower can make to the team

    ** the followers have a will and aspirations for self development and have intrinsic motivation for their tasks

    2. Intellectual Stimulation

    ** the degree to which the leader challenges assumptions, takes risks and solicits followers' ideas

    ** leaders with this style stimulate and encourage creativity in their followers. nurtures and develops people who think independently

    ** learning is a value and unexpected situations are seen as opportunities to learn

    ** the followers ask questions, think deeply about things and figure out better ways to execute their tasks (Reference Crux of TG, Soldier Guide: )

    3. Inspirational Motivation

    ** the degree to which the leader articulates a vision that is appealing and inspiring to followers. leaders with inspiration motivation challenge followers with high standards, communicate optimism about future goals, and provide meaning for the task at hand

    ** followers need to have a strong sense of purpose if they are to be motivated to act with purpose and meaning providing the energy that drives a group forward

    ** the visionary aspects of leadership are supported by communication skills that make the vision understandable, precise, powerful and engaging. the followers are willing to invest more effort in their tasks, they are encouraged and optimistic about the future and believe in their abilities

    4. Idealized Influence

    ** provides a role model for high ethical behavior, instills pride, gains respect and trust.

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