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1stMIP FTL Handbook (PR v0.5)

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  • 1stMIP FTL Handbook (PR v0.5)

    As we announced a while ago, 1stMIP terminated its BF2 activities and completed its transition to Armed Assault.

    As per request from Wimpinator (A TGU instructor), we are publishing all 1stMIP BF2 related documentation.

    These documents were going to be published on TG forums when completed but since we no longer work on them, it is better to put them in this incomplete/unedited form rather than letting them collect dust in our archives.

    We hope these will be help TGU training efforts. Good luck gentlemen. It was a pleasure to share the battlefield with you all.

    1stMIP HQ


    1st Mechanized Infantry Platoon
    Fire Team Leader Handbook


    - SL orders WHAT to do (task), A1 (sergeant) shows/orders HOW to do (execution)

    - A FTL leads by example, with his actions. Verbal communication is minimum, especially during fire fights. Be confident, decisive, determined and authoritative ! You are the squad sergeant and trusted to lead the Alpha or whole squad (if SL attaches Bravo under your command). Use short and clear orders to coordinate actions. You are the frontline man and have a better grasp of combat situation.

    Leading the Assault

    - Typically, A1 is given command of two fire teams and is responsible for coordinating the assault on point with his actions and orders while SL keeps his radio silent unless a big picture information needs to be relayed (CO orders, new intel, friendly squad backup, etc)

    - 80% of leading the assault is just being there, in the middle of battle. FTMs will follow your actions. Just trust your instincts and fight. Squad fights with you !

    - When in charge FTL has the following responsibilities:

    1) Watch Directions: Assign watch directions to Alpha and Bravo fire teams if squad is stationary.

    2) Push/Hold/Fall Back: Decide what squad will do:

    a) Push forward if next covered position towards objective is clear
    b) Hold position and return fire if enemy is not cleared
    c) Fall back if outnumbered and under heavy fire

    3) Smoke&Grenade: Coordinate formation of multiple-layer heavy smoke screens and grenade assaults from your position towards objective:

    a) Alpha smoke&grenade forward (first screen)
    b) Wait and resupply Alpha
    c) Advance to smoke
    d) Bravo smoke&grenade (second screen)
    e) Wait and resupply Bravo

    repeat until objective is reached

    4) Flank/supress: FLANK FLANK FLANK ! But not without suppressing/distracting. Just assign one fire team to suppress and the other to flank.
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