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  • copy/paste of post on Commander/SL action

    As some of you may know, but most not... I write articles for SimHQ ( and I am the land/armor news editor for the site. Well after playing on your server I wrote up a small post on my experience as a Commander, then as Squad Leader in BF2 for our readers/guest... I thought I'd share that with you guys also... since TG is the reason for the experience and gameplay... hope you enjoy it or at least learn something new or different...


    Well since release, I've logged in 8 hours of BF2 action according to Xfire, (isn't it cool how Xfire keeps all your gaming time stats in your profile.) 8 hours isn't a long time, but considering that my work week starts on Wednesday, the day it was released, thats some pretty good time between shift and sleep. (once my weekend rolls around, I'll log even more time in.)

    Well I tried both Commander and Squad Leader roles, which were quite fun, but alot more thinking and work then I thought it would be. I didn't know anything about those roles, (and I don't read run and gun manuals,lol), so I had to learn fast by trial and error. That is the purpose of this post, not that I'm no expert, or even that good... but if I tell my story to you, my fellow readers, you might learn something new or find a better way to enjoy the command experience in BF2.

    I just recently started playing with a bunch of guys at Tactical Gamer (, They have a great server, and a bunch of great guys that like to play tactical games with tactics... like me, lol. (I'm considering becoming a full member with them, since they play almost every PC game I play.)

    They got a nice set of basic rules for there server that should be applied to all gaming group servers (IMO).

    1. You have to join a squad as soon as you get in the game.

    2. You have to follow your squad leaders commands.

    3. Squad leaders have to follow the commanders orders, no ands, ifs, or buts about it.

    If you don't, there admin folks kick you out... in doing so, forcing cooperative play.

    First off my Commander story...

    I joined the server, there was only 4 on 4 at the time, so I thought... "now would be a good time to learn the command screen", I applied and got accepted as commander.

    As the commander, I found a nice little defensive position, got prone, and went to work.
    At first it was easy, only controlling one squad. I would do a scan of the map, right click and order squad 1 to move to location. Once the squad began to get within range of the assigned objective I would do another scan, report on the number and types of enemies in the area... I would then release a UAV over the assigned area, so the squad could see where and what the enemy was doing, they would then move in and attack and conquer. It started out that easy, then more and more players kept joining and more and more squads were forming. I would then have to scan, order, scan again for each squad and assigned objective. I got to the point where if I saw a large number of enemy troops at a assigned target, I would order one squad to go and form up on the outside perimeter of the objective, I would also do the same with another squad, but order them to form up on a flank of the first squad. When both squads were in position, I would then order them to take cover, fire off an artillery barrage on the enemy position, once complete I would order one squad to advance and engage... as soon as the fire fight started and the enemy would be all turning to-wards the one squad, I would then order the second squad to rush into the flanks and kill, KILL EVERYTHING THAT MOVES MEN!

    This was a pretty good way to do it, and we had all but one spawn point within about an hour of this, but then the enemy seemed to get there poop together and started a nice series of counter attacks... I attempted to pull my squads back to the main island and defend the 2 access points, but it just got out of hand, I was screaming over the radio issuing commands, my squads were trying to accomplish my orders but were falling left and right.. the game was fun but my stress level for not wanting to look like an idiot commander was getting to me... I cried BROKEN ARROW, BROKEN ARROW as a last minute ditch for the air crews to destroy friend and foe on the main battle island... then it happened, A vote of no confidence in the commander... I graciously resigned my position before the vote could finish, and apologized to my men in disgust.... DISCONNECT.

    Well, after about an hour break, I came back in... this time I noticed that we had a commander, but saw a open squad leader position.. I then signed on as squad leader, determined to redeem myself.

    So now my SQUAD LEADER story begins...

    I first introduced myself to the squad, hitting the B key I talked, "Hello men, Magnum here, Hoping to lead this squad into victory, follow my orders or leave. I will be following the orders of the commander and relaying them to you." I was pleased to hear a bunch of "rogers", and "yes sirs".

    I then hit my V key which lets me communicate to my commander, "Sir, First squad standing by for orders"... I couple of seconds later the commander replied with a quick brief, and a map marker appeared with the order to attack a spawn point. The order is automatically relayed to me men and they respond with "roger"... we then begin moving off on foot, we had no vehicles. I let the men know that we need to stick together and put as much fire as possible on a threat, but reminded them not to bunch to close, because with an enemy commander doing a simple scan, he will see the large group of enemy dots, and most likely call for fire on us all... which accrued more times then I could remember. As long as the Squad leader is alive, you can click on him as a spawn point, and rejoin the squad after your countdown.

    We came across a couple of vehicles, a buggy and an APC, we all loaded up to continue to the ordered objective, on the way there we ran into enemy resistance here and there... occasionally there would be a lone tank, or a lone enemy APC and we would engage and win proving that teamwork and firepower will win against the RAMBO's.

    We talked, whenever someone saw an enemy or target they would let all know using the in game squad comms key, B... "Squad, enemy APC 11 o'clock... the squad would then engage, we would then move on... All during this time the commander is doing his thing, He's advising me of his scan reports, and I relay the vital info only to my squad. As squad leader, I'm in charge of these men... So before entering the objective, I order the squad to halt and take cover... I request the commander do a scan and report... if there is a number of enemies at the objective, I request an artillery strike by opening the map and right clicking the artillery strike location... the commander advises that "shot out"... and we watch the fireworks... I then request a UAV over the combat area so my squad could have good intel on where and how many enemy still exist. We then go in for the kill and capture.

    Once the mission is complete, I report that were ready for the next objective... the commander then sends new orders. During the different battles we engaged in, things changed... I would have to call in for assistance occasionally, I would advise my squad that we need some AT support... because theres nothing worst then getting pinned down by enemy armor, when all you have is infantry weapons... make sure you have medics in your squads, and AT guys, along with an engineer or two if enough members.

    One thing I did learn as squad leader... don't let your squad stop, unless your orders are defend... As you move from one objective to another, keep your squad moving... even if your waiting for your commanders orders... because if you stop and re-group too long, the enemy commander is guaretted to rain hell on you. Remember to request the scan reports, request a UAV overhead at the point of battle, and remember to keep moving... when you hear that first artillery round dropping on your men, scream "artillery...take cover", too late to be running around now.. go prone.. .always stay near a cover position like buildings... never be out in the open, or roadway. Don't forget to use flanking maneuvers, or bounding over watch teams to get to a hot area. Don't be afraid to retreat from a kill zone, to regroup for a better attack position... if it's too hot, enter elsewhere. and don't forget to praise your men for good work or a nice kill... in real life and in games we all want to do good and be recognized for that good by our brothers in arms.

    Hope this story post, gives you a little in sight on the commander and squad leader positions in BF2... a fun game, but funner when played as a team.

    (be advised, I worked last night, then gamed for 6 hours today... now going to bed, to get ready for my shift tonight... was rushing this post, so please excuse the errors and mis-spellings.)
    Magnum |TG-18th|

    We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.

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    Re: copy/paste of post on Commander/SL action

    Naples, huh?


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      Re: copy/paste of post on Commander/SL action

      This explains a lot of stuff for me! Good work.

      Does the commander talk to the SL's by using the B key?

      - It's who you game with.


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        Re: copy/paste of post on Commander/SL action

        Originally posted by =Sarc=
        This explains a lot of stuff for me! Good work.

        Does the commander talk to the SL's by using the B key?
        The default for commander to talk to SLs and SLs to talk to the commander is the V key. The B key is for intra-squad communication.

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