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*MAPS* (Screen Shots for Tactics & Discussion)

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  • *MAPS* (Screen Shots for Tactics & Discussion)

    *MAPS* (Screen Shots, Tactics, Discussion)

    Can an admin please sticky this thread (and then make sub folders/stickies for each map in our mod if you can!) > so that I can post screen shots for each map?

    It's a lot of work, but I would like to post screen shots of every map (over-views) to make it easier for TG members to discuss tactics/matches/etc. In the best interest of our community, I think it needs to be done, as it will help improve game play and familiarity with each map.

    I will take the time to upload dozens of screen shots if you can get me a specific thread/topic with sub-folders for each map. I fear a regular post would just get lost in the main forum.

    Maplist- Rotation 9/14 - 9/21

    * Kashan Desert 32
    * Korengal 64
    * Ejod Desert 64
    * Operation Barracuda 64
    * Muttrah City 64
    * Fools Road 64
    * Ramiel 64
    * Assault on Mestia 64
    * Operation Ghost Train 64
    * Kashan Desert 16
    * Qwai River 64
    * Al Kufrah 64
    * Sunset City 64
    * Jabal Al Burj 64

    (if not, i'll just go and make a wiki page and link it here.)



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