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Squad Tactic Clinic (Lesson Plan)

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  • Squad Tactic Clinic (Lesson Plan)

    Howdy gents (and gals), for those of you who've kept up with the forums for the last month or so, you might have read a post of mine talking about getting TGU going for PR. Goatboy and I have exchanged a few PMs on the matter, and are workign toward setting a date and format. I want to make my lesson plan as complete as possible , so I'm going to post what I currently have worked up and please feel free to respond with constructive criticism. Mind you this write up is for basic squad functionality, the clinic willl go over topics that will help a squad function more efficiently. Without further delay here is the outline i have drawn up:

    Squad Tactic Clinic Lesson Plan

    Squad Types: What types of squads are there?
    1. Infantry
    a. Standard Primary assault/movement squad
    b. Recon Primary functions include intelligence gathering, neutralizing soft target objectives. Very dynamic
    c. Infiltration Use of stealth to complete specific objectives. Very static.
    d. Defense Patience is the key to a defensive squad, must be able to cover an assigned area for an extended period of time.
    2. Vehicular
    a. Armor Armored vehicles used to support ground troops
    i. Tank Should never be manned alone, always 3. Armor is primarily used for support.
    ii. APC Much like a tank crew, but should be kept further away from combat. Can be manned by 1.
    b. Support A very mobile squad which is used to re-supply or tend to wounded soldiers. Always on the move
    i. Medic Support tends to wounded soldiers
    ii. Ammo Support supplies soldiers in need of ammunition
    c. Plane Air support vehicles
    i. Bomber Air vehicle intended to strike ground targets. Should never be used without knowledge of ground threat
    ii. Fighter Air vehicle used to protect bomber planes from air to air threat.
    d. Transport Used to transport troops quickly and safely between two points.

    Set up: Things you need to know before and after entering a squad
    1. Kit selection
    a. Infantry
    i. Standard SL, SAW, Medic, Grenadier, Spec Ops, Rifleman
    1. Urban See base Standard kit selection
    2. Desert Spec Ops or Rifleman should be substituted for Anti-Tank & or Marksman
    3. Forest Spec Ops or Rifleman should be substituted for Anti-Tank & or Marksman
    ii. Recon (2-3 man squad) Spec Ops, Sniper & Marksman (if 3rd member exists)
    1. Urban See base Recon kit selection
    2. Desert See base Recon kit selection
    3. Forest See base Recon kit selection
    iii. Infiltration SL, Spec Ops, Spec Ops, Medic, Rifleman, Marksman
    1. Urban See base Infiltration kit selection
    2. Desert See base Infiltration kit selection
    3. Forest See base Infiltration kit selection
    iv. Defense SL, SAW, Medic, Grenadier, Rifleman, Anti-Tank
    1. Urban See base Defense kit selection
    2. Desert Grenadier might be replaced with Marksman or extra Anti-Tank
    3. Forest Second Medic, Anti-Tank, or Marksman might be required
    b. Vehicular Kit selection is limited therefore will not be discussed

    2. Communications Proper communication often times determines if a squad succeeds or fails. Messages need to be concise, and specific. The team leader should be the only one discussing strategy, this will free up more air time through VOIP creating a less cluttered atmosphere, and will allow squad members to focus on their job. If a squad member is communicating, it will generally be pertaining to the enemy, the members current status, and the enemies current status. X hostile(s) to the <insert direction>, <specify location> (EX - behind the boulder, on the ridgeline, 2nd story of construction site)
    a. Recon Recon squads communicate a little differently from a standard squad
    3. Target Identification
    4. Movement

    It is currently unfinished. I plan on talking a great deal about movement. Remember this clinic is going to be about creating more teamwork between squad members by teaching them tactic. Tactic will also provide a more realistic feel which is what I imagine, people playing this mod are looking for. Will all of these tactics work 100%, of course not but having an organized form of teamplay will yeild MUCH better results in squad effectiveness. Alrighty...FLAME ON!!!

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    Re: Squad Tactic Clinic (Lesson Plan)

    nice. i cant wait - you can definitally count me in


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      Re: Squad Tactic Clinic (Lesson Plan)

      excellent plz count me in


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        Re: Squad Tactic Clinic (Lesson Plan)

        Flame on? Nothing here to flame at all. It looks like it will be an outstanding session.

        Thanks for stepping up and taking this on!
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          Re: Squad Tactic Clinic (Lesson Plan)

          Wait, Wimp, let's not disappoint. -Ahem- getting into character.........ok.

          U R A NUB, lol U suxx0Rz only nUbs need taxtix. :icon_lol: BTW I so Pwned u ingame, blizzard66, so WTH r u tching it 4! OMG, wayy 2 long 2, its lik collige r somthing (not thet i wud no) no way, u r all SuXXoRz! LOL ROFL!!! U r so cluliss Just spam ur spacebar wen u shoot and u Pwn!!!:icon6: :icon14: :icon6: :icon14: :D
          Ok, I'm back...bleh.....Touching the darkside always takes it out of me...:row__572:

          Count on the Irregs to make a showing, and thanks for the hard work and planning!
          meh. Now I need to go take a shower.

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            Re: Squad Tactic Clinic (Lesson Plan)

            3y3 r <3 fl4m31n6




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