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Advanced PR Fighter Guide for PR .7

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  • Advanced PR Fighter Guide for PR .7

    Advanced PR Fighter Guide for PR .7

    This guide assumes you know the following:
    • How to land and takeoff without crashing
    • Taxi properly
    • Have the necessary equipment (ie Joystick, decent fps while running high effect)
    • Can fly consistently without wrecking

    Teamwork in the skies

    Like it or not, teamwork is crucial to the success of gaining air superiority in PR. In my experience its almost impossible to shoot down an enemy fighter jet in 1vs1 combat unless you can line up the gun sight and get a couple of lucky hits. Missiles can *easily* be countered with flares and by pulling sharp high G turns.

    The odds do change though when it becomes 2vs1. Lets imagine this hypothetical situtation:
    • 2 Mig 29s are in side by side formation
    • Ahead of the migs is an F16 about 400m

    In this scenario the F16 is almost screwed if the mig pilots play smart
    The idea is that 1 Mig 29 will pursue the F16 with short range missiles while the other Mig 29 will be attempting to also shoot with short range missiles.

    "The pursuer's" job is to follow and track the F16 while locking via short range missles and only fire if he gets a "good" lock.
    "The shooter" will be the one who gets the kill because his missiles will have better angles since he is not actively flying in a high g turn.

    This scenario that I've described constitutes almost 90% of all missile kills I have observed over 3 PR releases. It takes two people to effectually knock out an enemy jet. It should be the fighter jet goal to attain the scenario written above as it is the most effective when dealing with any type of aircraft.

    Changes from .6 and how they will affect you in the skies

    Anti Air weapon systems are very effective now. There is no lock on warning. You are given a warning when missiles are fired.

    Remember these two important facts:
    • Shoulder launched weapons have range of 800m
    • Mobile SAMs have range of 1200m

    Why is this important???
    Well if you are flying below these altitudes you may get a missile fired at you if enemy AA is in the vicinity. The best way to deal with this problem is to preemptively "pop" flares while flying low altitudes over hostile territory. You are given 30 flares to use before they need to be recharged, use them!!!

    Air Combat Maneuvers
    There is no maneuver that can make a bandit on your 6 suddenly lose track. When it comes to aerial combat, trying to cause the other pilot to make a mistake is the main objective. The main purpose of these maneuvers is to position your jet to setup and fire missiles or use the guns.


    Air Combat Maneuvers with a wingman

    Flying jargon
    In progress

    Flying formations for fighters
    In progress


    Playing Defense

    Playing Offense

    Setting up
    "Communication is key"
    You want to be able to communicate with your wingman by either in-game VOIP or Teamspeak.
    Teamspeak is the better choice as it has less delay between voice transmissions which can be vital when pursuing an enemy fighter.

    This marvelous program allows us to key keyboard buttons to a particular button on a joystick. In other words you can use the "Q" spot feature to track an enemy jet.

    xcannon69 is looking for experience pilots to test new theory. Please contact xcannon69 via pm if you are interested.

    DISCLAMER: Do not repost this guide on any website without permission of author. This guide may only be listed on unless permission is granted. This guide is based on my experience as a pilot from PR .4 to PR .7.
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