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  • PR Specialty Squad: RP Hunt

    Running a specialty-squad with the sole mission of destroying rally-points/spawn cars is fun and helpful for your team. I think it's the most fun and most effective as UK on Helmand Province. To use as few resources as possible, the squad should be locked at 4 members.

    Generally, the idea is for the squad to patrol in an arc running east-west along the river/road. Since the squad isn't equipped to fight infantry, it's imperative that the SL give a hold-fire fire-condition. Likewise the squad should operate with a no-hurry/ninja/stealth mindset - the squad is operates behind enemy lines, so if/when someone is spotted, you WILL be hunted and killed.


    Kit Layout:

    1) Rifleman Anti-Personnel - This kit comes with binoculars, and this squad member's function is to be a forward observer (FO).... spotting insurgent cars as they respawn and advance.

    2) Light AT - The muscle of the squad. Preferable over spec-ops because it allows the cars to be destroyed from long range. Leads the primary fire-team.

    3) Rifleman - Follows LAT providing ammo and an extra set of eyes.

    4) SL - Officer kit

    When the map begins, the west side of the map is a dangerous since there's a CP in contention immediately. For that reason, I like to start by moving north along the far east side of the map, placing a RP somewhere along the eastern side of the map. The FO takes position where he can see both the bridge and the north-east flag, while the rest of the squad carefully sweeps West along the river/road looking for spawn cars. Once they reach the west side of the map, the SL should find a place to lay low - this gives the squad two spawn points, one on either side of the map.

    The same general idea can be fun on Al Basrah, but the tactics/SOPs are different enough to require a different thread. Feel free to borrow from this, adapt it to Al Basrah, and start a new thread :D

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    Re: PR Specialty Squad: RP Hunt

    I've run squads like this several times. It can really help slow down the pace at which the insurgents can put pressure on those first two flags, thereby allowing the British a chance to move to the second row of CPs.

    I pretty much run the squad like you have it, but I will occasionally swap out the rifleman anti-personnel kit for an engineer or spec ops kit.
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      Re: PR Specialty Squad: RP Hunt

      While there is defintely room for a squad of this type, I personally feel every squad should be hunting down enemy Rally Point's/spawn car's before attempting to assault a flag. There are just so many positive things that can happen for your team if you remove Enemy Rally Point's (hereforth called ERP's) before assaulting a flag.

      1) You can find the officer moving out of a good defensive position to replace his rally, and force a squad to fight without it's "leader" by taking him out.
      2) It cuts down on the back and forth fighting for a flag. If the enemys have no place to spawn close-by and you do, it makes capturing/defending flag's infinitely easier.
      3) It forces the enemy to keep all future RP's more secure (farther away from contact point's) giving you the advantage.
      4) It can take enemy squads out of a fight without firing a shot at them. You know the squads I mean, the kind that keep RP's far back with the intention to just spawn off other ERP's to attack/defend area's. You know the drill here, where you might set your RP near processing on qwai and just spawn off sq4's rally near fishing.

      You really can't go wrong to take the extra few minutes it takes to search and remove any ERP's from the immeadiate vicinity of a flag, it may not make capturing it easier, but it sure makes HOLDING it insanely easier.


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        Re: PR Specialty Squad: RP Hunt

        Good strategy. I've used this too, but with a full squad, including a Rifleman. We typically do a few things a little different, but as far as I'm concerned there should be at least one squad dedicated to hunting down and destroying Spawn Cars on this map. The U.S. has almost no chance of winning it with the spawn cars in place, given the difference in spawn times for the British and Insurgents.

        Re: Basrah, after Village is capped, all squads should be hunting spawn cars before beginning assaults on CPs. With all spawn cars healthy, that map is even more stacked against the assaulting team.


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          Re: PR Specialty Squad: RP Hunt

          Have been in squads in basrah where all you do all map is clandestine ops, destroying cars, technicals, bridges etc, and i find it extremely effective, as once the enemy realises what is happening, they turn attention to you, meanng they are losing assets AND they have fewer people protecting the flags!Have not done this with the new version of basrah yet though....




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